otis being awkward around maeve for 5 minutes and 41 seconds straight

ships education.

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    tv show: sex education
    characters: otis milburn and maeve wiley
    this is basically a compilation of otis being a huge dork around maeve from season one to season 2
    I do not own anything in this video. All rights to the owners of the clips and the music.

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    1. Lizzie x7

      Am I the only one who is genuinely impressed by Otis’s jump at 0:27

    2. Vishwajeet Nand Yaduraj

      Who all wants to see Maeve and Issac together. Such an interesting thing to watch.😉😉

    3. Abhijit Patnaik

      I was like otis but she played with me😑

    4. Fufa_ful_singh Singh

      That helmet scene always remember me of Hannah Baker and clay 🥺

    5. K Steve

      3:27 I died laughing at this idk why😂

    6. Dominic Martin

      Can’t wait for sex education season 3 but I’m honestly more excited for cobra Kai season 4

    7. Boebus Embardier


    8. Castro7

      I'd like to have someone to call me DICKHEAD 😢🤗

    9. Broken Axe

      Otis is the best when hes panicking. So real.

    10. sandra / sftmike_

      my biggest flex is that otis is STILL my type 😎

    11. Sahil Kourani

      Otis and. Amy (from b99). Both loses control after Drinking 🍺

    12. For Follower


    13. Furkan Tanışma

      ❤️Me&At❤️ İnfiniti love

    14. Crystal Hernandez

      Otis is such a dork but i want him to be my dork 😭

    15. Ash lewis Martin

      Why did she dyed her hair. She was so pretty

    16. sasha monique

      why do i find guys like this attractive, like its adorable!

    17. Kareena Nagpal

      0:33 I love this always

    18. Lawbringer Jack

      We got so little from the both of them at season 2

    19. Fekir97

      ; ) so funny

    20. Jacob Parker

      What’s up with the subtitles lol

    21. Hasan Karataş

      İnşallah 3. sezonda Otis ve Maeve Sevgili olurlar (:

    22. Lenja K

      last scene always has me in tears of cringe

    23. amber

      Asa plays the awkward teenager so well

    24. Qurt 30

      No one : ..... Otis : I'm a viRgiN

    25. The Paella King

      Ola Podrida - Atmosphere

    26. Jazztine Santiago

      Avril Lavigne

    27. Nameless Potatoe

      I'm married but I can't deny that I am crushing on Otis.

    28. KirkeGaming

      Hes a good looking guy

    29. Adam Webb

      I love these two.

    30. Ya Yo

      Some of these are Eric’s fault 😂

    31. iTzZNicole

      I’ve never related to a person so much like I relate to otis lmao

    32. ZHR • MANTIS

      Ending broked me

      1. sahil singh


    33. Julie Perx

      ♠【﹄SŇαpʙaຮpʙ𝖊ʳʳץ﹃】♠ ---------------------------- na.to/snapbabes9sexxporn Leurs états de santé respectifs les empechent de s'approcher trop pres l'un de l'autre.??💖

    34. blithe cynic

      Otis changed from that shy guy in the corner who nobody notices to one who gets drunk and spills out his inner feelings in front of a "small gathering".

    35. mina

      petition to remove editing in comments

      1. Filmy Dude Reaction


    36. Dandy Pratama

      what the title

      1. Filmy Dude Reaction

        Sex education

    37. ohmy ohmy

      the way she looks at him when she took his helmet off im screaming

    38. Lils 288

      I’m so excited for season 3

    39. Loshini Shankar

      i'M a VirGin - Otis Milburn, 3:28

    40. Isabella Catherine

      I have the biggest crush on both Asa and Otis

      1. Yashodeep Dhas

        Sup ?

    41. Isabella Catherine

      That scene where he tries to pull his helmet off and it's still buckled 😭😭 gets me every time

    42. Jagdish Prasad Verma

      Very interested for your help and support y

    43. Jagdish Prasad Verma

      Very interested for your help and support y

    44. Ram Lal


    45. pratik gupta


    46. Gsgdvgsg Fshdbgs

      Yang pilih Allah like yang pilih Dajjal abaikan

    47. Edison Hulaj

      0:27 is the best moment

    48. blizzard

      Season 2 was the other way around

    49. Crypto Pubg Mobile

      Feels like I'm 200% OTIS

    50. Deepesh Modi

      Eric is underrated 😂😂

    51. Elysia M

      Otis os overall awkwerd lol aha

    52. Rishabh Chatterjee

      I hought this was Harley quin for the whole of the 2 seasons until I began to look at BBC 1

