The Cast Of "Sex Education" Takes The BFF Test

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    Emma Mackey, Asa Butterfield, and Ncuti Gatwa test their BFF knowledge about their costars. Also, this video is 13 minutes of pure and adorable joy!
    Take the quiz for yourself:
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    katma 9 aylar önce


    1. Yobib Russel

      I can't fucking wait to see y'all in season 3!!!!

    2. anh ha

      Really nice 👌 😍💋 💝💖❤️🐖💋💛

    3. an huyen

      17:07 I like that 😍💋 💝💖🐖💋💛

    4. Munib Danish

      who's like EMMA MACKEY?

    5. Tanmay Patil

      ASA its EMMA not BILLIE to love Avacados

    6. C- Rabbit

      Brooo When i see this i ship a looot emma and asa I think asa like emma but emma no. But i hope they engage😍

    7. Ahmad alyan

      Heay froge face 🙂

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    9. tinfoil hat

      Maeve sibling name is Margot Robbie

    10. Zoë Adams

      Oh my god Emma’s voice reminds me of Angelina Jolie 🤩🤩

    11. k star

      yo this guy looks like Aitch

    12. Priyanshu Dahiya

      Otis is a prank... Born on 1st April. Still we love him

    13. فارس صلاح

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    14. خاطر كنان

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    15. تائب سعود

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    16. مروان ذمام

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    17. زيدان زيد

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    18. Tomasz Luty

      In real life, they look like teenagers anyway ;p

    19. Naoki Wada

      This Eric is exactly the same as what I saw in sex education.

    20. Zekka Azor

      Asa: 3:16 "Mr Anderson" Me: "Why ? WHY ? WHY, MR ANDERSON !? WHY BE SO STUBBORN ? WHY RESIST ? WHY PERSIST IN FOOLISH RESISTANCE MR ANDERSON" Agent Smith ,from Matrix x)

    21. Benilyn banger

      We will never forget shmuel and bruno and the GAS CHAMBER

    22. Michael R

      Just finished season 2 and I'm not very satisfied of the serial and so I came after here.... Can't wait for the new season😬😬

    23. Mathias Birk

      This was very disappointing

    24. Bhagath Reddy

      Come on who doesn’t guess the movie name after giving away Mr.Anderson seriously?

    25. Robyn Walsh


    26. chillemetdiebille

      3:12 asa: more... sci-fi ncuti: lord of the rings!! asa: *close*

    27. Henry Thomas

      06:18 I̲’m̲ ̲y̲o̲u̲r̲ ̲b̲a̲b̲y̲g̲i̲r̲l̲? ̲♥️❤️♥️❤️♥️❤️♥️❤️♥️🐖💋💛

    28. Maryam Sarah Sobah

      Cmon I cannot be the only one who ships motis

    29. XxThatgirlxX

      Am I the only one that cried on the last episode when Adam and Eric got together? Cause I was so happy

    30. gia ten

      Lovely 😍💋 💝💖❤️🐖💋💛

    31. Anh Am

      Love you 💋💋😘😘❤️💯🐖💋💛

    32. KuyaGC-TV

      Sex Education season 2 end Isaac : i ruined there life on s3

    33. Soumyasish Bhattacharyya

      Emma is so gorgeous! Oh and the British accent make things more better.

    34. MOVIES KOREA X.X.X 2020 Moi

      She really did, like for God to forgive you 6:57🐖💋💛

    35. 69ツ Zoid

      Maeve is smart irl too lmao

    36. Nicholas Jones

      Mr. Anderson..they didn't get that but disappointing I've only watched the movie like once and even i know that

    37. This Is Hande

      Eric's hidden talent is TWERKING Xd

    38. KIMETSU

      i heard "Mr. Aderson." i loved him instantly.

    39. Christian Malacad

      8:01 and 9:41 🤣😂

    40. Lyra G

      when ur names lyra be like 😎

    41. kdrama Mix

      She looks like margot Robbie

    42. Javier Madrid

      I got the "Mr Anderson" reference from The Matrix immediately. So funny none of them got it.

    43. Sash Mende

      Its weird when you watch the video to see the cast but your eyes only focus on emma bt y?🤷‍♂️

    44. Elisabetta Di Gregorio

      Notare la faccia minacciosa di Emma quando ha detto Wikipedia. No non sei l'unico italiano che ha aperto il video e ha capito neanche la metà di quello che hanno detto😅🇮🇹🇮🇹

    45. Oliverino

      There are many teasers for the third season.

    46. cookie playzzz

      Imagine how awkward this is i-

    47. Aj Unfazed

      Anyone else think Asa looking like a Wish version of Aitch

    48. Boudoche

      Emma (Maeve) is french ? Like Rahim ?

    49. Matic Acman

      10:07 what? Translation please...

      1. Nezzigh

        her favourite subject is English but obvs in France, they study French cos that's their language if u get it now

    50. Kartik Kumar

      i am dying for season three

    51. NavDeeP MaLHi

      Spoiler alert 🚨 : at the last of season 3 maeve gonna find out what issac did nd thn again we have to wait for season 4 to see maeve nd otis togather 😔😔

    52. Yixing’s Balance

      I’m so in love with Emma.

