Trump impeachment trial in the Senate | Day 2

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    The Senate continues the impeachment trial of President Trump.
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    1. Elias Farias

      My seventy year old husband works just to make ends meet I don't know if the tax payers would vote for it we sure could use the extra $1,000.00 a month for as long as we live in addition to the social security retirement check. It's about time someone honored and rewarded senior citizens for all the suffering and working they did all their life by forcing them to receive the freedom dividend check for the extra thousand dollars a month. God bless our seniors and God bless Andrew Yang. Best wishes to you and your family

    2. Manuel Noriega

      Adam Schiff tread lightly when challenging Bill Barr. You will soon not be protected by your seat in the house and you have MANY questions to answer under oath. There is a significant amount of jail time in your very near future and Bill Barr will be the man you are BEGGING to not recommend the maximum sentence for your treason... I'm just saying

    3. Abby Waltets

      Running the clock....

    4. Gregor Resch

      Why is Trump and the GOP so adamant to help Putin and Russia? Is it to help our country or the rich?

      1. Glendaly Gascot

        Just follow the money. Follow political donations or family businesses. That’s where the answers usually lie when stuff smells funny in politics.

    5. William Saunders


    6. badboy6969949

      never in all my years have i seen a more corrupt politician than the likes of adam schiff. for over three and one half years, he and his cohorts, in the house, have been looking for a reason, whether grounded in fact or not, to impeach the president of the united states. in his quest to do the bidding of his handlers in the democrat majority in the house, he has lied, deceived, misrepresented facts, slandered and violated his oath to uphold the terms of the constitution of the united states. what we are now seeing is a last ditch effort, of the pathological lier, adam schiff to persuade the american people, he now is telling the truth and that he, along with his fellow conspirators, are merely safeguarding our democracy. do they really think we, the american people, are that stupid ? by their actions, schiff and friends have only served to convince us, we represent the right path for our country as well as to stiffen our resolve to return this president to the white house, retain the senate and take back the house of representatives, in 2020.

      1. Glendaly Gascot

        I would believe you except trump not schiff, is the one that ordered evidence hidden and ordered witnesses not to testify. In my experience, honest men don’t hide nd they don’t tell their buddies to hide.

    7. work dave

      All I see is storytime. Show proof and whitnesse. I'm not seeing any evidence.

      1. Glendaly Gascot

        He literally showed video evidence of multiple witnesses, including colonel vindeman, Fiona hill, and trump himself on tv multiple times asking both Russia, China, and Ukraine for interference in our elections. Also most of the witnesses are republicans. And the best witnesses, are still waiting to be subpoenaed by the senate because trump ordered them to hide evidence and testimony. What innocent guy doesn’t want his buddies to testify and exonerate him? It looks bad.

    8. Nik Nik

      What was the guy screaming? I could not understand him.

    9. Judith Spilger

      There are no winners only Trump and upper crust.Republicans are getting money or bribed by Trump.We Americans Republican or Democrat are out of luck.

    10. Doc Brown

      *Bloomberg 2O2O🤑💸💰*

    11. Rye

      Shame on you Fox News for running the coverage on mute! And playing commentary over the coverage!

      1. Rye

        Glendaly Gascot yes! Fox wants to complain about fake news and main stream media! They are like state run Propaganda! George Orwell would be rolling in his grave!

      2. Glendaly Gascot

        Yea it’s crazy. They play the boring parts and then talk over important testimony. MSNBC is allowing you to hear it all. I guess if you want to see what Hillary is up to turn to fox. If you want to see the truth about trump, turn to msnbc because fox doesn’t want us to know.

    12. christopher flynn

      Some of these people can't even read hahaha

    13. Elias Farias


    14. Nik Nik

      Machiavelli at its best!

    15. I'm Out

      Can we not just get along?

    16. Deb Kay

      Shifty needs to quit repeating boring..YAWN!!!

    17. etyrnal

      What mechanism protects the american people from a rogue conspiring party? One that can hide anything they want behind a magical shield called "National Security"? The PEOPLE don't seem to have the power to peek behind the curtain of their OWN administration. What magic keeps THAT in check?