    53. Kami


    54. Editstrella

      0:30 soooo cuteeeee 😂😂😂😂

    55. blizzard

      S2 is the opposite

    56. Sammy Rod

      no one: the smelly and nerds from out middle school class: 0:28

      1. Sammy Rod


    57. Vianka Acevedo

      im in love with otis

    58. Adithya B

      Otis sounds like baymax

    59. Morgan O'Hanlon

      I’ve never seen sex education but I ship

    60. Deepankar Gautam

      His unusual walk is one of the best part of his act 😂😂

    61. -V-

      After seeing this i wanna rewatch

    62. Shshank Verma

      What more we have asked #Netflix just a kiss

    63. Idk Ahdhrh

      I aspire to be the perfect mix of Maeve and Otis, I also aspire to find someone who is the perfect mix of Maeve and Otis. I also want a couple of friends like Eric and Aimee 😂 I feel like everyone needs that in their life

      1. deedee 123

        But just be who you are. You're great

      2. deedee 123

        Fuck . This is exactly how I define myself.

      3. Idk Ahdhrh

        @Vedant Arya yeah 😂😂

      4. Vedant Arya

        too much aspirations😂

    64. Rigz Slang

      Any similar series recommendations?

    65. Khanyisile Mpofu

      Maeve: are you a complete moron Otis: *scrambles trying to pick up maeves things* no I'm not 😂

    66. Ileen Golabisalmasi

      I thought I liked guys w game but then I watched this

      1. Yashodeep Dhas


    67. Brandon Egan

      Who else is waiting for season 3 to come out after the last episode of season 2

      1. Josue chay

        Me bro and i hate it cuz I just finished season 1 and 2 in a day now I have nothing to watch for 4 months probably fml

    68. Dislike the clickbaits

      Let me kill you all *It's just acting.* 🚬😎

      1. LoganBluth

        Yeeeeaaahhhhh........., I believe most people are familiar with the concept of "acting"........... I'm sorry, what exactly is it you imagine you're enlightening people of...? 🤨

    69. Justine

      I cant say that being hostile to a guy on a wheelchair is being a dick but it can't be that bad

    70. Ivonne Nieto

      I married Otis.

    71. rosina

      🤣 the actors

    72. Laukatsuki

      maeve looks so good with that brown hair

      1. Henry Yagmin

        Yeah blond Looks better

      2. mAaZiN

        I prefer season 1 hair style

      3. Laukatsuki

        DMJ its okay

      4. DMJ

        I prefer the blonde

    73. Avneesh Dhar

      this video is about this youtuber actually forgetting that they were acting........

    74. In a heart beat

      I rlly liked her with the blonde and pink hair. It would be awesome if she dyes it blue in season 3

      1. Daniel Alt

        Idk maybe the brown hair with a highlight of purple or sum

      2. Mrigendra Hansdah

        Abs not

      3. FrostBite Pokin


      4. junho

        hell no

    75. tragic roasts

      fav show 🥰

    76. Gabi

      hahahaha so cute

    77. Vishnu KC

      Probably they'll get together in S4 or 5 maybe... I'm so pissed now bcuz of corona its gonna take a long time

      1. Gamer34562 !!

        @Mahendra Prasad they just said on their social media that the production has started, they said nothing else! twitter.com/NetflixUK/status/1303724990521634817?s=19

      2. Mahendra Prasad

        @Gamer34562 !! yaay,did they announced release date of season 3 ? will we get to see covid impact in season 3?

      3. Gamer34562 !!

        @Mahendra Prasad production started 9th September! Netflix officially announced it.

      4. Mahendra Prasad

        @Gamer34562 !! yes I am sure, because Netflix has asked all actors and crew to reach England before 23rd August.

      5. Gamer34562 !!

        @Vishnu KC so it might probably premier before next summer! Still a long time😔.

    78. Sienna Bloomer

      the way he runs with that pushchair is probably the best thing iv ever seen

    79. PoPs Gaming

      Is there season 3.?