    53. Sasha Leigh Botengan

      The F word is the best word -Ncuti, 2020

    54. Djénéba Traoré


    55. Jenna Marlowe

      Eric laugh the same way🤣🤣🤣

    56. Wietskiet

      3:40 siri

    57. ريَّان بسول

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    58. Essa Knight

      I do be having like a huge crush on Emma

    59. jonas 890

      i want that meave and otis come in a realationship together in season 3 but i know when it is, there will be no further staggering

    60. Matilda D

      emma’s fear when she said cardi instead of nicki 💀 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

    61. Isabella Catherine

      I am way too in love with Asa.

    62. Luvlyluff

      Asa Butterfield is Otis in real life.

    63. Madison Rocker

      She said Margot Robbie because people compare her to her for asas crush but then she said she was kidding. Hmmm

      1. R Baz

        Gay guys can hang out with girls hence Ncuti and Emma are close...Asa isnt friendzoned though, I'd argue that Emma is friendzoned lol

    64. Marco Robert Aguda

      Who else is irritated by ncuti? Lol

    65. Sam S

      So basically Ncuti and Emma are BFFs and Asa is just a friendzoned guy whom nobody knows about much.

    66. Soma Mb

      Emma looks like a mixture of Margot Robbie and Lena Heady. And she definitely talks just like Lena. Like their mannerisms are so similar.

    67. Lilian Fernandes

      Elle a un super accent anglais

    68. fla la

      Asa Butterfield is ADORABLE ✨

    69. Stealthy ➐

      Emma is also my sister’s name 😅

    70. Winnie ExoL

      Just want to say Asa doesn't look like Aeries😂😂😂😂

    71. mrunal malkar

      Maeve ❤️😍

    72. Bruno Naletto

      "No, god forbid, Im african, we keep our pets in our plates" HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA

      1. VolumePerfection


    73. Paul Bismuth

      I love them all but i'm so happy that Emma is going to be in Death on the Nile, and with her fluency in french she now have a double career.

    74. Jeebs Unabia

      Ncuti is October 15, I am October 16. We are both Libras. I am so filled with happiness at this knowledge.

      1. Sharona Padalecki

        Happy belated birthday! 🎈🥳😁

    75. Nivea Khondaker

      No wonder I can relate to Emma, I’m a Capricorn

    76. stiven lopez

      HahahahA emma 👌👌👌

    77. DentingOsprey 91

      4:25 Emma looks at Asa like she was saying to him "choose your next words wisely"

      1. IpunchedU

        she seemed very interested in his answer indeed

    78. MS A

      Shut the fff...front door! Lol

    79. Nerfed Bot

      Season 3 better be good or I will turn into Punisher

    80. Kornel Gyurkovics


    81. Pretty Aria

      Why they are just like the Sex Education characters? Like they didn't personality changed HAHAHAHAHAHAAH.

    82. Mokshi Khandelwal

      They speaking English? I'm CoNfUSed!!!

    83. Ma Popo

      Elle est française ahhahahahahhahahahahahhahahahhahahah

    84. dekhlo yaar videos please

      That's why I am ignoring other series bcz they absolutely wasting our time and playing with our feelings

    85. KnockManJo

      I like Sex Education better than Cobra Kai, there I said it

      1. KnockManJo

        @R Baz Man you live under a rock, that show has a huge fanbase; especially of edgy kids

      2. R Baz

        Lol cobra kai is shit...nobody regards it as a good show

    86. PINKU

      “I’m not angry I’m just disappointed” - Maeve That’s when Otis realised, he fucked up.

    87. Hany Sweet උඩු රැවුල ඔහු තම කෙස් කපා නමුත් සමගm...

    88. Zaria Edwards

      Me and her have the same birthday

    89. Tooty Futts

      They're all cardinal signs

    90. Seemestr inc

      Ну не знаю.. По моему они в реале не особо друг друга любят (Эйса и Эмма)

    91. K0RING444

      12:14 Asa:i'm good with my hands Emma:yeah

      1. IpunchedU

        she should know the best :P

    92. Alessandra


    93. Umer Mansoor

      The way Asa is kind of nervous here in the presence of Emma and Emma referring his crush as Margot Robbie implies something here😂

      1. IpunchedU

        @Umer Mansoor there are many more moments like that aswell, they were flirting non stop in s2 interviews XD

      2. Umer Mansoor

        @IpunchedU Exactly and they both look cute together

      3. IpunchedU

        prob cause it's the most obvious flirt ever and it's in front of the camera XD

    94. Ricky 23

      if anyone wondering how emma sings

    95. Flamingo Content

      4:13 Look at he's face there, when she says Margot Robbie almost like he was caught and then she was like just joking and he says I know like he's dreams where crushed

      1. IpunchedU

        well she was only HALF joking ;)

    96. Nicolette Moore

      "No. God forbid. I'm African we keep our pets on our plates." 2:30 😂😂😂

    97. CurrerBell

      The Bronte you said? I love you Emma !

    98. Vedant Kulkarni

      Who else thinks the girl looks like Margot Robbie Just to annoy everybody 🙃

    99. Merci maman Lange-line

      2:35 Ncuti:we keep our pets in our plates Emma:controversial Ncuti: cut them cameras...Deadass

    100. D0m1n1k K1ss

      8:24 we can hear it before 👀