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    Osmanlı Sultanı II. Mehmet, Bizans’ın başkenti Konstantinopolis için bir sefere çıkar ve yeni bir çağ başlatır. 6 bölümden oluşan belgesel dizisi Rise of Empires: Ottoman, 24 Ocak’ta sadece Netflix’te.

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    1. Bennerden

      Mustafa Akkad'ı şehit ettiler meydan bu Onun bunun çocuklarına kaldı

    2. General A7md

      One of the greatest documentary"s i"ve ever saw truly masterpiece

    3. MhmaD khaleD

      I didn't see documentary, i only saw a series with a non Muslim opinion

    4. saif shaikh


    5. Rihad Alif

      This show was awesome. The character that played Mehmed constantly reminded me of Robb Stark. Finished the whole show in a day as it was so interesting. Even though seemed like there were some one sided stuffs which probably never actually happened, not much but some. lol Hope thats a start and there will be many turkish shows, documentaries about turkish/ottoman history or any other topic dubbed in english. -from Bangladesh.

    6. Raiko

      The moment you realize robb stark was actually Mehmet II

    7. atif khan

      Hope Turkey regain its glory and kick US puppets out of Middle East


      Saçma sapan yalanlarla tarihimizi küçültmüşsunüz utanmasanız istanbulu biz aldık diceksiniz

    9. Laura Laura

      Why Netflix wasnt promoting this ?? I mean production looks pricey, quality is spot on!! Found the show just by browsing through Netflix gallery and was highly surprised! Ended up watching all episodes in 1 go - 1 day. Amazing! And main character played exceptionally great and indeed is a Big time Eye Candy 🥰😍😍😍🍬 ! Hope Netflix will give him parts in many other projects, i would watch just because of him 😅😁😁😁

    10. Rajni Prasher

      I will just watch this show only for Tuba Büyüküstün...



    12. Turkan Sayin

      iblisler hiç bir zaman erisemeyeceginiz osmanlı ne mutlu türküm diyene

      1. Fuck Corona

        O değilde bana tahriyi bilgi olarak yardim eder misin bazi balkanlar bize küfür ediyor Instagram dan türklerin pis tahriyi var falan diyorlar Arnavutlular bizi yikti diyorlar

    13. Mohammad Zaid Yousuf


    14. Mehran Ali

      Don't worry Mehmet bozdag will soon write the series real history according to Islamic values.. Like Ertugrul it will be massive hit all over the world

    15. mohd mordechai60

      rome nato at that time like usa british russia but ...no name from turkey kick them ass

    16. Archie

      He looks like the young wolf who lost the north

    17. Alex Madwax

      işte buna Osmanlı tokadı derler!

    18. Aayan Fahad

      Can someone tell me the name of the soundtrack which is played when Mehmet enters the "Hagia Sophia?"

      1. Efan Cording


    19. Mo fakher

      Great show ❤❤❤

    20. Rida Sdimou

      جميل جدا

    21. Kepçük loey 10

      Neden türkçe yorumlar var demiş birisi hejdkdk

    22. Snipping Tool

      This series based on the Christian side of history not actually based on reality, western historians as usual tried their best to make defending army heroic and put astrology & astronomy to make more unislamic. they did with Salahaddin in Kingdom of heaven where they make thugs a valiant heroes same they tried here as well. Mehmet fateh is more determined and full of faith in Allah rather then in location of celectial bodies.


      Pakistan Love Turkey ...🤩🤩🤩

      1. UZAIR BACHA

        @Kepçük loey 10 ❤

      2. Kepçük loey 10

        Yeee we love you too

      3. Momo AKP

        BROTHERHOOD 🇵🇰🇹🇷♥️♥️♥️🐺🐺

    24. Creative Arts

      Masterpiece ❤️

    25. Chipmunk

      Bad inaccurate show. Fun to watch as a show but not a good documentary

    26. hona sin

      What the fuck is a "Turk" anyway? Their best soldiers were almost always Greek, Serbs, Albanians, and other Europeans fighting for the Ottoman Empire. Aren't modern day Turks just Mongolians and mostly Eastern Europeans and Greeks who blended and call themselves Turk?

