[풀버전] ♬ 기도 (I'll Be Your Man) (Stray Kids Ver.) - 스트레이 키즈(Stray Kids)

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    [풀버전] ♬ 기도 (I'll Be Your Man) (Stray Kids Ver.) - 스트레이 키즈(Stray Kids)
    전설이 되어라, WHO IS THE KING?
    매주 (목) 저녁 7시 50분 본방송

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    1. sara zul


    2. Atiqah Aki

      super obsessed with this performance not gonna lie

    3. Why you touching My sausage

      I'm still not over this performance

    4. Anjali A. Evalla

      Because if this I'm excited on seungmin performance this coming thursday

    5. Make Mikim

      SEUNGMIN PODRÍAS HACERME EL HONOR DE PISARME LA CARA?! Increíble vocal Increíble visual Increíble baile Increíble presentación Increíble interpretación Increíble grupo . . . Aún no comprendo cómo los pusieron el 5to lugar. Pero bueno, ya pasó y sabemos que lo hicieron increíble!

    6. Felix Bbokkari

      lets go 6.6M

      1. Ana Belén Navarro Santos


    7. gotyouhan

      2:12 felix bless my ears

    8. Intan Fionita

      6,549 next 6,6

    9. love stray

      baby I’ll pray skz will win kingdom

    10. Juana Castillo

      Son supremos...

    11. Vangelia Cuz

      Perfectos dijiste, pues siii.

    12. Artola

      Sigamos apoyando a nuestros chicos♡

    13. Miriam Brown

      Wow me declaró fan de este grupo.

    14. nadiray ***

      Arada bir geliyorum böyle

    15. Kelzara Linski

      OMG??? THIS WAS SO BEAUTIFUL??? The message, the concept, the way they conveyed the message into their performance, it really got me in the feels. This performance was so deep and conveyed very well. Stray Kids never fail to amaze me. I love how they also changed up some of the lyrics and put it into their own perspective instead. Instead of a girl, they're talking to their truly loved ones (thinking about Hyunjin...😢)! It really touched my heart. Oh btw, I will also never get over Felix's deep voice rapping part (that I even memorized his lyrics lol)... That left a huge impression on me! And considering that they're mainly a rapping and performance group... they really slayed it with their vocals!!! Like wow, they are really all-rounders! I am so proud of them😭 The adlibs in the end, too? And when Changbin rapped while Seungmin and Jisung were singing? That was THE best part! The best of the best! My favorite performance. Will forever cherish this one in my heart! STAYS ARE SO PROUD OF YOU, STRAY KIDS!!!!!!

    16. Antonella Wolf

      hicieron anillos para todos los del grupo, pero... la estatua tiene un anillo colgando del cuello :( Hyunjin... Esto sera una indirecta? :(

    17. bug fruit♡🧚🏼‍♀️

      1:34 how did the boy disappeared-

    18. mai kasem

      They really deserved more than the 5th place

    19. Nicolas Hernandez Manuel

      Tremendo Arte Que Cargan Vamos STAY

    20. Kimmy 13

      (PLS READ STAYS!!) Ok, I don't want to scare you all but we REALLY need to make more whosfan accs! If you can see in round 2 even tho we placed 1st on voting and str34ming, we still ranked 5th over all in round 2. Round 3 pt 2 is even harder, other fandoms are making more whosfan accs, while we're still stuck at 1.2Mill. Not only that, we have a stronger participant that can lead us fall behind. Especially when the guest is really famous too. I hope STAYs are alert and take this advice seriously. We really can't move up if we're not working together. Stray kids only have us, they believe in us. Pls STAYs, spread the word!! MAKE MORE. WHOSFAN ACCS!!

    21. Alondra Patonski

      Llegué a lloraaar, es hermosísimo :((

    22. #StayLoveSKZ Ok

      Stay pasti bisa semangat Stay, kita berjuang sama - sama apapun hasilnya gua bangga sama stays♡

    23. hyewolf

      stay I beg you please create more wf accounts we are still at 1.2M, stay don't be careless for the next stage no limit we will fight big fandoms

    24. Birghit Manuyama

      Go Stray Kids!

    25. Light Up The Sky

      Wow, just wow

    26. Pilar Bioriza

      6.540.442M 21:59 PM (hora argentina) Vamos stay tenemos que llegar a los 10M!!!

    27. Viridiana Vite

      De quien es la foto que aparece en 2.53 😱 y despues un ojo de alguien... recortes de caras... hyunjin?

