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    The new Netflix show Sex education has become a real sip of fresh air. Netflix has confirmed that Sex education cast will be back for a second series! Are you waiting for Sex education 2 season just as much as we? Find out in our video more about the cast of this show!
    You've heard the rumour about actor Asa Butterfield who plays the role of shy Otis Milburn and The Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev? Has Asa Butterfield got a girlfriend?
    And what about Gillian Anderson as Jean Milburn? What she thinks of the role of single mother?
    Did you know that Ncuti Gatwa's nearly the oldest actor, portraying a high school student Eric Effiong in the show?
    Why Emma Mackey doesn't like when her compared with Margot Robbie? And what she think about the character Maeve Wiley?
    What happened with Kedar Williams-Stirling as Jackson Marchetti in the second season?
    And how Connor Swindells feels about scene with Adam Groff in the school cafeteria?
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    1. OSSA

      Are you surprised with the show's stars who are dating in real life?

      1. Arancillo Lyn

        Hi just wanna say it's "A" sa (ey) not (ah). He kinda find it uncomfortable when someone pronounce his name wrong.

      2. HS lover

        Not really!!! I'm more surprised that Asa was in my country for his holidays and I was not even aware ...

      3. Mango Mango


      4. Chlyd Aspacio

        Otis is my favorite and one of my idol is sex education 😂

      5. Daniel Jrs

        who??? otis and maeve?

    2. SharmaineDORK

      8:24 Adam Connor? XD

    3. Mesut Xhali

      Adam 'a drug addict' smokes 1 joint a day..

    4. Ali Bronskiy

      Emma looks like a Michael Jackson, xD

    5. Albert

      it sounds weird but i hope the guy in the wheelchair stays and gets together with maeve so maeve wil realise he is not the one and breaks up with him and wil be together with otis and break up again and leave s3 on a dead end s4 will be fun 2 watch or i hope otis and maeve wont get together in s3 so otis will be together with that rich girl i tink her name is ruby or else the series will get bored prztty Quick

    6. Ridwan Ali


    7. Ridwan Ali

      Elena going out with Otis lol

    8. Osho Raj Sheelup

      5:05 Cutest scene 🙃🙃

    9. Vano Janssen

      My favorite star is Emma mackey

    10. Telontedd

      Emma Mackey is younger version of Margot Robbie.😍

      1. R Baz

        They look nothing alike

    11. Vignesh Waran

      I want to be Otis and I need Maeve to fulfill my life...🥺❤️

    12. Sayanth Sayu

      My favourite character is ruby ❤️

    13. dk_ Creations

      Otis 😍 Eric friendship

    14. Kalaykay

      Ohhh Asa's eyes are soooo dreamyyyy

    15. Joni Cuniserioz

      The title : yo check out this. We found out who is everyone on the cast dating The video : he doesnt post his girlfriend on instagram so we don't know

    16. Mysterio Gaming

      My phone slipped from my hand when the wheel chair man delete the message of otis that was heartbreaking

    17. Daniel Angus


    18. Drew Shenberger

      Season 3 better cure my depression

    19. Inauko

      I see some comments of Asa's feed were Javanese. Hahahawkwkkw

    20. Nishant Verma

      This video is illogically long

    21. DoomyGoCrazy

      I never wanted to make a disabled person more disabled after the ending of season 2

    22. Asmi Mehta

      airpods or airpods pro (i'm confused)


      Waiting for S3


      I like ruby ❤️

    25. Dibyaranjan Panigrahi

      Season 3 will also be depressing remember my words

    26. Eronril

      Otis and ruby

    27. Joel Blackman


    28. Sudhanva Sathe

      So basically they're just getting paid for being themselves 😂😂

    29. _ Tamara _

      Maeve Wiley

    30. Om Bagal

      Is season 3 is Last season?

    31. Zoé

      6:31 hilarant

    32. Rider Kp


    33. xerjoff 10

      What I'm expecting from season 3 1.this wheelchair idiot to be gone 2.otis and maeve together 3.more episodes because 8 is not enough!!!

    34. tomas villamayor


    35. Allen Mark Canares

      Otis and Ruby FTW!

    36. Jemima Angela Fajarito

      Where's Isaac lmao

    37. L Movies

      Someone suggest me this type of series

    38. Abdullah Rko


    39. Biswajit Das

      Eric + Adam happy ending

    40. JatinBlaze

      Hailee steinfeld is a complete clickbait But she...

    41. saurabh pandey

      Maeave is my crush!!!

    42. Jai Jai

      Clickbait 😏

    43. Anas Ansari

      She is just amazing 😃

    44. Gloria

      I'm sorry but I cannot be the only person who absolutely worships Jean Milburn. Also Gillian Anderson is a goddess

    45. BloodThirst 2783

      I'm I the only one who just want Rose and Ottis to be together?

