You've just been born and your parents do this.



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    Everything is chrome in the future.
    Oddwin - 19

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    1. Will

      Love your videos man

    2. Zac K.

      Apparently Amazon does too huh?

    3. kob the troll

      1:14 bruh the way he moved 😄.

    4. Your Average Mistake


    5. Areic Reign


    6. Mc Mont

      😂😂😂😂😂😂 you see where there could be a confusion right ?

    7. Richard Cabanas

      Watching battlefront2.exe video plus memes I see, a man of culture.

    8. The Wise Otter

      Doofenshmirtz in a nutshell

    9. Supreme Waiive

      Only OG’s know who kimmy him

    10. Random Stuff

      Tom and jerry at the beginning

    11. suryakumars

      Putting that quarantine mask to good use.

    12. Dank Boy

      When yo mama calls u help with the groceries 1:26

    13. Bradtheboss

      This got me dead🤣🤣🤣

    14. ModsHds

      They only called when they got home? Where was the baby then??

    15. Layal Saleh

      10/10 ending *N O*

    16. Sheila Garrett


    17. Troy Alunday

      a realistic scenario in the future

    18. JayOnTheCob

      “I had no idea they helped women birth all these packages” 😂

    19. ghost gaming

      1st half I was just as confuse as that guy when he said he delivered the baby.

    20. Caleb Leo

      He switched the phone to the other ear that’s when you know the conversation is getting serious 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    21. vStove Gaming

      Caleb’s lips said “fuck it medium rare steak style”

    22. Solar_Flay

      Where you get that ringtone from

    23. CaptainDreadEye

      "I have never heard that word used like that in my entire life."

    24. Verrtex

      Do you guys have an exchange policies for baby’s? That’s what my mom said the day I was born

    25. Alma Kimchi

      “Apparently amazon does too” omg

    26. Squishy Chicken

      Boomers be like......

    27. Shu Kurenai

      Everything is chrome in the future.

    28. The EliteForces2

      I don’t know doctor but don’t they deliver babies in the past? Why can you do that, I’m ain’t gonna risk with all the shit happening around here!

    29. Kloutrous

      “Exchange policy for babies” My parents want that

    30. Jordan C if they said they were gonna deliver him, how would the child come out if the mom..was at...home...

    31. Itz Lieuna

      Who's here in July lol

    32. Itz Lieuna

      I'm so confused

    33. Fe4RLess

      Mmh Honay Why He Loohk Like Dattt Mmh Mmmmh!! What A Shamme... Alrideyy Off To dah Orfanidge It Izz. MHH!!

    34. Jarrett Brinkley

      At that point, the doctor should just put the baby up for adoption. It ain't gonna make it living in that household😂

    35. Um_its_Me

      Parents born in 2020 be like

    36. Thành Phan

      Doofenshmirtz: Amateur

    37. Green house Lanscaping

      Why did i imagine a stork?

    38. OK

      I can't wait to have a kid so I can use this joke at the hospital ;p;

    39. ⫷ᖘurpℓeṨodaPºp⫸

      Im stressed

    40. Brown skin_ Girl

      “I had no clue they helped a woman birth all these packages” 😂😂 🤰🏽-> 📦📦📦📦

    41. izvhal

      "Do you guys have an exchange policy for babies?" 😂

    42. Tawonga Tondi


    43. LiFE of an OREO

      TBH chances of you hearing delivery used in that terminology are low. So if it's your first Kid totally understandable. 🤣🤣😭

    44. LiFE of an OREO

      Bruh said you see where there could be some confusion though right. ?!? What, NOOOO

    45. LiFE of an OREO

      Caleb all ways has well thought out ideas but the executions kinda off but this. 🎯

    46. Zyphonix

      Was that coryxkenshin in the intro

    47. Zombie Land

      He must need new parent's

    48. King Blizzard

      husband: umm... i think im going to get the two for one baby pack. wife: make sure too use prime. husband: omg i almost forgot.

    49. Kid Buu

      1:06 - 1:13 His face turned from confusion to complete seriousness on a dime,I love it.

    50. Nay Styles


    51. Soviet Chungus

      Lol tom and Jerry at the beginning

    52. Rita Rubary


    53. Abdirasaq Mustafe Ali

      "Do you guys have an exchange policy for babies"

    54. Fin Nikin

      Was that Tom and Jerry on the TV in the beginning??

      1. Fin Nikin

        Yes, I’m not the only one to notice lol

    55. The Nameless Protagonist

      Give it 20 more years and this will be legit

    56. Janemba ‘



      Doofhismirtz's parents if they were in 1990

    58. ZEon :3


    59. Melisa

      I'm doing this with my first birth.

    60. Eric Harshfield

      Exchange policy for babies. LMAO that shit killed me

    61. TreyTrey22

      I love Tom and Jerry!

    62. shamar waite

      "That's not the same thing!!!" 😂😂😂

    63. VvultasS

      To deliver can also mean to rescue; or to free.

    64. NKHxDarkness666

      My mother is that stupid. Even that's polite, it's a fact

    65. Migs Aves

      Roddy ricch hospital are the only hospital that can cure covid

    66. ArafSpidey


    67. Nabeel Salman

      Imagine he said: “Yeah but can I get that receipt tho”

    68. doi doi dop

      "Yes Mr. Hunter" Welp we all know where this is going..

    69. Shocks

      This gonna be gen z when having their child.

    70. Jwen7836

      Stupid ass people out there though, I once worked at a hospital and overheard this argument where 2 new parents came in tryna get money cause they did their own childbirth at home and since they didn't need our services they thought they were entitled the money they would've paid for the hospital bill 🤦‍♂️ stupiT ass people smh

    71. Miscolored Hub

      This unironically triggered me

    72. Wolfpack Alpha

      Tom and Jerry was tha BEST bro

    73. Miku

      Bruh if it was Fed-Ex The baby is gonna die before he sees the light of day

    74. Seven7swords

      Doctor: 'Deliver' is the term every hospital uses! Father: Yeah and Amazon uses it too! Fucking dead

    75. Agya Hernanto

      Bruh you be playin death stranding too much

    76. alxn

      long story short, they didnt put holes in the boxes...

    77. Dave Redding

      Ok boomer

    78. I AM HIM

      Can I get the lyrics please. Thanks

    79. Neo Sims

      Was he watching cory kenshin?

    80. Magma Ch33s3

      Confirmation email SENT ME