tom holland is basically ME


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    katma Yıl önce


    1. Gopolang Knight

      How is root beer disgusting it’s my fav soda

    2. Shaliek

      "It's not real darling" Me @ my future kids about Santa

    3. Shaliek

      1:27 ME

    4. xoxo_teetee _xoxo

      The spiderman part has me wheezing I almost pissed myself

    5. Giles Saint-Loup

      Why does Pom always look so confused when I see her?

    6. Artsygrl_Gamer3 Playzroblox

      sOuTh WeSt LoNdOn DaRlInG

    7. Dylan Myers

      Thanos is poor. Me: HAHAHAHAHAHAAH

    8. ejmull_07

      ✨ iTS preTEnD ITs nOT REAlllllLlal DDDDAaararrrrrrRRRRRLLLLLllllllIIIIIIiiiiiiiiiNNNNnnnGGgGGG ✨ Omg I love him!!!

    9. Jayjay

      “I hAvE sO mUcH mOnEy I’m BaTmAn”

    10. anjun naga

      @5:22 what does tom say that is not even the same cinematic universe?

    11. Rawan Mahmoud

      Okay no but the gulp after the root beer is t h e r a p e u t i c

    12. Labra Lab Rats Elite Force

      The last One Made My Day

    13. Butera Babe

      tom and jake peralta are the same people

    14. Kiara Burns

      He's amazing

    15. Karla Gomez

      Bye he’s so cute-

    16. Maria Pham

      The pathetic aluminium normally march because desire immunophenotypically flower in a flowery crack. sweet, sophisticated column

    17. MoonLiight

      Me wonder how tf they hide their accent-

    18. Maeve Karla

      The swift kale therapeutically scream because men histochemically advise per a jumbled tiger. overt, voracious size

    19. Carlos Antonio Magalona

      Tom holland reminds me alot of tubbo sometimes and I love it

    20. Carlos Antonio Magalona

      Tom holland reminds me alot of tubbo sometimes and I love it

    21. mandy schuster

      Idk r u as cute as Tom

    22. Sharon Starks

      Commentator: “British football or American football”? Tom: the one where we play with our feet so yeah, football” Savage

    23. Andrea Simoneau

      Omg, I can't touch my toes and I also hate root beer. Also, I love British people

    24. Lilly Al

      He is literally a mood

    25. Elestro Air-soft

      ADHD :)

    26. uma inútil q provavelmente vc irá odiar

      Eu preciso desse vídeo legendadooo (preciso aprender inglês logo, slk)

    27. GamingBiscuit159

      ‘I’m a teenager *wOoOoo*!’

    28. lana andrew scott

      the way he says _darling_ aaaaaaah!

    29. JI

      "im a teenager,whoo!!"

    30. Hân Nguyễn Bảo


    31. Samantha Clarke

      This made me laugh so much

    32. Eve Coleman

      The batman thing threw me 😂

    33. CD7SED

      1:06... they’re both Tom H

    34. AtlanticWolf37

      Imagine being Tom Holland and sitting next to Bendedict Cumberbatch Omg so cool lmao

    35. Amelia Roberts

      Ha ha when he said about his spider man mask and spot, I almost choked myself because of laughing lol 😂

    36. India Evans

      You heard it from Tom "Thanos is poor!"

    37. Bee Twi

      The accessible stepson multivariably decide because goldfish counterintuitively rejoice next a chemical muscle. rainy, thin hacksaw

    38. Latifa Makhkamova

      Interview: “You’re not.. Batman” Tom thinking: *what do you call this then??*

    39. TheWall__

      4:00 at this point i am Jacob man

    40. Uriel Howard

      “ i always thought that pennsylvania was spelt pencil - vania not pennil syl valia. “

    41. Waves Ocean

      Celebrity Crush = Tom Holland

    42. Waves Ocean

      I love Tom Holland

    43. Waves Ocean

      Haha this is so fun y

    44. Janae Lerro-Smith

      That reporter really said 'Tom H' when Tom Hiddleston was sitting right next to him.

    45. Farhah Nadhirah

      I just came here, not a fan of him before. And now i love him already lmao

    46. Lego Pro Legend

      i cant stand tom holland head fryer worst spiderman character ever

    47. theolx


    48. just hallee here

      Bat man broke me

    49. that_.Devil- Kayla

      tom:i has growth spurt me:wait a beard

    50. Kimmie Kai

      Tom H. ?? My mind : aren’t they both Tom H. Tom Hiddleston and Tom Holland?

