'Mum thought it was sweet!!' The cast of Sex Education on watching THOSE scenes 👀


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    The cast of Sex Education, Asa Butterfield, Emma Mackey and Ncuti Gatwa answer the internet’s burning questions on Margot Robbie comparisons, series 2, and what it’s like watching the show with their parents…. awks 😬
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    1. heatworld

      For more lols and cuteness from these guys here's them playing 'Who's Most Likely To?' 💞 trsel.info/video/video/zauFv6WJvI7DnWU.html Thank us later & subscribe for more wholesomeness ✌️xoxo

      1. Jeff kherby Anghag

        I really wanna see Asa and emma kissed together Cough cough sorry Otis and maeve Having se-..... Kissed together I mean

      2. لل اغ


      3. Kee Marina


    2. Nijil p

      meave look like margot robbie

    3. Ada Sanders

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    4. Psnkunnamangalam 123

      i dont know why, but i watched the whole 2 seasons and my parents dont know i saw it

    5. GreenFitz

      Before watching the end of season two I never thought I’d say I want to punch a guy in a wheelchair. But here we are.... f*ck you Isaac

    6. jos smisljam ime

      I have crush on Emma

    7. LordOfThe Flightless

      What the hell is Emma wearing and why is it so attractive? WTF

    8. Sidhant Sharma

      When will season 3 come

    9. Robyn Walsh

      Jean fanny milburn

    10. Julian Butzbach

      If Maeve and Otis doesnt end together, i dont know What to do with my life

    11. SoySenkai11

      Porque demonios esto esta en la lista de reproducción de chafa land?!?

      1. Cuenta Provisional De Jan xd

        Ni idea xdxd

    12. Sumit Babhulkar

      1:30 that jealous face of Emma 😂😂😂

    13. Berupas

      1:41 - 1:49 Somebody write a lines that they talked for me please TT

    14. Berupas

      1:20 cant stop rewatching this help me TT

    15. Roxan Megens

      I cried for a whole week bc Otis said: "i love u maeve".

      1. Berupas

        @Roxan Megens 1:41 - 1:49 Could you write a lines that they talked for me please TT

      2. Roxan Megens

        @Berupas in the series i mean lol

      3. Berupas


    16. Akash Goswami

      Who is waiting for season 3?Lots of love from India.

    17. Manapuram Pavan Kumar

      Eric's Eric outside too and Otis is Otis outside too

    18. 100 Midhun Krishna

      Eric is Eric Otis is Otis Maeve is 🙄🙄🙄 . . Not Maeve at ALLLL..

    19. Vishesh Gautam

      Asa, is embarrassing first to be handsome 🤭😆 then his expression ...😑😑 looollzzz!!!😂hahaa....1:24

    20. Annouskha Bridgwater

      Unpopular opinion but I'm actually happy that Otis and Maeve aren't together yet. It's exciting for longer. I always like when we have to wait for an obvious future couple to get together

    21. Annouskha Bridgwater

      Emma looks nothing like Margot Robbie in my opinion

    22. Sanat Bhetwal

      There will be an episode like:We were on a break.! Nostalgia

    23. Ali Warraich

      2:27 that's what she said

    24. Awesome Amber Marie

      That question should change too... If maeve and otis from sex education don’t get together in SEASON THREE is there any point?

    25. By By

      Why not translate :( I little know English

    26. cooki3monstr

      Ncuti is definitely the point! Lol

    27. NestiZ

      Emma : i want the big one Me : okay.....not me then 😅😅

    28. Mariana Zamberlan Freddo

      "ME, I'm the point, watch for me" valid

    29. Swaraj Ojha

      its funny when you watch a movie/series and then re watch a video about the actors and you realize exactly what they are hiding and which spoiler did they almost let loose


      fuck issaac

    31. DentingOsprey 91

      6:42 I think Emma grabbed Asa’s hand and put it on her leg but i am not sure

    32. Shreya Mishra

      Ncuti loveee

    33. RadolfC7

      We need atleast one season of Maeve and Otis being together. I really hope they don't end the show with just Maeve and Otis 's first kiss coz a lot of shows and movies do that.

    34. Hany Sweet

      shorturl.ca/quicklovesisther උඩු රැවුල ඔහු තම කෙස් කපා නමුත් සමගm...

    35. connor garwood

      Asa with the hidden leaf jacket 🤔

    36. LP LM

      Ils sont si cool

    37. Ricky 23

      if anyone wondering how emma sings trsel.info/video/video/u6Go245_pcyagno.html

    38. THE CREED

      Otis wanted to take things slow....2 years is enough....get them together

    39. Daniel Fleming

      Man I need more of these 3

    40. Cherry Tomato


    41. bayseram

      Love Me ??? 💋😍❤

    42. j shah

      If I die before seeing Otis and Maeve's first kiss and beautiful relationship my ghost will fucking haunt the writers and producers!!!

    43. Technomate Allen

      6:34 that laugh😍😍❤️

    44. Uby Udofia

      I had to watch this whole series on my phone because of the fear of my parents coming in if I watch it on Tv

    45. Ridho Pratama

      What is fruit tella?

