The Rise and Fall of Ryan Howard - The Office

The Office

The Office

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    Ryan (B.J. Novak), once the lowly intern of Dunder Mifflin Scranton, took a shot at the top, only to fall fast and hard in the most disastrous scandal in paper-selling history.
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    The multi-award-winning comedy series "The Office" presents a hilarious documentary-style look at the humorous, and sometimes poignant, foolishness that plagues the 9-to-5 world. Based on the award-winning BBC hit, "The Office" is a fly-on-the-wall "docu-reality" parody of modern American office life that delves into the lives of the workers at Dunder Mifflin, a paper supply company in Scranton, Pennsylvania.
    The Rise and Fall of Ryan Howard - The Office
    The Office

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    1. SirBessy

      Buddy looks like the kinda guy to start fires

    2. Butterfly’s R cool

      I miss old Ryan. Back when he started fires and such :(. Now he’s kinda a jerk

    3. Jason Gafar

      10:40 - Kelly KAPOUR staying true to her Hindu roots. hahahaa.

    4. Drifting Spear

      8:48 I love how you can see the happiness in Kevin’s eyes when he realises he gets to call Ryan fire(d) guy again

    5. edDIE_NOW Right

      Did Michael just reference pressure by billy Joel

    6. Magic Creations

      And when creed said:'I dont understand the big fuss here.I like that site.' I died.

    7. j

      One of the most underappreciated characters

    8. Greg Dillabough

      " TO BE DATED " Real work = NO PUNK AZZ abbreviation OR PUNK AZZ acronym. 2nd of all you trying 2 hard if you can't keep up with 2 Job's .

    9. gavinsneck suck

      He looks like a guy who's going to win multiple Dundies for the hottest in the office.

    10. caridehome

      He just really reminds me of people I know from work, they come in acting all hot shot, get more power, let the power get to their head and screw with people. Then everyone is happy when he gets fired.

    11. Frankie Mendoza


    12. Username

      I hate Ryan sm

    13. John Powers

      I have to have been to Miami university it’s not the silicon Prairie.

    14. Health and Fitness for all ages

      Well he did start a fire soooo

    15. Somethin Random

      “My favorite branch!” He probably says that to every branch🤦‍♂️

    16. Phil Draper

      “Money and status don’t change you. They make you more of who you are”

    17. 100K subscriber without a video

      Pam is so pretty here

    18. Distantcity OfficialBand

      Nice you have skills keep going dickhead!

    19. Cab

      I feel like Ryan’s website was called

    20. Timothy Stratton

      when he says "Hi Pam, it's great to see you." after finishing a text... the epitome of business fakery. Manipulate emotions to get ahead. Taken to the extreme here to show the ridiculousness of it. But this is exactly what happens. So friendly to be so manipulative

    21. Blaise Dahl

      6:49 wow what a jerk, completely ambushed jim.

    22. Takoda Hager

      Let's be real here: did anyone actually like Ryan once he got promoted?

    23. Omni Entertainment

      Ryan couldn't been a great character. I find it interesting that "Kelly" put her hand up to cover kissing "Daryle" but nobody else.

    24. Otaku Chan

      Who is Ryan? I only know mr understood

    25. Dimitri Cannibile

      Now if i could id have everyone wear a tophat.... but people like that.... getting caught by the law? no way

    26. Kyle W.

      Looks like that 2008 world.series win was the height of Ryan's career.

    27. Greg Morris

      “Scranton suits you”. Holy cats that’s a great line. I’ve seen that about a hundred times and never caught that.

    28. WhiteGuy OnTheBlock

      It’s so nice to watch Ryan go down

    29. The One True Ayy Lmao

      Kinda reminds me of David Brent honestly lol

    30. Chinmayee Prabhu Dessai

      6:27 - Looks like Greta copied her speech from Kelly 😂😂😂

    31. jiel

      what does the fraud mean?

    32. Miles H

      Typical corporate hierarchy is employees < managers < associates [prestige can depend on year etc.] < Vice President [this is where most careers plateau. There are typically more than 4 - finance, production, operations, marketing (Ryan's position). ] < treasurer/Chief financial officer < President/ Chief executive officer < Board of directors (major stockholders) < The shareholders. If it's a private company replace board of directors with owner.

    33. Michael Philpott

      Oh how the mighty has falling

    34. Fazlur Rahman


    35. shea

      This show isn't funny, just awkward

    36. Moose

      0:34 if you do this, i hate you.

