Sex Education Cast Try Cafe Du Monde & Other U.S. Firsts | Road Trip | Netflix


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    It's a British Invasion! Asa Butterfield, Emma Mackey & Ncuti Gatwa from Sex Education take a road trip through the American South to experience a whole new world of firsts.
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    Sex Education Cast First Times in America | Road Trip | Netflix
    Insecure Otis has all the answers when it comes to sex advice, thanks to his therapist mom. So rebel Maeve proposes a school sex-therapy clinic.

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    1. Netflix

      I want a friend that supports me the way Asa supports Ncuti and those plaid shorts (7:19)

      1. jagannathan menon

        Ask Amazon Prime if he can be that friend to you.

      2. Yashwanth

        Fcuk u. You have $$$ as friend already what more do you want ?

      3. Tosin Fasoro-Joseph

        does anyone know the song playing in the background at 8:24? thank you

      4. Michael Cooper

        I love season 1 and season 2

      5. Othniell Bolaji

        @Kunal Singh well, how you like em now? Hahahaaha

    2. Manapuram Pavan Kumar

      One of the best trios

    3. C- Rabbit

      I think asa don't is a actor when in the last episode of season 2 said that love maeve (emma). It's like these words come from heart

    4. Vishesh Gautam

      Horse riding ....lolll😂😂😂

    5. Vishesh Gautam


    6. Vishesh Gautam


    7. Vishesh Gautam

      7:30..they're dressed upp!!😂😂😂😂

    8. Vishesh Gautam

      4:30...lloooollll😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 see them dancing hilariously

    9. Vishesh Gautam

      1:53...see Emma's mouth🤣🤣🤣🤣

    10. Vishesh Gautam

      1:35 lol..look at asa🤣🤣🤣

    11. Vishesh Gautam

      Emma is vegetarian...😆😆

    12. Vishesh Gautam

      7:19 Ncuti's shorts 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

    13. iTzZNicole

      The way Asa and Emma hugged at the end so cute omg

    14. Krutarth Mankar

      Unpopular Opinion....or popular... I don't care!!...but hear me out...Emma Mackey is way more warm, cute, adorable, beautiful, and way more interesting and fun then Margot Robbie...saying with the fact that as they are look-alikes


      Otis is music lover

    16. Pratik Herekar

      Poor emma didn't eat anything 😢

    17. Kiddy

      Finally I saw " Maeve hugs Otis " 😋💞❤️

    18. Noah

      Emma is mad cute

    19. Rishi

      This has more screentime of emma and asa together than in the whole season 2

    20. Muntaqeer Mohammed

      So they are same as there character....

    21. sigén


    22. Jonathan Filson

      Was not expecting to see my hometown so heavily represented on here! Nashville’s great, unfortunately they just did most of the touristy stuff. Still glad to see it appreciated by those 3 wonderful people!

    23. Najma Nazz

      6:45 omg asa is so cuteeeee


      Asa is a class apart.

    25. Kpop_Multifandom 124

      "These babies" LMFAO BYE THAT WAS SO CUTE

    26. Selena Navarro

      I hope they got to eat some good bbq and for Emma some good vegetarian food.

    27. Kukil Das

      Anyone? What's Asa's hair colour called? It's not Grey,'s something else I mean If I go to the what name will I describe this color?

    28. Sven Haaf

      How is the song called in 8:25?

    29. Nerryles Joe

      Anybody know what's the name of the song at 8:28 ?

    30. rs

      Ncuti twerking givin’ me life

    31. Lodessyou

      8:26 Asa Mood-🥺

    32. Andrew Ignatov

      I know that wouldn’t be sex education and definitely not going to be in the series... but imagine Otis and Maeve traveling with each other across the world. Or Otis and Eric or Eric and Adam. That would be really nice.

    33. Abin Sakeer

      After season 2 I am watching all this making my heart to believe these videos are continuation of sex education drama

    34. Unknown M

      Ncuti is the same like the Eric. I can't find any difference in his behavior and way of taking and that laugh is more funny than the jokes

    35. Cristina Mazzotti

      What's the title of the song at minute 8:27?

    36. Ken Dela cruz

      Asa dances just as well as drunk otis

    37. Jordan Schmelzer

      Once the virus and everything going on permits it, please please pleaseeeee do this with the Julie and the phantoms cast!!!! Pleaseee

    38. Kalmia and Olivia

      How do you go to the American south but don’t go to Texas?


      When seasson 3 release????

    40. Ezra May

      The three of them have wonderful chemistry! On and off screen 🥰

    41. Jallad 69

      Is it only me Or someone else is there who thinks that Maeve And Emma Are not the same person😂... I mean she looks so different in real life....

