Sex Education Series 2 Cast Discuss Their Character Sex Style | MTV Movies


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    Netflix’s Sex Education’s Asa Butterfield, Connor Swindells, Aimee-Lou Wood, Kedar Williams-Stirling, Tanya Reynolds and Patricia Allison play guess the pop culture teacher, talk all things sex and tell us their most embarrassing moments!
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    1. MTV ASIA

      Have you watched Series 2 of Sex Education yet?! 😉🙃 Thoughts?

      1. Tyler Ben


      2. Adam Roztrhpič

        Yeah and now I wanna disable Isaac even more than he is already

      3. avocado sandwiches

        Where was Ncuti in this vid???

      4. Jay Saison

        I hate ISAAC, I would love to throw him in a pit..Darn him, ruining my it's and Maeve fantasy.

      5. Ellie Lovegood

        MTV ASIA god damn it Issac

    2. Minnie Chan みゃあこさん!ฅ( ̳• ·̫ • ̳ฅ)ニャン TANTA BEYEZAS QUE DIOS A HECHO EN ESTE MUNDO ASERE Y DISEN QUE DIOS ES MALO SI DIOS ES MALO NADIE ES BUENO ASERE MIL GRASIAS POR TANTA BEYESAS I loro stati di salute rispettivi prevenirli ライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!この日のライブ配信は、かならりやばかったですね!1万人を超える人が見ていたもんね(笑)やっぱり人参最高!まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした!今後は気を付けないとね.

    3. juliana vargas

      Asa is ET?

    4. Vishesh Gautam

      "I knew I'm kidding"😂

    5. Julia Kardos

      I will never be able to eat another orange without laughing 🍊🍊🍊

    6. Lucía Gil

      "No girl, you dont" 4:40 🤣💘

    7. Joe Seligman

      Maybe Asa needs to get some sleep.

    8. Doc. FunkBlack

      5:26 What did he say? He did what in her vagina?

    9. Freddie Phipps

      Adam/Connor "all of mine are all about poo. Poo everywhere"🤣🤣🤣

    10. x_jr._.

      Imagine accidentally kneeing someone in the vagina that is a very disturbing image 😂😂

    11. Bernie

      "and pop it and pop it not at me im faculty" lmao

    12. The Fighter

      Omg Aimee is so sweet 😘

    13. niasse3

      I can't understand what are they saying because of theirs british accent 😟

    14. Kiley Garrard

      connor is the cutest oml

    15. Izabelle

      1:41 Everyone: Mr Hendrix Me: HI I’M A SHOUTY MAN!

    16. Hell On Head

      And the last question : Wtf happened to Aimee's teeth???

    17. nanduk sathyan

      Camera angle sucks

    18. Arushi Sharma

      😐 *WHERE. IS. MAEVE.* 😐

    19. Natty B

      2:53 well we all know what animal Aimee chose as her character to research

    20. Ángela Gaviria

      5:26 What is he saying?

    21. harrysb

      ncuti would’ve smashed this

    22. harrysb

      ncuti would’ve smashed this

    23. Pra Ytf

      0:00 wtf is he saying?

    24. ——

      i just LOVE the accent!!!

    25. 내꺼하ja쌈ja

      What does it mean by "I'm faculty"? Does the teacher mean I am teacher?

      1. Natty B

        Yeah you work in the education system

    26. Nitya Desai

      Conor looks like john cena

    27. Jingren Yang

      And that was the end of the video!? It didn't even feel like 5:52, it felt more like 30 seconds, WE NEED MORE!!!

    28. Darren

      what the fuck was jackson even saying at the beginning

    29. Micah Rion

      When Tanya said, "Colin Hendricks" I was thinking "Colin! Colin! Why are the Groffs ruining my show?!"

    30. Mikaela Rae

      Where’s Emma and ncuti poor Aimee and Otis on their own😂

    31. Rocio Terradez

      how did the questions go from "guess the teacher" to "preparing for a sex scene"

    32. Saadat Ahmed

      Aimee's accent is the sweetiest

    33. Percy Jackson

      I absolutely ADORE how Lily and Ola are always together

    34. 진

      5:27 connors reaction is everything...

    35. Aliah

      Season 3 please

    36. Anish Dangol

      who are these insignificant people? WHERE"S RUBY?

    37. Aniket Shrestha

      Why does Asa look like a snack in this ? 🤤

    38. Panic Chicken the Third

      YEOWCH STARTING OUT WITH PAIN Damn, Kedar, that’s......impressive. 🤣

    39. Dale Boyd

      Hendricks shouting just fuck off in the last episode

    40. 中田

      Adam is laghing...😭😭😭

    41. xogulxo2

      Okay why is no one talking about the fact that Kedar accidentally kneed a girl in the vagina while having sex 😂

    42. JLaviation

      5:27 can someone clarify that?

      1. Noelia Benítez Sánchez

        ' I was once having sex with a girl and I kneed her in her vagina'

    43. Jennyyy D

      when colin came up each and every one of them had the chance to say “the guy from horrible histories” and they didn’t

    44. giada c

      “and pop it! and pop it! not at me i’m faculty” “you’re always tHERE quentin just FUCK OFF” mr hendricks is by far my favorite character

    45. darbby jonez

      “Research how that animal has sex.” Uhh

    46. Danielle Williams

      Feel like someone’s missing 🤔

      1. Mikaela Rae

        Danielle Williams ncuti (Eric) and Emma (Maeve)

    47. rinnie

      nO ONE SAID “wash your hands you dETTY PIG-“

    48. M&J Official

      Otis looks so good in this video omg. Btw, Aimee ! You are just so pretty. Hope to see both of these people in real life. I have a crush on you Aimee 😆

    49. Thierry Lam

      Aimee's top gives her Scarlet Witch vibes

    50. Madeline Hesselgrave

      I love Connor 😍

    51. S Diaries

      I’m sorry the most quotable line is “wash your hands, you DETTY PIG” 🤣

      1. Nazirum Nafsi

        Dirty pig in ncuti's accent totally hilarious

      2. not another theatre trash channel

        i dIdNt dO a PoO

      3. Robin Maida

        Especially with this virus going round I'm saying it to all the people

      4. unebellepatience

        It was a cultural reset

      5. Aishwarya bhat


    52. Obsessed

      "Poo everywhere" Is he gay?