    37. Bleach And Lean

      I live like 15 mins from Miami university its one of the hardest schools to get into in the country, majority pf the students come from rich familes overseas

      1. Gael Gonzalez Robles

        What does that have to do with anything

    38. Tier Sigh


    39. Daniel Gustin

      How did they not include him being coked out with his dwarf friend when Michael and Dwight went to NY city as part of this video? That’s prime spiraling right there.

    40. Jesse's Theories

      i here

    41. emma :l


    42. Sofia Worley

      Tbh I hate Ryan, he’s a good character but like he’s extremely annoying to me and he treaded Jim like crap because Jim got Pam and didn’t like his idea.

    43. Mason Rawls

      I love the beard, keep it forever. DAMN

    44. CoolDrify

      6:17 I just realized the joke that creed is a sexual predator lmao

    45. Joe Mama2

      Where's blond ryan

    46. Daniel Opeoluwa

      I guess it's true. Power does change people

    47. Retro Ace

      The embodiment of Smarmy

    48. Kris10

      As a web developer, I don’t know 1) how wonder-kin it was for he to actually come up with the site idea. 2) how he had so many problems, like it just sounded like customers didn’t know the site existed/navigate complicated did he make the concept of “add to cart”.

    49. LeoKasper426

      He picked up a coke habit

    50. Prarthana Nirmal Kumar

      "The real crime I think... was the beard."

    51. Trash Collector

      Even though I don’t really like him in the later seasons cuz I really like seeing him as the straight man of the group who’s the main witness of all the weird characters In the show. I reaallly love the character development because it’s so fun to watch his own little character arc happen in the background.

    52. Mikoyo15


    53. Jacob Fielding

      Ryan said to the office to treat him like they treated Jan. Does that mean Michael has to sleep with him?

    54. John Solano

      T O B E Y M A G U I R E

    55. Suriadi JOHANSJAH

      2:54 It iS wHaT iT iS

    56. Medalion

      Ryan went from being a silent straight man and grew an attitude quickly

    57. Krazedsg

      I mean...Jim really be looking like David dobrik

    58. Veritas Aequitas

      Pride cometh before the fall.

    59. Brenyatta

      “I always appreciate constructive criticism about my job performance.” Yeah, and you also weren’t the one that started the fire

    60. Pontiac Aztex

      I was the one who recorded I was the one who caused the crime

    61. Helpful Commenting Doggo

      I used to think this entire series was a documentary about Ryan. Think about how it started...

    62. Ian Somerville

      Ryan Howard was the first millennial...Discus


      Hows my favorite branch doing

    64. Angel Bosman

      What was the other job that Michael was doing ?? 😂😂

    65. Bolshevik Comrade 1917

      *Remember that Ryan started the fire*

    66. i shat my jorts

      i like episodes of shows that show another characters point of view along side the main story so this is a perfect thing

    67. Mark Adams

      My favourite character in the show 😂

    68. Fahim Noor

      Fire....ed Guy Kevin Roasts Ryan Twice in one sentence Coz he started the fire and also got fired 😂

    69. Kirstie Campbell

      Very therapeutic after a very hard day at work.

    70. Manny Vides

      Am I the only one who found him annoying later on in the show?

    71. happy birthday to gabe

      Since then, everyone who works at the Scranton branch has made my list. Every single one. I still have hope ill get back at them one day.

    72. Ujwal Shetty

      Normal People: Ryan Howard Me an Intellectual: MR. EGYPT

      1. RacoonHelmetMan IDK

        I love community

      2. Dwight K. S.

        I don't get it.

      3. GubbyGubby

        Community joke in a office video

      4. Dhanush Gudipalli

        Ujwal Shetty nice Community reference !!

      5. HomeboyDino

        Ujwal Shetty fire guy of Egypt

    73. Ben Smith

      I’m still confused why did Ryan go to jail?

    74. Laura Bourne

      I have a lot of questions: first of all, HOW DARE YOU?

    75. Cisqqo M

      What season is this?

    76. Ryan Kurz

      U missed how he was promoted to joiner sales somthing

    77. Dennis Wu

      He reminded me to an idiot who started a fire at our workplace...

    78. Luke Tyler

      "You and I are done." Smiles at camera

    79. Chuggs Alvarez

      I'm only in season 4 but it gives me great satisfaction to know that he gets knocked off his high horse in the future. Can fkn wait!

    80. anom

      I didn't realize how good a character he really was