      1. Ziane Menhak

        They enslaved greek albanian ukrainian as a young and make them fight for them so smart....assholle

      2. stsk

        Turks are from Central Asia, near the region of the Altai mountains.

    27. Samet Demir

      Now its time to attack 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

    28. MS Kaecilius

      Dizi beklediğimden daha iyiydi bu arada, eleştiriler gerçekten boşmuş...


        Dizi kaliteli ama çok fazla yalan var

    29. Burak Atik


    30. Information Universe

      Expecting season 2 of this series do not wish will come true or not?

    31. Erik Vansaren

      There are just a couple of things that I do not understand. Mehmet: "Don't worry people, I've studied all the previous 23 fails attempt to conquer the city. We are going for easy peasy lemon squeezy today" Ottoman: "Boss, I think we should bomb the Galata Tower, so we can take control of the chain and the ship passage. This will allow our not so majestic fleet to pass and we could prevent the approach of the enemy support ships" Mehmet: "Nope, we go for the wall of the city, I'm filled up with vainglory plus taking that tower is not part of the 23 fails attempt I've studied, I don't know what could be the outcome" Ottoman: "Understood sir. Then we could approach the walls in the point that everybody knows is the weakest of the town. Our cannon master provided us with cannons that can reach the other side of the shore" Mehmet: "Nope. I want to go wide and attack the strongest side of the walls, today I'm feeling cookie. Plus attacking that side of the city walls is not part of the 23 fails attempt I've studied, I don't know what could be the outcome" Ottoman: "Boss, our Janissaries was slaughtered by a group of Genoese soldiers" Mehmet: "Eh, of course I knew that Genoese are better equipped and trained than our Janissaries, but we have bad spies in Constantinopolis who didn't tell me about the presence of the Genoese, ask to anyone, everybody knows. Ottoman: "But sir, there's a Genoese Tower..." Mehmet: "Someone can kill this man please?" Ottoman: "Sir, our ships sucks against basically all the ships coming from Italy, because are less advanced and sailor less trained, our people is getting slaughtered in the attempt to reach the deck of the Genoese ships" Mehmet: "kill hiiiiiiim! kiiil this man nooooow!!!"

    32. Lactose Tolerant

      Hats off to the guy who played Mehmet 👑

    33. Mahi Khan

      Absolutely loved this series. Very well thought concept. Brief and on point. I would love to see them making similar series on different conquests and wars that happened in history

    34. Ahmet Aydın

      Iskender?😂😂 this is a lie.There is no relationship between fatih and iskender.

    35. Botanik Kız

      We will teach our history to all world

      1. Fuck Corona

        Benim fazla tahriyi bilgim yok bana bi konuda yardim eder misin Instagram da bize küfür ediyorlar türklere yani balkan dan gelen insanlar türklere küfür edip en pis tahriyi onlarda diyor Arnavutlular osmanliyi yıkmış diyorlar falan

    36. M. H. S

      Osmanlıyi yine kötü gösterme çabaları. Bu diziyi cekenide oynayanida emeği geçenide netflix de neyse küfür etmeyim. Allah belanızı versin.

    37. GAMER ABXY

      A legendary Series😍

    38. Matias Poblete

      Felicidad, estas viendo en los comentarios otra guerra Greco Turca 🇬🇷🇹🇷

    39. mohd mordechai60

      no1 ottoman 2 anglo saxon 3 arab 4 south asia

    40. Πανος Παραπανος

      Nice turkish propaganda mehmet never fought he also gave the city to three days of slaughter and plunder

      1. E. Arslan

        the second day Mehmet stopped the plunder because he didnt want the richness of the city to be destoryed. i are talking about 600 years before. we should evaluate the history according to the conditions of that days. and i m sorry for the decision about Ayasofia. nobody ask Turkish people, Erdogan decided to convert Ayasofia to mosque because he tries to increase its votes for the next elections after he lost all big cities in 2019

      2. Πανος Παραπανος

        @Kül Tigin bye man

      3. Kül Tigin

        @Πανος Παραπανος dude i replied you as a long answer but my comment got deleted. God knows why ˆˆ Now i cant write the same answer. Still i liked you because you respect the person whom you argue. Good night dude.

