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    1. Rick Creighton

      All erroneous. Cooking the books. Talk big. Prove nothing. Just psycho babble with no hard core evidence. Only in the year 2020 could a faction attempt this. Its all dumbed down.

    2. Ginger D

      Democrats got scolded big time. Need to take refresser course.

    3. Julie Anderson

      I want testimony from the Bidens and the whistleblower! Who wouldn't, we want the truth, ALL the truth.

    4. Susi Scott


    5. Leon Franklin Davis

      Why should we care about what a hack has to say. This man is a LIAR. It is not a secret. He must answer for these lies. He needs to be striped of his office and retired to San Quentin. The way he attempts to destroy the President is a clue to his guilt. If God Loves America, ,Adam will be convicted of TREASON and sent to jail with out benefits.

    6. Leon Franklin Davis

      WHAT a HACK

    7. Krissy's Spice 4 life & M.O.L Skin Deco

      IMPEACH the orange man out him in an orange suit... He he he

    8. Abby Normal

      Am I the only one noticing this guy Schiff is some kind of weirdo? Why is nobody stopping him? That's a lunatic look at his face.

    9. mighty mouse


    10. Rhonda Clark

      Arrest ever democrats communist terrorist in America. Around the entire world 🌎 there would be no more disease / plagues ; child rape / or murder / lies / robbers / frauds just us Christians 🧑🏽‍🎨🧑‍🚒🧑🏿‍✈️🧑🏿‍🚀👨🏻‍✈️👨🏾‍🔬👨🏼‍🔧🧑🏼‍🔧👩🏼‍✈️👩🏾‍⚖️👨🏼‍⚖️

    11. Appliances Beaumont

      How come no one else thought about investigating Biden's conflict of interest in Ukraine? Trump is a genius with great courage

    12. Postposterous

      You guys are always on in the Posterposterous studio. Postposterous is starting to get his own crazy ideas. -King Popo

    13. Mrs. Clark

      Poor president Trump is being tricked into forever guilt by a rigged Senate trial where Graham and McConnell cover their butts while throwing president Trump under the bus without witnesses to exonerate him. Sad really.

    14. Do dems really believe God Should be Alerted to their treachery

    15. CMDR Erik-Ian

      The more I hear dems, the more I see Castro/Chavez/Stalin playbook at a glance

    16. Karen Dewar

      Dems!!!!! Trump is Innocent. According to you you have overwhelming evidence so why do you want more. You had your turn in the house so clearly you impeached Trump with no evidence. God is watching you. I hope you come short.

    17. Allan Lobo

      These Democrats are just a real disgrace to the country! They have done nothing for the country and the People! All they do is tell lies and waste taxpayer's dollars! I have been watching them for the past 3 Years! I have seen the states that they rule! There are only drug needles, homeless people, a city full of crime and corrupt Mayors! Donald Trump is our savior! This time I and my people will vote out the Democrats! Good riddance to these Democrats. Nancy Pelosi is the biggest Hypocrite. Adamshiff or pencilneck demon swamp should go to jail for good for all the lies he tells! There is a saying.... for 99 days one can tell lies and commit a crime, but the hundredth day will not be their day!

    18. Looking Beyond


    19. Sea Flower

      Please focus its all about too cheat the election wha they the Democratic they say about that trump going to doing but the Democratic going too doing this election I trust with nothing the Democratic

    20. Kelly Updyke

      Schumer keeps saying..."we want the truth"...yet they didn't care for the "truth" in the impeachment hearings. The hypocrisy of the Dems is hilarious. NOW they want a "fair" hearing.

    21. Truth Seeker

      A fake impeachment in an election year tells me you that you democrats are meddling in the 2020 election. But, as usual, you project that and blame the president that he wanted his political opponent investigated to the president in 2020. You know your so called impeachment is a sham and that you are going to lose, so you are already framing the narrative to fool voters that the Senate is doing a “cover up.” You Democrats liars and are despicable.