    42. rzl her

      I just watch the series and i really thought otis is 16 or at least 20 but he's actually 24 what 💀

    43. Libres Rhys Hywell

      Im starving 😪😪🙊🙊

    44. smokey 55

      Where is ruby we need more ruby next season

    45. Audrey Sabio

      4:56 ncuti rapping to nickis verse is the best thing ive seen

    46. Gulraiz Khan

      Meave is looking pretty

    47. Gulraiz Khan

      I am waiting for season 3 anyone know when season 3 is coming?

      1. 施丞倢


    48. Karthik Vinayan

      11:52 , thank me later


      otis and eric are still same in real

    50. Anagha


    51. Georgia Wheaton

      Ncuti: I FOUND GUCCI...ASA!

    52. Your Neighbour Totoro

      Ncuti moving that ass, off.

    53. smilingtree

      This video is adorable! Not just the casts but the people working on the editing too! I love the annotations you can sort of tell it was made by someone that was close with them!

    54. Iyoow Abukar

      Good foods are foods you are willing to messy for.

    55. Fırat Karaca


    56. Sinanmusthafa !

      ASA is calm

    57. Big B

      Just here dying for season 3 man i just can't take it anymore please get otis and maeve together

    58. Niteswar Padhan

      11:53 😭😭

    59. Edrill

      I love asa`s hair. What color is it ?

    60. Eirini Spanou

      3:56 It's been season boo-iflee It's ch- *E eEe E e* it really could be chickan HAHAHAHAHAHA

    61. bayseram

      stay at home baby ... love


      11:53 omg .. this is what we all are waiting for 😘😘 കട്ട waiting for s3

    63. Alistair Wheatland

      everyone in the comments: OMG 11:52

    64. abhav kushwaha

      I m in love with these three

    65. Danish Jawed

      Waiting for season 3

    66. azamra

      Imagine this being an episode of Sex Education

    67. Myo Mishra

      I can stare at 11:53 moment for life!!!

    68. Anastasia Tsatsaroni

      They might saw the mikaelsons there..😂

    69. dani osbourne

      o casal de namorados (maeve e otis) e o amigo de vela (eric*)

    70. Tristan Chandler Lewis

      And a few seconds later he's rapping a Nicki minaj verse, I'm dead. ❤️❤️🗣️

    71. Tristan Chandler Lewis

      Emma's reaction to ncuti singing formation is why I love them so much ❤ ❤

    72. anything anything

      I am falling in love with u emma mackey😍

    73. Sabdakiran Pathak

      Biggest crush on emma mackey ❤️❤️

    74. Märta Johansson

      Emmas laugh🥺

    75. Indian Boy

      Ohh I love every one of them , but the end of season 2 made me freaking angry , and for the first time in my life I want to smash a disable person very badly , that blady son of a bitch Issac 😡😡 we want otis and mave together , 😊😊

    76. DC XR

      eric have god gifted smile. his character is really difficult but he managed somehow

    77. UNxGaming INT

      Ncuti's laughter is lit.

    78. Marienarapasta

      No one.. Literally No one.. *Emma ".. it's like i'm eating 50 shades of beige." 💖😂🤦🏻‍♀️

    79. Tomohawk

      Why does emma just laugh at asa all the time

    80. love songs

      @8.08 eric is real tromboner

    81. Hnyg1ld 0


    82. Deepankar Gautam

      Crush updated to Emma. I probably not gonna get over her.

    83. Zbzhhd Dnbxbd


    84. 35 Sumit Babhulkar

      The Most Loved Trio After Harry Potter agree or not?

    85. 008 Dipak Bagda

      1:50 if you eat this you have no right to blame China for eating Bats

    86. Prem Jeet Ghosh

      Only 512 Dislikes! Amazing ❤️ Lovin' Them 😘

    87. Bilal Ahmed

      Noooo, I want more of them.

    88. Christina CatLover

      0:55 now that is some CAKE

    89. Lily Kurniati

      11:53 i repeat 1000000000x 😭

    90. Doc. FunkBlack

      0:55 Ncuti looks like he had butt implants done.

    91. Ramish Khan

      11:53 ...that scene in series would probably take like some five more seasons lol....until then Eric is going to steal the show

    92. Ramish Khan

      Otis in reality is a total introvert

    93. Jason Swift

      The numbskul ncuti can't spell its california dreaming not caliphornia Also is line dancing still a thing? i thought it was outlawed back in the 90's haha

    94. Jason Swift

      Why are they wearing glasses for? they are not poor sighted so whats it with wearing clear coated lenses just for fashion?

    95. ᴀɴᴠᴀʀ

      *_Can't wait for season 3...._*

    96. The Girl Who Likes Food

      no one: emma: it's like fifty shades of beige

    97. The Girl Who Likes Food

      emma: *takes a sip* oooooh ncuti: it's not- oookayy

    98. Rebecca Lomanto

      GUYS WHAT SONG IS IT AT 8:28 ??????????????

    99. eva krajenbrink

      Can we talk about how handsome ncuti is

    100. Brooke Nguyen

      Me, a Texan: i hate bbq too ((don’t come for me plz))