      4. Πανος Παραπανος

        @Kül Tigin Now thats ridiculous .Same can be said about the arabs and everything muslims ever wrote including the quran but Greeks did honor their words with actions and especially Alexander. Claiming greatest historians as frauds prove my point that you are biased which in fact is the other way around Romans were enemies that conquered Greece and Alexander had plenty of enemies inside Greece and even at his home Makedonia just see what Kassandros did to his family. So no your argument doesnt stand it is irrelevant and just an assumption. Labeling Romans and Greeks as propagandists like they were allies against the islamic world or east or whatever just proves that your view is biased, you see the world through muslim glasses were its you vs them when in fact ancient historians couldnt care less what you think they ignored you would even ever exist just the fact that they write those things about Alexander proves that they valew those virtues unlike the Asians that didnt. Above all you write that the lied when they write about his faults as well. Frauds when in fact they are the most reliable sources even more than today media

      5. Kül Tigin

        @Πανος Παραπανος Dude the sources about Alexander is not reliable. Alexander historians are Greko-Roman. And of course they couldnt denigrate their own history. I read Plutharkos and Arrianos both. Unfortunately all of them are propaganda books. Hes my favorite historical person btw. But we will never know what Alexandros did.

    41. Nazmul Hassan

      They always tried to show the Muslims as a dark character. Where in reality the crusaders were the main culprit to do all the inhuman works. But I don't worry because Sooner or later truth will surface. Islam will establish once more. Oppression will be over.

      1. jeje kk

        oh yeah, how about this situation where u always intimidate other religion once become majority in somewhere places, and u can see the difference in christian country such as france, uk, german where we treat u just as equal as us we gave u food, place to settled down, we never persecute u , we never judge ur religion and yet u still demand for minority rights ,while u guys always persecute or judge other religion in a place where u become majority what a bloody hypocrite!!

      2. Hülagü Han Öztürk

        @Christophe Loix Just search "Battle of Ma'arra" and see it by your own eyes. According to Western and Christian historians, Crusaders ate the dead bodies of muslims. You were cannibals

      3. M j

        INSHA ALLAH coming

      4. Christophe Loix

        "always"? Really? Because every Hollywood-movie I've ever seen about anything involving the Crusaders, pretends they are some sort of Medieval SS. Kingdom of Heaven being the epitome of this phenomenon.

    42. emre olgun

      Celal Şengör için izlemek istiyorum onun gıbı muhtesem bı tarıh ınsanı ve bır çok dalda kendını gelıstırmıs bi insan izlerken keyıf alcamı dusunuyorum.

    43. Fatma Saadet Yurtdaş

      Artık tarihimizin bu kadar ayaklar altına alınmasına dur demeliyiz. Bu kadar basit olamaz bi zaferler bi olaylar...

    44. Christophe Loix

      This documentary is a mixed bag for sure. I'm not sure whether it's trying to placate to a certain audience (Turks), not offend anybody at all, or just not interested in the same things as I am ... It does things like calling the Ottomans an "Anatolian people" (they were a Central Asian people) and omitting any of their unique ,and very obviously pre-Islamic, customs in making war. Which makes it seem like this series is placating to modern Turkish, Islamic audiences whose weird strain of nationalism seeks to deny the unique pre-Islamic end pre-migration past. That which actually makes them Turks and not just "Muslims". But I guess that's where my differing interests might come in. At the same time, it doesn't portray the Romans (kudos for calling them Romans) as overly sympathetic in my opinion, but not as cartoonesque despots either (as other Turkish productions about this period in history tend to do). This must be the most balanced view of the Romans I've ever seen in any Turkish production. It also places way less emphasis on the religious clash than it could (and maybe should) have. I guess in the end it's a docudrama and you shouldn't expect anything more from it. Still, if they say things like "Europe had never seen a standing army before the Janisarries" I question the integrity of the people involved. I assume even a movie producer would have heard of Roman legionaries.