      1. etyrnal

        @Judith Spilger sounds like what happened in the initial impeachment proceedings

      2. Judith Spilger

        Remember McConnell didn't allow evidence or witness.

    18. etyrnal

      why doesn't Schiff ever mention facts pertaining to there being plots from the very beginning to get Trump out my any means necessary? How does that conflict of interest get no acknowledgement, let alone factoring into trumps reactions and defenses?

      1. Glendaly Gascot

        Because that’s a fantasy and the trial isn’t about a Democrat who tried to oust trump. It’s about trump abusing his power. And about trump obstructing congress.

    19. etyrnal

      and Schiff sure knows about "wearing someone down"... as he repeats his extrapolation for the ninth time to a weary audience, desperate to hear something they haven't already heard

      1. RJ

        etyrnal So the republikkkans defense is to ignore the facts and blame the process that the republikkkans set.

    20. etyrnal

      This Schiffspeak is going to go into Group Hypnosis manuals as an example. Just keep repeating it. Just keep repeating it. Just keep repeating it. Just keep repeating it. Just keep repeating it. Just keep repeating it. Just keep repeating it.

      1. Glendaly Gascot

        Personally, I’ve never met an honest man who tried so hard to hide evidence. And to try and hide it from congress, that’s a whole other level of problems. As a conservative, I’m tired of this circus, and tired that the president keeps creating so much chaos.

    21. etyrnal

      more condescension to his audience??

    22. etyrnal

      why is he condescending to his audience? They all swore oaths to uphold the constitution. Which means they know and comprehend it already. So why is he treating them like babies?

      1. etyrnal

        @Nik Nik as if they know the 18~30yr olds who are being encouraged to vote, are now, through the broadcast comments of the dems, being programmed to interpret all of the information a certain way... the younger the audience ism, the less experience they will likely have to discern the difference between FACTS, and what they are being TOLD TO IMAGINE these facts COULD MEAN

      2. Nik Nik

        @etyrnal Oh I totally understand what they are there for. As do they know what they're there for. But as you can see when they stress a point about something and how they look into the cameras as if speaking to America they're also talking to the American people. This whole thing is just ridiculous. They're taking things that have been said and reading them out of context and twisting them to suit their agenda. Uggh I don't understand how you can just assume someone meant something a certain way they said it. They're just too good at what they do. :(

      3. etyrnal

        @Nik Nik but he's not there to explain it to regular everyday individuals, he is specifically there explaining it to the senators and other palette present. It just happens to also be streamed. But the purpose of the streaming isn't to explain things to the American public. It's just to allow them to see it. He should be speaking to the politicians.

      4. Nik Nik

        Machiavelli at its best

      5. Nik Nik

        He's dumbing it down for the people of America. Open Manipulation.. Repeating things make things stick which is why Schiff chooses to do so. Also manipulation. :( people don't even realize its happening : ( Pyschological Manipulation

    23. etyrnal

      he's using mindless repetition to condition people's brains.... tell a story bif enough, and often enough...

      1. etyrnal

        @Glendaly Gascot one of my concerns is the possibility of manufactured impeachment by numerous people who'd immediately declared overtly from the beginning, that 'by any means necessary', (including the mention of impeachment), before he'd even been in office long enough to have actually ACTED in the capacity of president... in my mind, that spells INTENT / motive for actors to conspire to manufacture and amplify as necessary to damage/witchhunt/impeach... So, i don't think that conflict of interest can be ignored when considering whether any of this is actually just "experimental prosecution"... cannot be ignored

      2. Glendaly Gascot

        @etyrnal they had enough witnesses to determine abuse of power and obstruction of congress in the investigation. But trump ordered all the witnesses not to testify and evidence concealed. So they still want us to see the whole truth by calling the remainder of the witnesses in the actual trial and not just the investigation. Many of the senators never saw the initial witnesses testify. Many people watching fox also missed it, as they mute them and add commentary over them. They are all republicans they want to call so if he’s innocent they exonerate him. But personally, I’ve never seen an innocent man not want witnesses to his actions.