    28. Esra Zengin

      Hala etkisi devam eden muhteşem performans

    29. bluvjjk ‘

      THIS IS ✨ART✨

    30. Paula Espinosa

      Bestiesssssss ¿Cómo están? ¿Están comiendo bien y descansando? Vamos a llegar a los 7M para el jueves, si podemos.

    31. Channi Stay

      Recordaorios - no se olviden de reproducir god's menu, miroh, y back door en spotify - votar por SKZ en star play (actualmente van en primer lugar) - votar por Changbin en idol champ ( va en segundo lugar, las vitaciones cierran el 18/05) - crear mas correos y registrarlos en whosfan (Lo ideal seria llegar a los 1,5M de seguidores en whosfan. Actualmente tienen 1,2M

    32. Luz Goñi tarazona

      los please call my name 0:33 1:50 y 4:03 mas conocidos como chevole

      1. Luz Goñi tarazona

        primero seugmin luego han y por ultimo los dos

    33. Nnuna Kuki

      Videodan çıkamiyom help

    34. Nnuna Kuki

      Abiii yor men

    35. Mahao soso

      They should reveal the so called experts

    36. İlli Ninnk

      Tabiiiiiiiğğğğğğ siz anneleri tarafından size

    37. Amulya Subalam

      Is hyunjin there in this video?? I heard somewhere that he would leave the group after kingdom.....but is participating in this show......but I can't find him in this video....

      1. Amulya Subalam


      2. skzbits

        1. he will not leave 2. hes on hiatus and could come back anysoon 3. skz is 8

      3. Potskie Netskie

        Fake news

      4. Viridiana Vite

        Hyunjin is on hyuatus since february...he just appeared in the 1rst presentation...

    38. Asu Hwang

      Millet biz seungmim record dayız ,

    39. 秋RAIN

      REMEMBER STAY! BEING FIRST AT VOTING AND VI3W5 DOESNT MAKE GROUPS TO GET BETTER AT TOTAL SCORE ALONE we were first at 2nd rounds half part but SKZ still ranked 5th (yes I know its without vi3w results included, even so) BUT STILL SKZ BECAME FIRST AT OVERALL KINGDOM BECAUSE WE COULD LOWER THE GAP AT 2ND ROUND WITH OUR OPENENTS SO, LETS FOCUS ON MAKING BIG GAPS, (if we didnt lower the gap, SKZs overall rank could be lower) we dont have any other tolerance to be not 1st at this round, because overall ranking scores may change and we can lose kingdom :( FOCUS ON DOING THE BEST WITH BIG GAPS!!!

    40. Luniita_SkzStay#8

      Amo amo esta presentación!! Amo amo a Skz ♡ gran trabajo chicos !!

    41. 秋RAIN

      The fact that SKZ ranked 5th at 2nd round is a BIG CRIME smh

    42. Sarah Hyuga


    43. Chele

      *standing ovation* AGAIN! This is such a masterpiece.

    44. han guria

      I'm still here because it's so good

    45. Bonnie Jaramillo

      This is such an amazing performance

    46. Ten Lee

      STAY for next week we need $tr34m so hard & reach 2M followers in whosfan please STAY let's win

    47. Judit Diaz C

      Alguien sigue apreciando esta performance alternando con las presentaciones de la linea dance y rap de MAYFLY??? ANIMO STAY! LOGRAREMOS SUBIR LAS VISTAS A PASO DE HORMIGA PERO JUNTAS! TE QUIERO Y MUCHO!

    48. Golden Spring

      I really think they were AMAZING!! I get emotional every time I watch this!!

    49. Golden Spring

      FELIX!!! 😳🔥😎

    50. Lizeth Ivanova

      Demosle 10M

    51. Lizeth Ivanova

      The kid was Hyunjin, change my mind

    52. Lizeth Ivanova

      No había querido ver el vídeo completo luego de la presentación cuando IN llora, y ya lo ví y estoy llorando, como quisiera poderlo abrazar, por favor en su próximo live demostremos cuan orgulloso está STAY del gran trabajo que hizo, hace, y hacen los chicos, no merecen menos, dan lo mejor siempre!!!

    53. Emily S

      'Hans a rapper' This whole song: I think not.

    54. Alika - Chu


    55. Chewy Lt

      류현진은 어디에 있을까? 그는 이 세상에서 벗어났습니까? Huinjin dónde está? Se fue de este mundo?