      1. Brandon Lo

        With a show this successful we'll probably get maybe 6 or 7 seasons if the writers don't fuck up

      2. Jada Dean

        nooooo but Netflix said where their show is it says “Its Official Another Season is Coming.” 😁

      3. MaikCrane La Poutre

        Not yet

    80. Andrea Cadena

      he was scared and shy around her

    81. R H

      the thing with the lamp can't be scripted

      1. tia robertson

        wait what lamp

      2. Sonia Store

        i feel like it is otherwise they wouldn’t make him walk all the way through the room

      3. Zyrah Ramz

        Ikr it’s too good-

    82. Shibili Salam

      My boy talks without awkwardness n hav sex only wen drunk

    83. ashheat05

      Cool beans 😃

    84. RINZLER 》

      Music from the series Sex Education: Season 2, Series 4 Please help me find a melody from this series (maybe someone knows what it's called if they watched the series). Starts at 24:50 and ends at 26:05. The whole Internet has already been shoveled, but found nothing in the soundtracks for the series. Perhaps this is the author's composition (she really hooked me). Please help, thanks in advance! P.S. There is a moment where Maeve confesses love to Otis

      1. Anand Mahamuni

        Wait... For some time...

    85. Aaliyah Dew

      Why do I find being awkward soo attractive oh my gosh

      1. Yash Singhvi

        @Soyboyy haha got you are you from india!!!!... Because I have seen this happening a lot of time 🤣🤣🤣.... Though I AM ALSO FROM INDIA...😗😗😗

      2. Ein Handy 1021

        @Soyboyy same oof, I'm like a ghost in my high school

      3. Soyboyy

        @EdgyOmellete 0 In my country, It's impossible for a girl to make the first move and ask a guy out

      4. EdgyOmellete 0

        @Soyboyy Maybe they were too scared to ask you out?

      5. Nofal 96

        Because he's asa Butterfield

    86. Onii-Chan

      I can see him being a Mr. Bean in the future xD

      1. Ha-na.

        I was just about to type this lmaoo

      2. Ann

        Yeah he looks so much like mr bean when he wears that brown suit of his😂

    87. Shashank N

      That guy should have been named I suck I ssac.. Who they hell doesn't want to punch him in the face?

    88. Elmira

      why he always shocking awkward

    89. Žofie Hodačová

      The scene in the pool :wU😂 2:44

    90. Cheese Pizza 666

      Cutestt guyyyyyy everr

    91. Sundar Raman

      Got to be exact about the time in the title 😂😂

    92. 16 Lozada Miki

      cool beans HAHAHAHAHAHAH

    93. Killer Queen

      The black hair and blue eyes combo should be illegal 🙃😍

      1. Nehemie Mutebwa

        @Prank Master yeah you're right and also I think it's a she, the user name is "killer Queen"

      2. Prank Master

        @Nehemie Mutebwa he’s talking about Otis not Maeve

      3. Nehemie Mutebwa

        The blonde with strains of pink was better

      4. Valerie Chung

        reminds me of Ian Somerhalder😍

      5. Ethan Fernandes


    94. Levi Ackerman

      the sandwich part was cute

    95. Vishal Yadav

      🙈🙈🙈 lovely

    96. gothic l0ser

      Is there a new season right?

      1. Ammar Ahmad

        @Orlando Rodriguezseason 2 is just 😥😥😥

      2. Orlando Rodriguez

        Yeah season 2 is already out

    97. Dolores Joyce

      Otis is so fit I’m sorry 🤣🤣🤣

      1. Jada Dean


    98. Baby on Hot pan

      His incapability to deal with sexual feelings shows how good a mother Jean is. Even though being a sexual therapist could not make her own child comfortable with the topic.

      1. ayushi vats

        @Santino Apollonio I totally agree with you cause whatever happens a mother does everything in good heart for her child and you can't tell that she is not good because motherhood is a thankless job ❤️❤️❤️Go to your mom and hug her with your warm hug it will bring smile to her face☺️

      2. Santino Apollonio

        Ηλιάνα Γκουτζιαμαρλή She’s an excellent mother, she cares about her son and always wants to be sure he’s alright. She’s fine with him drinking and going to parties, but it’s the fine line between her being a parent and a therapist that throws it all off. She can’t give him space and the one big mistake she made was telling him that sex can destroy things, added to his disillusion due to his father, it’s why he can’t have sex.

      3. Zero TwoSixty

        FiguringOut Somethinginteresting she is a good mother wtf his father is the bad one

      4. Baby on Hot pan

        @Ηλιάνα Γκουτζιαμαρλή That's what i meant. She's not a good mother.

      5. Ηλιάνα Γκουτζιαμαρλή

        I don't think his mother is that good of a mother ya know?

    99. Chibichan

      What is the episode for the second video?

      1. berta krejbichová

        i think it's still season 1 episode 1

    100. J H4RP

      I wanna party with O-Town

      1. Henry Yagmin

        Same bro same