      3. etyrnal

        @690169016901 why is that needed? They alleged that HAD the evidence needed, no?

      4. 690169016901

        And making a stronger point of having witnesses called in. Sure hope they do cus otherwise it will be called a sham trial

    24. etyrnal

      So much of this narrative is about projecting intention. There are many of the factors involved, which could be interpreted in multiple ways, but of course rather than presenting facts, ship is presenting story, speculation, imagination, Etc. In the same way that neither shift nor I knew the president internal intentions, shift has to imagine those intentions, and so do I, but I find it strange, that shift is only able to mention the specific imaginings that bolster his personal hatred, and none of the possible alternate explanations of imagined intention.

      1. David Resley

        "rather than presenting facts"? AS IN TWENTY SEVEN FACT WITNESSES ESTABLISHING A QUID PRO QUO, the OMB emails about "holding the distribution of funds "close to the vest", the FACT that the funds WERE held up 91 minutes after his "perfect call", the FACT that ALL of Washington D.C. KNEW How and Why the Bidens were dispatched under the auspices of the Obama Administration, European Politicians, the World bank and the U.N.? THOSE FACTS?

    25. etyrnal

      I find it very interesting when the party, who I have heard more often than any other entity, proclaiming that the constitution is outdated oh, and it is a living document, Which day can change at a whim, are suddenly raining so heavily on the Constitution.

    26. etyrnal

      Why are they referring to a defensive effort, as a war efforts?

    27. etyrnal

      Storytime, with Adam Schiff

      1. etyrnal

        @David Resley interpolation of facts is not fact

      2. David Resley


    28. Truism

      The only ones not following the will of the majority of the public are the demon crats that are coming against this president that has done so much good for us.

      1. Glendaly Gascot

        I don’t have a problem with a trial. I was only upset while watching fox. Started getting more perspective and realized trump did make some mistakes. Innocent guys don’t order everyone to hide evidence and avoid testimony.

    29. Patrick Pierce

      And what about baden and son trying to sale stuff to Ukraine illegally why is.nt that being talked about where are those evadents Democrats need to go to hell .

    30. Glendaly Gascot

      Forward to minute 5, they start reading Alexander Hamilton. Before that is a waste of time.

      1. Glendaly Gascot

        @Judith Spilger I still have faith in our senators. I don’t think they will have a trial without witnesses. If they do have a sham trial, we just run against them or vote them out.

      2. Judith Spilger

        With or without him you and I us Americans are out of luck.

    31. Patrick Pierce

      This b/s waste of taxpayers money as usual that what democrapes do there trying to bring in God and the Constitution and the the one's 's who want it gone.

      1. Harbinger of Epiphaney

        @David Resley The Same!

      2. David Resley

        @Harbinger of Epiphaney Invoke our founding documents as in the Constitution?

      3. Harbinger of Epiphaney

        It always amazes me to hear these Militant secularists call upon prayer or Invoke our founding documents as if they have always cherished the contents therein as if it were an objective truth self evident and endowed by a creator! No sir" they extrapolate from these things what is most expedient for the day!

    32. Glendaly Gascot

      Many democrats may be biased against trump, but innocent and honest men don’t hide from witnesses. I’m talking to all of you republican senators. We’re coming for your job if we don’t have a trial with witnesses after you spent months complaining about process.

    33. Trump 2020

      Isn’t it amazing you have prayer in the Senate and not one Democrat believes in God.

      1. Glendaly Gascot

        That’s a huge statement to make. Do you personally know all the hundreds of democrats in the house and senate?

    34. hhgttg

      Schiff is basing one of the articles of impeachment on the fact that Trump wouldn't abide by a subpoena. Now we know that Schiff didn't have Congressional authority to conduct his committee, let along authority to issue a subpoena. When Schiff realized a Court was going to rule against his subpoena, he pull the request. Had the Court ruled, the public would have found out at then that Schiff didn't have a Congressional resolution voted on by the whole Congress to have a committe. Schiff's committe was a shame start to finish.