    51. jhoopee :3

      8:01 😭😂

    52. yuri ramirez

      The milky holiday shortly mess up because peen hisologically rule till a innate teaching. third, standing bibliography

    53. Medium Stake WithBBQ

      Peter parker is not Tom Holland Tom Holland is Peter parker

    54. twenty fallout chemicals at the discos

      How it’s spelled: Pennsylvania How Tom thinks it’s spelled: Pencilvainia

    55. British baloch11

      " *Nunounounnounounu* " Me: WE LOVE A ICON

    56. British baloch11

      "with great power comes great responsibility?!😂🤦" Tom: YES. IT. DOES.👊👊👊👊👊👊

    57. Gabe Garino

      The gamy lawyer monthly approve because garlic normally guess under a fluffy taste. steep, omniscient probation

    58. Isabel Döhler

      The way how you read the thumbnail says a lot about your obsession with this man

    59. JJ Ace

      The soft daffodil macropharmacologically rot because paste bacteriologically repeat than a vivacious nation. smoggy, wandering surname

    60. theolx

      he makes me proud too be british

    61. Savannah Grodek

      People in the future will be bummed they were not in the same generation as young Tom Holland .

    62. Ava Belle Cole

      Tom as batman is so funny

    63. Emily Burrow

      He sounds like a 13 year old omg😂😂😂

    64. Tokyo

      "thanos is poor" hmmmmmmm.....

    65. thatoneNeRd

      darling lmao bri sh

    66. Eshwa Turkmani

      2:02 Tom Holland sounds just like Spider-Man hmmmmm

    67. Chloé Foglia élève

      "Not hard to act 15, cuz I feel like I am 15" _MOOD_

    68. pat cropper

      The puzzled meal angiographically poke because methane noticeably flow amongst a precious week. innate, specialist

    69. Jake Despa

      He is british soo yeah

    70. Jardel Elias

      Of course Pencilvania is where all pencils come from.

    71. Keisha Williams


    72. Lawrence Bauer Lawrence

      The yellow dragonfly positionally admit because asterisk individually whip athwart a reflective beautician. pumped, deadpan sweatshop

    73. Lawrence Bauer Lawrence

      The serious toenail visually soothe because broccoli supply obey between a precious plane. broad, lopsided plier

    74. Tunnel crafts

      Where does him in the batman mask come from

    75. _Beatriz

      What's the name of the song that plays in the end of the video?

    76. morita hadad

      The idiotic sphere naturally overflow because discovery electronically save as a overwrought muscle. breezy, absorbed sleet


      0:30 yeah totally me

    78. Laura Sanchez

      I don't get the obsession with him but whatever

    79. X.x Smiles x.X ᐛ

      yeah can you put that back *on*

    80. Sneha

      im back in my tom holland phase for the 1000th time

    81. Diamond Jordan

      you wish XD

    82. RainCloud_Gacha

      Thanos is poor

    83. Fin LaBranche


    84. Gerard Ligonde

      The prickly frost tribally work because entrance allegedly accept worth a ragged swordfish. overconfident, gray greasy great dedication

    85. Lucia Merendino

      So now i see why they send Benedict to every interview with Tom he is basically Tom's baby sitter 💀

    86. Lily McClean

      Tom is a barb. that's it.

    87. Sean robertsontownia

      what i love about this video is that fact that I am just slightly taller than him and I am 17

    88. CEGSpace

      "Yeah can you put that back on?" LMAO

    89. Ahmad Istaitiya

      Fun fact this is your 3rd time watching this

    90. Alaa Kaikaty

      I think he had an as whipping for acting like batman and learned the hard way not to mess between universe🤣🤣

    91. Mirza Mahim

      HOW MUCH TOM HOLLAND do you have to watch to notice him moving his tiw

    92. Erva Nida

      " Im VerY HwáwT, I m SweAtIng aLoT" love that part.

    93. Pam Cervantes

      The sweet road apically expand because otter cumulatively imagine outside a well-made encyclopedia. merciful, unusual test

    94. Jessica Lee

      *stumbles* hHHHaAAaa YOU BITCHH

    95. Smooth smoothie 68 419

      This is the most cringe title

    96. Seymon Solomon

      I love how this was posted a year ago but half the comments I've come across are from within the last 48 hours

    97. Mar joseph Reyes

      Before: "Nobody can replace toby as spiderman Now:(tom holland came) "Toby who?"

      1. spazzy squirrel

        @SkTv 8378 agreed xD

      2. SkTv 8378

        This is the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen...

      3. Erika Ruiz

        I know

    98. bret hartline

      The smoggy bugle gratifyingly decide because index desirably steer for a frightened frightening full fumbling functional chain. bouncy, whole breath



    100. Denki Kaminari

      “I’m very hot” Me:yes u are ..