    22. Phillip Nichols

      All you DEMON-RATS have got all evidence to prosecute thats why you pushed the IMPEACHMENT to the Senate its not up to the Senate to prove him Guilty for you so now where is your evidence. NOT GUILTY! TRUMP 2020!

    23. Mickey Mic

      AS if Shifty Shift really cares about Ukraine citizens getting foreign aid money!! Where was the Democrats out rage when Bush delayed humanitarian relief to New Orleans when his own country-men was dying by the hundreds? They cared more for Ukraine citizens,than hurricane victims in their own country, that need life or death emergency relief from drowning. Where was the urgency for a trial then? Traitors

    24. Snow Flakes

      NASA works for you and they made my neighbor's dog howl and suddenly I look at 8:45pm pacific time. you sinister president but the democrats are winner, including me.

    25. david fritzsche

      What debunked conspiracy... debunked by who..? Phony investigation..? Serious investigation needed.... prison and firing squad for Democrats.....

    26. KAT 69

      Okay what a 💩LOAD Of LIES, Can't we find A Funnier Comedian than this Guy😪. Shifty should @ the least be Humorous in his delivery😴😴😴

      1. CastlesForEyes

        I thought it was hilarious, but I could only make it through about 15 minutes

    27. Paul Lyddane

      How long do you think this idiot worked on this presentation?...0%..not from him at all...a good reader...that’s his Talent ...but you can see that he doesn’t actually know what he’s reading..😺‼️

    28. M14 SMK

      Ain’t hiding it from me-I’m still up. Can’t stop my ears from bleeding 🩸 from listening to pencil neck ALL FREAKIN DAY!!!

    29. Paul Lyddane

      What a can selectively edit Anything- but when in context - you look like a DUCK😺‼️

    30. Paul Lyddane

      Quid. ??? I thought it was Bribery now 😺

    31. Paul Lyddane

      Weak - very weak - so weak..bye now...your own Congressional testimony debunks ALL THIS‼️😺

    32. M14 SMK

      Let me make a had your chance and you shot your WAD-NOW it’s OUR TURN!!! NOW we get to sit back and watch a FAIR Trial.......FINALLY!!! Yeah ANY and EVERY proceeding needs a “CHARGE”!!! Not 1 PERSON has come up with one!!! You had your chance and you rushed it-now you’re trying to play catch-up,& have the Senate do your jobs. Hopefully Schiff can’t TALK anymore. People aka Patriots have actually become ill looking at and listening to him!!!-PERIOD!!! It’s time for these people to do the jobs they were elected to do. ANYTHING the Senate does that’s not being forced by the House will ALWAYS be considered RIGGED-That’s the Typical Dem answer TO EVERYTHING that does NOT go their way!!! They....Schiff,Pelosi,Nadler,Schumer, Waters,Jeffries.....& the list goes on can ALL GO TO HELL!!!

    33. Paul Lyddane

      Well that’s it - case closed- JEEZUS these idiots OUT‼️‼️😼

    34. Black Light

      Schiff The Squawking Polyp - babbling away in his imaginary world.

    35. Paul Lyddane

      No wonder Cali is in the shape it’s in-total MORON

    36. Paul Lyddane

      Is This a charge ??? What a complete IDIOT

    37. Paul Lyddane

      That’s what TOP Ukrainians SAID‼️-no pressure- FOOL😩

    38. Paul Lyddane

      We call the ‘LEAKER’ to testify 😺

      1. Bryan Settlemire

        What is your definition of "LEAKER"? Personally I don't use that term! [That usually refers to being stabbed or cut with a shank,] KNIFE!!!!! Think about that! Thank You...

    39. Paul Lyddane

      When did your staff meet with ‘leaker’ ?

    40. Paul Lyddane

      Hunter is a slug and his VP Dad is a Criminal‼️

      1. Kara Rangel

        That is a lie. I guess you weren't paying attention.