    45. Ghazala Khan

      Please upload with English subtitles

    46. Beyza Kurtulmuş

      birkan sokullu ingilizcesi cok korkunc malesef

    47. kailey Watson

      The character of sultan is shown despicable, the role of her stepmother is not much in reality, the guistintaino is young man which in reality was old man. Atlast sultan surrenderd to the guitintiano ??? Excusme like seriously who says this is FAIR series. THIS SERIES IS FAKE WITH ALL LIES ! And BIASED WITH ROMANS!!! Why ? Bcoz this is been made by romans !!!! We know our history well.

      1. kailey Watson

        Πανος Παραπανος nooo, mehmet was a noble man. He did use his men and he did fought with romans as well

      2. Πανος Παραπανος

        No its turkish propaganda Mehmet never fought he used his men as fodder and he gave the city to three days of slaughter and plunder

    48. kailey Watson

      Anyone who knows the history will know how BIASED. and LIES this seris have !

      1. kailey Watson

        MrRamazanLale2 not a big deal either would been better if shown the truth. And just FOR YOUR INFORMATION english is NOT MY MOTHER TONGUE !!!

      2. MrRamazanLale2

        At least we know how to spell

    49. Potter Head

      Why a lot of people are fighting there? Anyone didn’t chose to born in their country but everyone fights each other about what someone did something in the past.

    50. Marzia Lisa

      waiting for season 2 but please this time without the unnecessary cringy kissing or love making scene that holds no value at all to the plot. 😒 ☺

    51. Abdul Hadi

      The story of this drama is not in line with the Islamic history and Islamic codes of war and rulling. It's is based on Christian writers who are biased. The only thing true in this drama is the capturing of Constantinople. A Muslim ruler who is literate to Islamic laws normally don't do this and it is a propaganda to disgrace sultan Mohammad fatih(RA) character and to show him cruel as our prophet Muhammad (pbuh) hadiths vouch for character of the conqueror who conquror of the Constantinople," the hadith narrated in second episode"... Muslims who watching this drama should be aware that this is a propaganda based drama and attack on sultan's character, please.

    52. •

      kaybettiklerini yediremiyorlar kendilerine yazık :(

    53. Arslan Ghaffar

      When your favourite actress in your favourite show Tuba lov uh

    54. Sinan Turko

      saçmalık resmen bu dizi tarihimizle uzaktan yakından alakası yok

    55. Social Assorti

      5 kərə baxdım hələ baxmaq istəyirəm

    56. Serdar Tezcan

      bizim geri zekalilar belgeseli begenmemis alismislar havuz medyasinin yalan yanlis dizilerine saga sola hain denmelere kafa kesmelere falan filan ulan yabancilar yapiyor belgeseli hic arstirmadan mi yaparlar saniyorsunuz ayrica tüm dünya da gösteriliyor belgesel yeterin ce tarafsiz yapilmis siz alistiginiza TRT de veya baska kanalar da uyduruk dizilere bu biraz yabanci size

    57. Dora Tashkova

      One of the darkest and saddest days in the world’s history .... so much culture, architecture, knowledge and art has been lost... imagine if this city was Byzantine till the end ...would have been marvellous... now it’s a concrete jungle and Turks no matter where have been haven’t created anything after them ... just compare with Austria Prussia France .... right you can’t .... that’s why balkans are still behind the rest of Europe

      1. You deserve nothing

        cry more. the balkans actually deserved the assimilation like frenchs did africa but we didn't do to you. you protect your language, culture but still blaiming us.

    58. mohammadshees mustafa

      It's a documentary not a drama

    59. ツFAYK


    60. Dâreyn

      Neyse fetih 1453e devam