sex education season 2 | bloopers vs. actual scene

Andrei G

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    enjoy this fun video while in quarantine and don't forget to wash your hands you detty pig

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    1. Andrei G

      It's official, season 3 is happening!! Who else is super excited?

      1. Vinod Rana

        Same here i do

      2. Ever Glow

        2050 release date

      3. Jvmie K_05

        Rareş Minuț currently they’ve said that all the filming and stuff is on schedule and going well

      4. Rareş Minuț

        Not going to be in January because usually they would've started production in may, but with corona it's going to push it a few more months:(

      5. David .D.

        ITS JANUARY 2021i work at netflix

    2. Azalea Lusi

      “Have you been paying students at school for sex” LMAOOOO 7:00

    3. T I M O

      Ruby 😍

    4. mina

      off you trot

    5. mina


    6. Ethan Hunt

      What does Isaac say at 5:37

    7. janny

      I didn't do a poo,I was crying

    8. Fiorella Jo Leigh

      7:23 aren’t we going to talk about what happens with her eye?!!!!! Look closely 😳

    9. Elchi chin

      I finished season 1 and 2 in just 1 and half days hope season 3 will be coming soon

    10. Farisa Damia

      dreams a dream dreams a dream HAHAHHA


      I ddnt do a poo...I was crying

    12. Luigi Franz

      4:04 the most british thing i ever seen

    13. Andrei Bilaro

      Heyyy i finally found a twin😁😁

    14. Nat

      The drunk moms and the dancing at the end are my favorite

    15. Sofie Katerina

      Connor looks like he's having an epiphany. "Dreams are dreams!"

    16. Username

      “Detty pig” is my favorite line

    17. ART WIND

      jackson saying its my vagina 😂 damn funny i finished season1 & 2 within two days

    18. Lynne Stuijt

      I hate isaac

    19. mila

      for such a horrible character mr groff has no right being that fucking funny. i blame alistair petrie for being a legend

    20. Jacinth Lilly

      Eric :You should wash your hands you dirty pig Guy: I didn't do a poo I was crying Eric: Ah well right I hope you're ok Guy: Yeah thanks **smiles hopefully ** Eric: Erm yeah that was not an invitation for friendship

    21. Jacinth Lilly

      Thank you for the birthday present

    22. EMILY

      I cried more for aimy than because of issac

    23. SaffronDec

      What ep is 7:38 on?

    24. PINKU

      For some reason I like Ruby as a character now.

    25. Ooga

      Can't describe how much I love this show.

    26. Alli MaKK


    27. Epic Nerd40,000

    28. Elysia M

      'have to been paying students at school for sex' aha lol

    29. Ricky 23

      if anyone wondering how emma sings

    30. ItsEcstaticz

      Literally binged the whole show in one day both seasons now I want to drop a cripple and moan because he deleted the voicemail the prick

    31. sakuta kun

      Day before:watched S1 Yesterday:watched S2 Today:watching edits n bloopers F issac

    32. Lalit Barai

      Kinda confused between two, Sex Education OR Stranger Things?

    33. Judith Koch

      Adam and the actor of him are both so damn awkward I love it

    34. BIGxSMOKE

      "I di-in do a poo"

    35. Virat Kohli

      0:20 Its the best part.

    36. Constanza Aostri

      Dreams dreams dreams dreams ... Dreams dreams dreams

    37. Anael Langelier

      Is it on Netflix ? 0w0

    38. MAXIMUS

      Best. Show. On. Netflix. Change. My. Mind.

    39. Angel Rotoni


    40. Rosario Contrino

      I hope season 3 comes soon

    41. Hnyg1ld 0

      I love this cast so much

    42. Chiksis

      Man its so funny when you see that they are bearly holding on their laughs on scenes xD

    43. Lama Alajmi


      1. emma dem


    44. Krishna Sharma

      I watch the show in 16 days... I enjoyed it... Its certainly better than watching it in 1 day or 2 day

    45. Techie

      Like how they've applied a filter so that it would emphasize Otis' eyes.

    46. Migel Benitez


    47. kugub ii


    48. David Naylor

      I deliberately went slow because it was so good. I wanted to savour it.

    49. Luca Leone

      "Have you been paying students at school for sex?" I fckn love when it clicks and she realizes what she said. 7:00

    50. Rahul Verma

      I swear these guys are so fun to be with

    51. Yashwanth

      IMO Issac doesn't deserve the hate he is recieving honestly. Otis maybe good but he has hurt Maeve many times. Whereas Issac has always been care ing about Maeve from the beginning of her mother's fiasco. Deleting the message was a mistake there is no doubt about it but it goes to show how deep he loves her. You know when you are handicapped and someone really appreciates you for who you are and don't pity you instead treats you like a normal human being, it's hard to let go of them. But I hope they give some screen time for these couple before reuniting Maeve with Otis.