    56. whitedoll08

      I mean, they might think this is not their best performance on kingdom & might be ranked last by the professionals. But, let me tell you this, I’ve watched this performances more than I had watched others. The fact that they did this song cause they wanted to show different sides of the group makes it is worth to watch. Haters left remarks/comments but, one thing for sure, this version of I’ll Be Your Man did left some impact despite voice crack. Which at first was unnoticeable until i saw Jeongin cried.

    57. aleskzgot7

      amo mucho esta presentación

    58. Kathe Soto

      como es que convirtieron la canción de mis bebes en esto aaaaa que hermoso, es como si fueran dos canciones diferentes

      1. Lizeth Ivanova

    59. xiaojuwu

      the CHILLS

    60. xiaojuwu


    61. Maria Granatello

      I really don’t understand how they didn’t win, like this performance was awesome in everything: vocals, dance, visuals, the beautiful story. I actually cried during all the performance, they send me a lot and I felt so emotional 😢🥺❤️. Good job guys, always with u ✌🏻❤️

    62. channiechan chan

      stays we need to work harder for the next round, a big fandom will be competing against us

    63. nashieee

      Jisung is an emotional rapper for reasons

    64. Monique

      It's been weeks but I still can't get over this.

    65. Pilar Bioriza

      6.521.552M 13:03 PM (hora argentina) Vamos stay!! Lleguemos a los 10M!!!

    66. An •-•

      Can we get the studio version TT

    67. Macky Bangtanchild

      Man felix is my bias but jisung was my bias HE BOUT TO BECOME MY BIAS AGAIN DAMNN

    68. Soni Lee-mbo

      Seungmin voice killing me 😭😭😭😭

    69. dori lee

      When will they release the digital version of thisssss??

    70. Mabriene Tumbaga

      go gays!

    71. Lluvia Dragneel

      Es que porque tienen tanto talento

    72. Garipimsi Bir Garip 6


    73. Ali_Yana

      I just love this performance so much.❣️

    74. Ainus Syakired

      Kinda be my favourite song

    75. Dani

      This performance deserved so much more love.

    76. LEXIBEAN

      Why isnt anyone talking about Felix's part it gave me the chills especially the "all i hear from you is cries" OHMYGOD MY SOUL LEFT MY BODY AT THAT PART- 😳✋✋

      1. Aki Chen


    77. I'm a nutella spread bread

      Oha kimse yok merhabaa kdkdkdj

    78. Tri Lestari


    79. Emmanuelle Pelette

      Wouah 🦋💜💋

    80. Pace Maker

      I want studio version so badly....Т.Т

    81. premium acc

      even after the periode of streaming, I still comeback here to listen this masterpiece. oh god, their vocal is so good.

    82. Dilanur Gündüz

      Görüşürüzz staa

    83. Dilanur Gündüz

      E bende gidiyim bari

    84. Dilanur Gündüz

      Herkes gitti mi

    85. Byul Leo

      This is so fucking good. I’m officially a STAY istg and FELIX STAN!!!!

      1. doongie Lee

        Welcome baby stay

    86. Dilanur Gündüz

      Ve T-Stay ler olarak şuan hangi videonun altında sohbete devam edicez yeni video gelene kadar burdan mı aşklar

    87. Dilanur Gündüz

      Bişe sorcam şu bangchan ın felix dediği hani tepkilerinin olduğu video nerde ya bulamadım bulan buraya linkini falan atabilir mii orayı tekrar tekrar izlemek istiyorum

      1. Sad Clown

        aşk bilmşyorum ama bölümün tamamı türkçe altyazılı olarak viki uygulamasına gelir muhtemelen

    88. WayQueen

      Tuana ben meva idjfhfjfjjd

    89. Kath


    90. Esma Kilinc

      Omg i-

    91. Precious Changbin

      Already miss them 😔

    92. An •-•

      Stays don't give up :))

    93. Fita Yuniar

      Bring back our #Lovestay

    94. Seriyye Kamalzade

      Allahim yaaaa bu nasil bir qrup Bang chan(biasim oluyor) le know ve han herseyi yapa biliyor

    95. Tiago Andrade

      Stay str34m seungmin's new cover only 116K more to hit 1M

      1. WayQueen


    96. Esra Zengin

      Je bal

    97. Елизавета Базан


    98. Kido Yatsuda

      Stray Kids: perform AWESOME and have extraordinarily beautiful voices Kingdom: "you are last, that was not impressive" WTFFF ???

    99. Ananda Beauty

      you’re did it very well skz !!!

    100. 러블리Sheena

      This proves that SKZ CAN DO ALL GENRES, name it and SKZ will ace it!