    35. Charles Porter Voice

      WOW / All we need to do is get China to hack our election for in favor of Democrats. not only for the president but for senators, governors, we Don't need to protect our elections all we need to do is get the right governments to help us. The loss of the FREE USA without a shot.

    36. T W

      The demes are pieces of crap 💩

      1. Glendaly Gascot

        You don’t want congress to do its job of checks and balances? You’d rather they Have trials with no evidence and witnesses like the senate? Also they sent 300 bills to the senate. They’re all sitting on mitch’s desk, most of them bipartisan. He refuses to hold a vote on them. Way to go Mitch. Talk about do nothing. All the rhetoric calling republicans racists sounds stupid. All the rhetoric calling all dems do nothing sounds equally stupid. We shouldn’t vote for a team. We should vote for honest men and women with real values. So No matter what team they are on we all win.

      2. paul sheehan

        The fat, old, orange, turd, brought this, upon himself. Nobody else, to blame.

    37. Tiffany Elliott

      Trump 2020 & 2024. That's only fair since they have snuffed him and all the American ppl who voted for him out by starting a fake impeachment trial that doesnt have any purpose but to expose the crooked Democrats who plotted evil against the president of the United States Of AMERICA... this is America ppl these dems are making a joke out of our judicial system.

    38. T W

      The black man reading the document sounds so stupid, worse than an elementary. Call me racist but I’m an immigrant (legal) and can do way better than him 😂

      1. paul sheehan

        Legal or not, get out! Nobody wants you here..

    39. Tiffany Elliott

      All dems have done this far is lie and try to trick the American ppl pushing the same issues that have already been investigated and have already been disproved as untrue and invalidated. Pay attention people. What they are trying to do is wrong and when he beats this I think the dept of defense should pursue criminal charges and uphold Justice in this matter. The so called whistle blower and shift and Schumer and Pelosi should all go to prison.

    40. Lizzie Vitz


    41. Elias Farias

      ANDREW YANG for president

      1. Elias Farias

        @Auditor of This Age yes, the Democrats have alot of nerve accusing anyone for taking bribes after the Iowa caucus bribes with Mrs. Clinton Me Mayor Pete. I wish I had that $150,000.00 for the,* shadow application." The cops will send them all to jail where they belong.

      2. Auditor of This Age

        @Elias Farias I hear you on the extra income, and certainly believe it was EARNED by Americans who are now seniors on fixed incomes. However, such an income increase should be a SSI increase for those who paid into it. I view Yang’s “math” as buying votes with taxpayer dollars, much given to those who did NOT earn it, like you and your husband - my thanks and respect. God bless you and your family as well!

      3. Elias Farias

        @Auditor of This Age Best wishes to you and your family.

      4. Elias Farias

        @Auditor of This Age my seventy year old husband works just to make ends meet I don't know if the tax payers would vote for it we sure could use the extra $1,000.00 apart from the social security retirement check for as long as we live from Andrew Yangs freedom dividend check for all the suffering and working senior citizens did all of their lives. It's about time someone honored and rewarded senior citizens for all the work they did all our life by forcing them to receive the thousand dollars a month. God bless our seniors and God bless Andrew Yang.

    42. Tiffany Elliott

      Finally the comments are turned on. Mine said invite only. The only news channel I watch is Fox why did it not send me an invite to join the chat?

    43. Worm Man

      I cant stand nidlir and scifty

      1. paul sheehan

        The truth hurts, huh?

    44. You Know

      Trump is like a snowflake: white, fragile, and a majority of the country hopes he'll be gone come spring ❄

      1. paul sheehan

        He`s a demented, orange, clown, and he`s going to light this country on fire, and dance, in the glow, of the flames..

    45. k

      Are we seriously not allowing witnesses?? The GOP has turned this into a sham trial. What kind of trial does not have witnesses. The Republican conservative party is truly the party of Gaslighting Obstructing and Projecting (GOP!).

