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    The cast of Netflix's Sex Education (Asa Butterfield, Ncuti Gatwa, Emma Mackey) get very competitive while playing Animal Timers. Emma's impression of Hermione Granger is incredible.
    Sex Education S2 is out on the 17th January on Netflix @Netflix UK & Ireland
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    1. Ananya Chatterjee

      How is Asa Butterfield SO cute oh my god

    2. Sibbir

      Emma even sounds like Emma. Watson

    3. Pingu’s attic

      Why’d Asa get all the hard ones

    4. Pingu’s attic

      Why’d Asa get all the hard ones

    5. Sentinel Deeza

      0:40 of otis didnt know why they are laughing

    6. Shining Sushi

      Emma is crushing hard on Asa lmao

    7. MKB1L

      Emma Mackey doing hermione impressions is my favorite thing in the world

    8. rachkate

      I love Asa's voice haha

    9. rocket

      they r so cute

    10. xo_stephany _

      Emma: in the time it takes this cat to give up- Asa: oN liFe? lord bless their souls💀

    11. Louis Bernard

      Emmanuel Macron 😂

    12. Tony Stark

      These ppl look like high school buddies in real life as well. Nice chemistry among the 3

    13. elin raiha

      1:19 she sounds so much like emma watson here lol

    14. NoHabloEspañol92

      What does she say at 3:09

    15. Anaelle Charon

      Lmfao 😂😂 the "Emmanuel Macron " was incredible

    16. Travis FS

      3:16 she sounds just like her wtf?

    17. festive_fawn

      Question:“in the time it takes this cat to give up” Asa: “on liFE?”

    18. Ana Oakenshield

      Her Hermoine impression is spot on

    19. Fel22

      That was the most sexy "Emmanuel Macron" I've ever heard

    20. Car Mie


    21. lowkey kilo

      This should be titled *4 minutes and 58 second of Emma half facing Asa for the whole video* Yeah its too long.... But u know what I mean

    22. kookiie

      I never liked the wheelchair guy

    23. Bullet Toof Tony

      In the time that it takes to count to five, count to five.

    24. Bullet Toof Tony

      IQ points out the window

    25. tamara ludoedovna

      А что она сказала после папарацци?

    26. Arnel Valencia Espiritu


    27. monyet pirang

      Otis just like otis

    28. Megan Ramos

      *my last 3 brain cells*

    29. Hailey Richards

      Ok but Emma’s Hermoines impression was spot on

    30. CatarinaxRock

      I cud watch these 3 and their shenanigans for hrs

    31. Derrick P

      I love their chemistry and energy!!!! Emma giving Asa a hard time is hilarious!!!!!!! 😂😂😂

    32. Bianka Rosa

      1:34 its funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    33. Briana Archer

      AND TIGGER 😂😂😂

    34. Robyn McSwain

      0:45 his soul left his body🤣

    35. VERSES GT

      Ncuti has the cutest laugh It says in the name

    36. Viole Anesini

      Me encantan como pronuncian

    37. skyflysky1919

      is it just me or I've been noticing that in almost all the interviews Asa and Emma are together, her body language usually involves touching Asa or leaning towards him even if someone else is there. Hmmm 😏😏😏

    38. A Girl Has No Name 1995

      3:16 Well, Emma did great by impersonating Hermione Granger. Spotted a Potterhead!!!

    39. euge galleguillo

      4:14 Emma speaking in french, literally the hottest thing i've ever seen

    40. Zoe Court

      2:23 it’s a hamster ???

    41. M o t i o n n r l

      Mais du coup elle vit en France Emma? 😂😂🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

    42. Axel Veltri


    43. CHLOË

      Le "Emmanuel Macron" ça m'a tué jpp

    44. LittleHouseOfLove

      Quiz: in the time it takes this rat to eat his popcorn... Me: That's a hamster...

    45. hanah park

      asa doesn't act when he plays otis

    46. Alexander Schmid

      Emma stone + Emma Watson = Emma Mackey

    47. Your Fear Sorry PLESE

    48. Romanium14

      I guess Otis and el Chapo have the same stylist

    49. Sarai Lopez

      The white dude is weird on the show and in real life

    50. BoostedTryHarder

      3:44 what did she say?

    51. Come Through Miss Thing

      2:43 Asa *trying to pronounce collapse*: CO-LAPS

    52. Cepi Abisoid

      these two won't let asa live "I'm completely joking~~"

    53. Carmela Regina


    54. André Laugénie

      2:33 Asa: "he's just shoved it all in his mouth"

    55. IMRAN AHMAD Khan

      OMG.... Ncuti and Emma are so WOKE !!!! ...Asa pales in comparison ....and that laugh of Ncuti is just so infectious !!!!! wish i could be his friend .

    56. Everleigh Fawzi

      Ncuti is SO CUTE!!!!! I just love his personality

    57. Everleigh Fawzi

      0:44 I cant stop replaying this bit Ncuti’s face is so priceless

    58. Azz Lzzz

      Is Emma single or still got a bf

    59. hh love

      I am literally dying at 0:44

    60. knjschrry