    53. Simone G

      mine are all about poo. LMAO

    54. jadeyy

      “I was having sex with a girl and I kneed her in the vagina” oh, ok 😂😂

    55. aarontheboy2

      did the girls just speak chinese or something? xD

    56. Grace Hardbeck

      Aimee reminds me of Cassie from Skins, but nicer obviously 🤭

    57. Nikita Armes

      "I couldn't find any video footage of platypi fornicating" not a line I thought I'd ever hear come out of someone's mouth lmao

    58. Олексій Кондратюк

      Don't know why, but 1st line i remembered was "will you hold my hand?"

    59. blacc

      aimee is so pretty

    60. E B

      I've pooed everywhere and that's all I'm gonna say

    61. babu dxb

      2:16 conner: make sure everyone's comfortable 2:26 aimee: feel supported They are so cute ❤

    62. YellowMiniVan

      Pilau Expert 🇰🇪🇰🇪

    63. Etane Rose

      Did anyone here what he said ? 0:00

      1. Leanne Davies

        He said “one time I was having sex with a girl and I kneed her in the vagina” as In hit her with his knee. X

    64. E Harland

      Aimee's outfit is gorgeous Holy shit she's so pretty

    65. Honey Good

      “Mine are all about poo” AGAHHAHAHSHSBSBSA

    66. Rome Avell

      Connor. If you watch the second season, then you'll learn that there doesn't have to be any poo.

    67. Maria Karmiri

      What is kedar saying in 0:00?

    68. Erza Scar

      I love aimeee and her accent

    69. no way

      5:25 I love her

    70. no way

      3:40 LMFAO

    71. Niko Milo Shiloh Kaiser

      Do Connor and Aimee have matching rings?

      1. Niko Milo Shiloh Kaiser

        Owenmccefc I know, just thought it was cute they were wearing matching rings 😊

      2. Owenmccefc

        Niko Milo Shiloh Kaiser they are dating in real life

    72. leo lucky

      I knew everything🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂

    73. leo lucky

      Kedar is freaking hot

    74. Nerissa Crawford


    75. theladynim

      Aimee Lou Wood is such a delight

    76. gopiss girl


    77. Tor Olenborg

      So Aimee wasn't even acting, just being herself but a bit more simple-minded 😅

      1. Ritayan Tunes

        Yes. It's a good director's quality to cast such actors who have kind of similar personalities like those of the character. It's her first casting and she actually did a good job.

    78. ScoMo • 7 years ago

      Them: Mr Hendricks Me: SHOUTY MAN!

      1. ScoMo • 7 years ago

        I was inspired by Evie Frances’ comment btw

    79. kanika wilson

      Does Patricia has Trinidadian roots? ... I ask cuz she wants to make 'pelau' (rice)

      1. leo lucky

        No pilau* its a swahili dish she could be swahili but some cultures share stuff anyhu

    80. K R

      I hope we dive more into Lily's condition

    81. Millie Rose

      i thought aimee was just telling the interviewer that this, the country that they are in right now, is england

    82. Opus

      Whoever wrote the "not at me im faculty" line is an absolute genius and deserves a pay rise

      1. Anon Human

        Liên Như He’s basically saying it’s inappropriate for them to be doing what they’re doing towards school staff

      2. Liên Như

        @E.G Mr.Hendricks as i remember 😂 but sorry i dont get that line can anyone explain?

      3. E.G

        Who said it?

      4. Rhiannon Sidwell

        Opus yeah I laughed way too hard at that line 🤣😅

    83. gottablast

      It feels so good to see connor smile and laugh

    84. Kuldeep More

      Lily is beautiful in real ❣️❣️

    85. Amy H

      3:42 😂😂

    86. Bahiyya Khan

      no hate to emma and ncuti cos they're cool in their own right but i find the interviews without them way more refreshing and authentic . like no one is trying to be seen or anything

    87. Richard Sinclair

      "To copulate, the male will climb partially on to the female's back, and curl his tail under her abdomen to bring their respective cloaca (waste and reproductive orifice) close together. The male will then insert his penis, which is hidden in his cloaca, into the female's cloaca for fertilization - this process can take up to 10 minutes, Thomas said."

    88. Leydi Marlen Suárez Soto

      Aimee Lou wood is such a sweet girl, protec her at all costs UwU

    89. Elli Yo

      Thank you for the vaginismis representation!!! ☺️

    90. Emppos

      Obsessed with Aimee's top

    91. BlogManiac64

      otis = beaver

    92. LifeOfRy

      “Slugs have beautiful sex” - Aimee Lou Wood

    93. F V C K Y O U

      bro i swear are aimee is so adorable!

    94. Freya Morton

      1:19 at the time she was so quick to clarify

    95. angharad.

      I love how this cast are literally their characters



    97. Sharath Reynold

      2:06 that perfectly timed "well" tho

    98. James Phillips

      It’s really weird seeing Tom from wolfblood talk about this like no go back to photography club

      1. Sonia bb

        Bruh I never realized it was him...

      2. eueiaioiaaao

        I. KNOW.

    99. Siri Rönnerling

      The most iconic line is "youŕe fucking pots and pans" By Adam

    100. Scream Lawley

      5:27 what the fuck did he just say?