      1. Glendaly Gascot

        @jabeck42 if we don’t have witnesses in a trial, then it’s a sham. Vote them out. In my experience, Innocent men don’t order all the witnesses not to testify.

      2. jabeck42

        k LMAO - the GOP has made it a sham! Wow! Do some research!

    46. Albert Nothnagel

      Its comical hoenthe Republicans are saying there's no evidence. Then they wont release evidence including documents and witnesses. It's just sad.

      1. 690169016901

        @Stephen Hitchcock you clearly don't understand what trump is bring impeached for. Trump wouldn't allow all the witness they wanted. Jesus hope you don't vote until you educate yourself on what you just said

      2. Albert Nothnagel

        McConnell said before the trial that he wouldn't cooperate.

      3. Albert Nothnagel

        @Stephen Hitchcock I know the process. You might need to study the process. When requests are made for documents and witnesses and Republicans vote to table the requests that's called hiding from the truth. They were asked for documents 5 weeks ago. So why won't they release them?

      4. Stephen Hitchcock

        Albert Nothnagel learn the process is the house who should have done their job!

    47. Soupy P

      W H E R E ' S H U N T E R ?

    48. Keith Wilkins

      Fox 🦊 news trying to say the trial is boring that’s only because your news media as a hold live in spin and without republican support there’s no spin this trial is clearly showing Trump is guilty of the article of clear abuse of power but I will say obstruction could go either way we will see but at this point nobody has shown nothing that explains his innocence talking points aren’t proof of innocence

      1. David Resley

        Disagree. Obstruction should be a slam dunk with his blocking witnesses and evidence.

    49. Edward Deanda

      Exactly wich God was he praying to? It better be our heavenly father creator of ALL

    50. Sal

      Why are we being lectured? Just speak of your "evidence" and present your case.

      1. Elias Farias

        ANDREW YANG for president 20 20

    51. Free2Roam with Dave & Sandy

      To all you TRUMP supporters... as a republican, I have been watching this trial and what a crazy mess! An then yesterday 1-22-20...Trump expressed that he wants to take away social security from all Americans after he is reelected. I'll bet you won't see this on FOX news! I didn't. So all of you with grey hair like me, look in the mirror and watch your grey hair turn white while you go back to work. Those of you that have earned what you are getting, will end if he is reelected. FACT! Lets find a better candidate for our party. If not, than you choose to go back to work! Shame on you! For those who don't read and just watch these TRUMP videos or FOX news, your future work schedule will be long and miserable based on your lack of education and being brain washed by news channels. Those of you that are in the stock market, save your dividend because if you are old enough to remember, This market will crash again when these types of things happen with a president like this. Our Republican Party has let us down again! God didn't bless us with this guy! Another FACT....Trump and family bankrupted 2 contractors that I worked with years ago and didn't care a bit.They both were god fearing people that wanted to make a better living and TRUMP took that away from him.......Wake up people! I'm not a robot....only you that believe in a criminal like TRUMP and FOX news.

    52. Efrain Gil


    53. Ivan Garcia

      I want to see the defense come up with a way to contest the facts 🤔🤔🤔🤔 they can't and won't

      1. Ivan Garcia

        @Sal well thank you for your compliment...

      2. Sal

        of course YOU would say something like that

    54. Ivan Garcia

      And the truth shall set you free!!! All of you Repugnicans are offended because the truth hurts... It just shows it just shows you've been lied to all your life


      Bye bye, won't listen to this trash criminal!

    56. A P

      If the House managers and Trump's team give their statements, then Senators submit questions, and then the decide on Witnesses, How is this "Rigged" as the Dems are already claiming???

      1. A P

        Glendaly Gascot except in the other impeachment’s they didn’t decide on witnesses until after the opening statements and the Senate’ questions.

      2. Glendaly Gascot

        Good point. But because a few republicans senators have been meeting several weekends in a row behind the scenes with trumps team to discuss defense strategy and because McConnell said he will be unbiased, then they won’t decide on any witnesses up front like every other impeachment trial, it looks bad. It appears to some like they are trying to dismiss the case before showing evidence, right after summary arguments. Now instead of just presenting evidence against trump they need to also present an argument on why they should be allowed witnesses, and it’s only a three day trial. And it’s a catch 22 like if Hillary said “I won’t release any emails until you show me an email that proves I’m guilty.” Oversight doesn’t quite work that way.

