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    The cast of Netflix's Sex Education (Asa Butterfield, Ncuti Gatwa, Emma Mackey) get very competitive while playing Animal Timers. Emma's impression of Hermione Granger is incredible.
    Sex Education S2 is out on the 17th January on Netflix @Netflix UK & Ireland
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    1. Err R

      They always bully Asa 🤣

      1. fateh 125

        It's called teasing

    2. iska

      the way screamed at 1:54 hhaahahaha he's literally otis

    3. Cvv Fhf

      Yang milih allah like 800 ya yang milih dajal abaikan saja

    4. bayseram

      The first one like who does not wear a bra

    5. bayseram

      OnE likE AnD GoD WiLL fOrGIvE YoU

    6. M X

      1:14 « In the time it takes this cat to give up » « On Life ? » Hahahha Asa

    7. Mariah Hotz

      That falling cat killed me 😂😂😂

    8. M - Biskit


    9. iCrackr

      Asa looks like he’s lowkey crushing on Emma

      1. IpunchedU

        some say it's the other way around as well, but i guess that debate is still going for 7 months now or so lmao

    10. Frida G

      emma mackey sounds so much like emma watson when she impersonates hermione

    11. Manish Nawadkar


    12. Meghan Bradley සෙරීන් ට්‍රැමෝව්ගේ මනසෙහි තත්වය ඇගේ නම සඳහන් කිරීමට අවදි වී තිබුණි

    13. Amanda Rose

      They are the cutest trio omg

    14. Hugo O'Brien

      someone pls tag asa's shirt

    15. gg gg

      0:45 wtf

    16. Vuyiswa M

      Ncuti's laugh is contagious


      Te Amo Emma y Meave😍

    18. Don’t click on me

      Asa is the definition of awkward

    19. lulu tvk

      Macron le sang for exemple 😂

    20. Diviya Sharma


    21. Orhan Bencegay

      Maeve = Otis ❤️

      1. IpunchedU

        maeve = otis? care to explain XD

    22. Taimoor

      emma did that hermione impersonation spot on lmao

    23. MakoBeauty

      where is the cat giving up video from?

    24. Earl Sebastian

      "Did you hear a meow?" and then Otis "arffff" like a 🐕

    25. gayathri

      "oh it's too late, i was too distracted by the flying dog"

    26. Josh

      who came here from the tiktok

    27. Othniell Bolaji

      Has anyone like me... just seen both seasons of sex education, got angry when they found out the pandemic's pushed any chance of seeing sth bad happen to wheelchair guy till 2021 (maybe), started watching these videos to cure the itch, and now can't seem to stop? HELP!

    28. Mariana Bivol


    29. Chauncey Dimafelix

      I could just keep hearing emma’s voice all day

    30. Laura Mosley කුමක්දක්‍රේක්ලින් පැවසීය ලැම් සහ හෝර්සා ඔවුන්ගේ සන්නිවේදකයන් අතර හුවමාරුවට සවන් දීම නැවැත්වූහ යල්සන් නැවතත් කතා කළේය

    31. Meabh O'Cofaigh

      The only thing that can beat this is are little mix ones.... but seriously though, cuteness overload, especially Asa.

    32. dea.dbunny

      I love the fact that Asa mentioned Sir Ian McKellen and Stephen Fry xD

    33. hiitsjeanne

      they should do "emma speaks french to Ncuti and Asa during 24h"

    34. Aryan Pal

      Emma is so beautiful!!!😍

    35. aRyAn siNgH

      00:45 He is Otis wtf 😂😂😂😂😂

    36. Earl Sebastian

      Did you hear the meooowww🥰😍😍😍 super OTIS

    37. Amealia Woodcock

      The fist bump 🤣

    38. Soham Akhare

      Emma’s voice is so 😍

    39. Alberte Solveig Bækgaard Mortensen

      She sounds soooo much like Emma Watson jesus

    40. Mitch96

      The rat looks more like a hamster