    52. Yashwanth

      They should have created a Otis and ruby story arc

    53. Reyzel Francisco

      When season 3 ?

    54. Monie Suba

      I can't wait for season 3...

    55. Dysz

      Should've done it the other way around

    56. Dzú thịn nhâng

      *"have you been paying students in school for sex"*

    57. Mashiat awreck

      Dreams are dreams

    58. Zahra Akbari

      Sex education is the best 😍😍😍😍

    59. A K

      FUCK YOU, ISSAC!!!

    60. jasmine

      dreams are dreams dreams dreams dreams dreams dreams dreams

    61. jasmine

      i didn’t do a poo

    62. SrJavier3Patas

      5:26 still hating him

      1. -_-


    63. Nicole datu


    64. Saiteja .j

      ASA as Otis is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    65. V2il2y Built Environment

      Good show See here

    66. Beastgirl

      Everytime I see bloopers of shows, i want to be in a show so bad just for the bloopers

    67. sai.cropper

      that green screen was shocking


      Weggin is that u???

    69. Ahgase Forever

      LOOOOOOL 0:18 that little spin he did at the end was hilariously adorable

    70. artistic persona

      You dty pig

    71. artistic persona

      Amy is all of us

    72. Vivian Wang

      So this what Mordred did after Morgana saved him when he was little

    73. Anthony Yalon

      How are some of the bloopers more sexual than the actual scene 😂😂

    74. SquidWardsDiary

      Why is Eric the only person in the world not make flossing cringe

    75. Mateo PimentelOOF

      Sex education: the show I just clicked to see it cause of the title and I was bored and ending being one of my favorite shows and Netflix

    76. ykArsenic

      This show is really underrated

    77. Ynah Miralles

      I already died at 0:17💀🤣

    78. Its Lala


    79. Ian Lu

      fuck issac :)

    80. waffles

      "why do you keep yelling at me?" "cause everyone always lets me down" SAME. MOOD.

    81. Heidi Batts

      No one: Eric: MY HAAAAAAAAAT

    82. j

      Margot Robbie, good looking as always

      1. j

        Lisa Sterk yes 😬

      2. Lisa Sterk

        Is this a joke? 😂

    83. Datgyal

      Imagine one of your few lines being “I didn’t do a poo...I was crying”

    84. Get A LIFE

      Aimee is too pure for this world


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    86. Tech 6T9

      Who is waiting for season 3..?

    87. herlinde tjonck

      On which app can you look at this serie

      1. Andrei G

        Available on Netflix

    88. Fá Sánchez

      OK BUT Why am I watching this at 6 am?

    89. z j

      I have a sickening crush on otis

    90. Sharon Hollander

      Me: has never seen sex education Also me: *clicks on this video*

      1. zoe clancey 7A, 63


      2. outofmywxrld xo

        you should watch it!!! its a great series

    91. Dani G

      8:39 lol wtf

    92. Crackheaddiee Crackheaddiee

      Love That serie😍👉🏼👌🏻😅

    93. meeran haq

      How is this show? The mood? More comedy or more serious? And im guessing it's mostly clean since they're in high-school?

      1. Man Utd12

        Watch the inbetweeners if you want something that isn’t clean

      2. Benjamin Hunter

        It tackles serious subject matter and that does come with some very funny moments. But it is a show about sex, so it is not that clean.

      3. Yash Kulkarni

        Yeah you can watch it with your parents... It's that clean

    94. sherina

      you detty pig x10

    95. GAuRaNg

      Can't wait for season 3

    96. Cryxbaby. Kit

      This show is so fucking good I finished both season 1 and 2 in just a day

    97. Kitty

      Not like anyone actually cares but I met the i didn’t do a poo I was crying guy at my park yesterday 😂😂

      1. Rahnuma Islam

        Amazing! 😁

      2. Kitty

        maverick King amazing ✨💖💓

      3. Kitty

        Nasha Ria it was ✨💓

      4. maverick King

        How was it?

      5. Nasha Ria

        It must have been a nice experience😊✨

    98. AhmaddIhsann

      I hate Isaac

      1. -_-

        Ya if he didn't delete the voice mail, otis and maeve would have been a couple now

    99. I'm Everywhre

      that freaking green screen looks very real oh my eyes!

    100. Karolina J

      0:06 kto też tam słyszy "uważaj"