    57. Teri Wayne Ballard

      Psalm 12 Christian Standard Bible (CSB) I speak these words over King Cyrus / Trump Psalm 12 1 Help, YAHUAH, for no faithful one remains; the loyal have disappeared from the human race. 2 They lie to one another; they speak with flattering lips and deceptive hearts. 3 May YAHUAH cut off all flattering lips and the tongue that speaks boastfully. 4 They say, “Through our tongues we have power; our lips are our own-who can be our master?” 5 “Because of the devastation of the needy and the groaning of the poor, I will now rise up,” says YAHUAH. “I will provide safety for the one who longs for it.” 6 The words of the YAH are pure words, like silver refined in an earthen furnace, Be purified seven times. 7 You, YAH, will guard us; you will protect us from this generation forever. 8 The wicked prowl all around, and what is worthless is exalted by the human race. Almighty Father YAH, ELOHIM AINEEL! Grant that all conspiracies against me be set as naught; turn away from me all danger and injury, and thine is the kingdom and power. Amen - Selah!

    58. Jacqueline Czizik

      There are not enough words to hide or divert from the facts. This has become grandstanding; an obsession to regain power by visibly attacking an opponent while not having sufficient evidence to prove it is more than allegations. As someone who was a longstanding Democrat, I am deeply troubled by and disappointed the party is dividing the country at a time when so much is at stake. I do believe with the next election so close at hand, the Democrats should have let the vote of the people determine President Trumps fate. Their disregard of due process by not granting a minority day to Republicans In the House showed the level of disregard they had to a fair and balanced presentation of truth. Words do not omit facts. An orator without disputable facts is no more than a person desperate to sway others.

      1. Emenike Seven

        71% says bring witnesses. 51% says remove. Your statement is exactly what that party is trying to avoid. And don’t forget DJT LOST BY ALMOST 4 MILLION VOTES

    59. Auditor of This Age

      So our officials are supposed to investigate corruption, but if there is any personal gain for the prosecutors the criminals go free? (3:18:30)

      1. David Resley

        WTF are you talking about? Cryptic allusions are just more BS.

    60. Eric Schweitzer

      What an open MOCKERY, to hear this clown actually try to pray to “invoke” Gods “blessing and grace” on these “solemn and hollowed proceedings....” such garbage!!! I’m sorry!! this entire procedure has been a mockery from the beginning! And just knowing how these LIARS have openly been deceiving and manipulating the MSM, and all of US! my prayer is that our Heavenly Father EXPOSE EVERYTHING!!

      1. David Resley

        THAT will need witnesses and additional evidence currently locked up at State and his Cabinet.

      2. HARDCASE44

        William Esselman great breakdown of the facts. Thank you!

      3. William Esselman

        @Nathan Kriever 1: There are 3,152 counties in the United States. Trump won 2,649 of them. Clinton won 503. 2: There are 62 counties in New York State. Trump won 46 of them. Clinton won 16. 3: Clinton won the popular vote by approx. 3 million votes. 4: In the 5 counties that encompass NYC, (Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Richmond & Queens) Clinton received well over 2 million more votes than Trump. (Clinton only won 4 of these counties; Trump won Richmond) Therefore these 5 counties alone, substantially contributed to Clinton winning the popular vote of the entire country. 5: These 5 counties comprise 319 square miles. The United States is comprised of 3,797,000 square miles. 6: When you have a country that encompasses almost 4 million square miles of territory, it would be ludicrous to even suggest that the vote of those who inhabit a mere 319 square miles should dictate the outcome of a national election. Large, densely populated Democrat cities (NYC, Chicago, LA, etc) don’t and shouldn’t speak for the rest of the country. And this is WHY you have an Electoral College.

      4. William Esselman

        Luke 8:17