    46. JP Boss

      IDK why this is recommending my channel, but thanks

    47. Binchu k Tomy

      Adam And Maeve


      Heart Broke After Seeing Emma Boyfriend

    49. - CallMeCrazy -

      Ncuti has had a bunch of acting experience, but a lot of it is stage rather than TV

    50. Jhay-M J. Peralta

      What's the name of the girl beside Asa in the thumbnail?

    51. Anupama K


    52. Appl E

      This show made me feel normal. 😅

    53. Ronit Panwar

      Wtf, I've seen Ender's game but didn't realised that the thumbnail is from that film's prpmotions.

    54. james cesari

      My fav. is Jackson! He's soooo cool and nice. he's the best

    55. King Phillip

      Ncuti is a Rwandan Scottish actor not Nigerian

    56. sarai

      anyone noticed that small asa looks like small james in the end of f***** world

    57. Darian

      adam is my favorite character

    58. ryu atienzaonishi

      I think Im the only one who wants otis and ruby as a couple in that series

    59. Melquisedec Nollora

      Otis X Ruby numbawan

    60. Hnyg1ld 0

      If otis and maeve dont date in season 3 i will cry

    61. Guri X

      Do you know why I don’t want maeve and Otis to be together cuz then it will end even though it will an happy ending but I want more plot twists and it will make the show more interesting

    62. Elyar 0178

      my favourite characters are Adam and Maeve

    63. Zecodeco x

      To all the people in the comments who don’t understand why assuming Ncuti is straight is annoying and disappointing *i was unaware straight people watched this show. Go back to Riverdale pls you’re not wanted*

    64. Maikee Blanco Official

      I can't wait for the Season 3

    65. Lexi Spudis

      Just saying it would be awesome for Maeve to dress up as Harley Quinn

    66. Haseef Mullaji

      Mine is maeve

    67. ireid

      Screw raheem

    68. Thabo Motaung

      I hate season 2 ending Maeve and Otis deserve each other (Taylor do the right thing in season 3) give us what we want not what you want😏

    69. bohemian7


    70. Fahad Khan

      Just wanna see .. outis and meave togather 🖤

    71. Callum Beech

      Hey whatch sex edtication and big mouth on Netflix

    72. IAM Zoe

      ASA looks 15

    73. Politics Fucker

      Ncuti gatwa is an awesome

    74. HeizAMV

      Asa with Hailee wtf

    75. ketan parmar

      When coming sax education season 3 ?? I can't pwait .

    76. Adele Moravcov

      video: He plays gay character but never talked about his sexuality also video: assumes he's straight why hetero-normatise it and not just let it be open?

    77. Edward R.R

      To think that Asa was taken into account as a Spider Man

    78. 18-uch-208

      People who fell for the clickbait?

    79. Alieh Renae

      I’m the 100th comment

    80. Dreamer23245

      disappointed they didn't mention x-files

    81. Afzal Fazil


    82. Ashutosh Behera

      How many of you hate Isac now? 💔

    83. Shivam Narula

      This is the only show that make us hate a disabled boy in a wheelchair

    84. Adwoa

      Kedah was in WOLF BLOOD???? WOAHH

    85. Lindsay Coleman


    86. Surishi Chadha

      Watched Sex Education again and I always got really angry to the guy in the wheelchair "Isaac" like fck him cause Maeve plus Otis equals happy

    87. ItzMizDiz

      This channel sucks to hell They are explaining stuff we didn't ask for

    88. ful mato

      Was enjoying this show until I saw its about us accepting guys, so I stopped watching... But it was nice

    89. Lalnunsanga Lalnunsanga

      Thanks again for all the help you have to constable to be able to get to the bottom is Soo I will send it and I'll get back awmnhei I have been scare me how to get it to you by tomorrow I will be there for the meeting and I will tell her

    90. Viral 21.

      Damn odis is the druid boy from Merlin ?

    91. Joey Yan

      I feel so related from this show. Otis is completely British version of me.

    92. McLovin

      This video is creepy

    93. Saurabh mali


    94. Suheb Papa

      Maew and Maratha Robby I thought they are same person 😶

    95. Matheus Omena

      When I watched one of the show's trailers for the first time, I thought Emma Mackey was indeed Margot Robbie... I'd say they're sisters if I didn't know them...

    96. yadhav vivek

      Favorite Otis and Maeve ❣️❣️

    97. Hyubert Sanchez

      I like maeve and Otis

    98. Hyubert Sanchez

      I like maeve and Otis

    99. Alicia Taylor

      Wasn’t the guy behind him part of a gay Netflix movie?? I recognize him

    100. Fred Centenales

      kill isaac = happy ending