    46. Hendrix Tugade

      Ruby and otis are so damn cute❤

      1. Nezzigh

        Maeve and Otis are cuter

    47. Sasha Davis

      I’m sorry but fruitellas>>>>starburst

    48. yuh

      Initially I hated the 2nd season's ending, but now I'm starting to kinda like it. It shows how life can get in the way and it makes the plot more interesting in my opinion. And the longer we wait for Maeve and Otis to be together, the happier we'll be when they finally do lol

    49. Carl Johnson


    50. Tyler Lawrence

      After seeing sex ed if I evef saw the cast I would probabley shit myself 😰

    51. Kushal Bajracharya

      It's would be the best gift ever the season 3 coming on January 17 and it's my birthday yea 🤗😍💕

      1. Nezzigh

        @Kushal Bajracharya they are supposed to start filming by end of this month tho, and for s3 release you're looking at march April earliest

      2. Kushal Bajracharya

        Really 😢

      3. Nezzigh

        unfortunately that's impossible since they haven't even started filming yet

    52. marsbars

      the entire cast look so stunning i didnt know who to look at for the most part

    53. Miguel

      I really hate how season 2 end now im looking for season 3 🤣

    54. Sankalp Gaonkar

      Idk why,I feel I really need to see more development between Maeve and Eric as friends

    55. Lassada aa

      Elle me fume de rire Emma

    56. Rohit Gupta

      S1 was far better than S2

    57. Cadavos F.

      1:46 Asa:NeTfLiX comes "flyingthru" Emma:"fLYingThru" Asa:"hehe" Emma:"HeHe" Asa:"HEHE" Asa:"EHEHE" CHILL OTIS😂

    58. Nayem Islam

      4:14 that guy is 100% correct

    59. Exil Andrew

      When is season 3 coming?

      1. Oddly AnimatioNs

        Hopefully January 2021

    60. Tahanee Hasan

      I can't believe Asa said tapestry instead of mind map, wasted opportunity that.

    61. Ellis Lawrie

      At first I was really scared to watch Sex Education because I didn’t want my parents to know but one day me and my dad were talking about Netflix and he told me to watch it because it he really enjoyed it so uh- I guess parents can be chill with you watching that type of stuff, just have chill parents I guess? 😌😂

    62. Gaby Ocampo

      Jusq usto kong sunugin ung naka wheel chair chareennngg

    63. Sydnie

      Took a sip of water right before fanny...

    64. AJ8

      You can just tell these lot are British...... no one can argue against the fact that our humour is superior

    65. Vun Bandet

      what did Asa say at 6:40?

      1. Vun Bandet

        @R Baz haha thnaks

      2. R Baz

        "Watch seducation" lol thats why they laughed...he mean't to say "watch sex education"

    66. niks

      ncuti was joking but i really AM watching the show for him. he is the point yes correct

      1. niks

        maeve and aimee is also the point

    67. Augustine Zodina

      OK but i love Isaac aaaaaaa am i crazy

    68. p.sohana akhter

      1:23 oh my god my hearttt. He's so cute😭💜💜💜

    69. Pranav Mp

      @sexeducation we love maive plz release season 3 soon

    70. Pranav Mp

      Just release season 3........... i can't wait anymore.

    71. Dwellin' Smill

      Maeve - İ want big ones...

    72. Shubh Jeet

      Otis n maeve should have been together in season 2 as it felt incomplete n unsatisfactory to me😞😞😞

    73. XwrdGuy

      𝘁𝗵𝗲𝘆 𝗮𝗿𝗲 𝗹𝗶𝘁𝗲𝗿𝗮𝗹𝗹𝘆 𝘁𝗵𝗲𝗶𝗿 𝗰𝗵𝗮𝗿𝗲𝗰𝘁𝗲𝗿𝘀...!

    74. Rahul Sharma

      At 5.16 with same expressions we saw in sereis and we love it

    75. JC Lazaro

      4:57 Emma's laugh is ❤❤❤

    76. Izzy Harvey

      Still think Emma looks like Margot

    77. G U F F E N

      Is Asa Butterfield Bruno from The Boy In The Striped Pajamas

    78. Kiareliz LOL

      why are their accents so strong here?😭

    79. Hari Raj. R


    80. ctrl lol

      When’s season 3 coming

      1. Wolf


    81. Milli Pearce

      5:08 I use a website called soap2day.to cuz then my mom can’t see I’m watching it lol

    82. Laghima

      Is anybody gonna talk about the fact that the title says that they would be reacting to the sex scenes.....

    83. Tirzah

      No one: Absolutely no one: Ncuti: Me I'm the point watch it for me!

    84. Laravel Vue

      Emma becomes awkward when it comes to comparison between Margot and herself.

    85. John Howell

      69k likes nice

    86. zain -

      I just realised Asa's naruto sign on his jacket.

    87. BoSs LeGenD Pubg

      Otis and Meave pls be together in season 3 🙏

    88. Cra5hOverride

      6:34 You're welcome.

    89. Zaim2k6

      How did this guy go from enders game to here

    90. Ashutosh Singh

      4:45 what!😂 Emma is like a younger sister of Margot Robbie

    91. Treebi Stier

      lol 1:42 that voicecrack

    92. Neha Shrestha

      Ncuti is wearing an Aries tee,how cool,probably is Asa’s Tee 🤗♥️🔥

    93. kiel abac

      4:57 cute laugh HAHAHAHAHA

    94. Aaisha Suhel

      Lmaooo i was eating fruitella when that question came up.

    95. avsel vonnyta

      emma's laugh is pricelessss

    96. COD PLAYER 789

      So Eric is Eric in real life

    97. Gabby Flores

      I thought Emma was in I, Tonya before I read the cast and Tonya was Margot Robbie

    98. Fellipe Orlando

      1:30 And this exchange of looks from Emma at Asa🙊

    99. Molly MCGEE

      ShE lOoKs YoUnG I’m dying 😂

    100. sa1ty qt

      i watched with my parents and it’s not awkward