Machine Gun Kelly - Bloody Valentine [Official Video]



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    Machine Gun Kelly - "Bloody Valentine"
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    Music video by Machine Gun Kelly performing Bloody Valentine. © 2020 Bad Boy/Interscope Records

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    1. Tassiwashere1

      I just can't get enough of this song!!! ON REPEAT 24/7

    2. Alyza Music

      Jennifer's Body meets Avril Lavigne meets No Doubts music video for It's my life. I'm HERE for it!! Great job by both MGK and Megan

    3. putrescine


    4. Santer

      I've listened to 500 times in the last 2 days, how I used to do it with "Stressed Out" , how I get high on guitar and drums, how long it's been since there was such music, very cool made and with a modern spirit with guitar, drums

    5. Akey Ob

      This is you fam you a punk baby !!! Im hearing Avril, blink. All off em fam

    6. ceerw buty

      The first scene is giving me Jennifer's Body vibes...

    7. C G

      forever been so underrated... im a fan of his progression and the new vibe.

    8. Tannia Sasha

      Love it when MGK sings rock 😪🎸. An unboxed king 👑

      1. ceerw buty

        Anybody noticed the character of Kaneki ken from Tolyo Ghoul?

    9. i/need/good/content *


    10. Justin Humphreys

      stay at the rock mgk

    11. Ahmed Elbouami

      EMINEM MAKE him moving to this genre,

    12. Way T

      How he lost subs like that much?

    13. Brooklyn Huestis

      such a good song!!

    14. E

      how does this only have 14m views

    15. Tom Lowery

      When you diss Eminem and get slaughtered you have to move house

    16. lekker hollands fvd

      Mgk wow love the song !

    17. Jigglyishere

      Ever since the tmnt sex Scene I can’t look at Megan fox the same

    18. Samantha Morales

      I'm surprised I didn't see any comments about how megan fox was in eminem's music video of "love the way u lie" and now she's in MGK's video lol that's the only comment I was looking for when I clicked on the comments🤣

    19. Shannon James

      Megan Fox is still so f'in perfect🤦🏼‍♀️ I'm glad he used her in the video💝

    20. NorthernFox1

      Superb, took me back to the 70's.

    21. Kody Jung


    22. Bryan Flaherty

      I also piss out my window

    23. Cristal Arellano

      So is anyone gonna talk about how he doing soft rock now ?

    24. Ankit Gupta

      Anybody noticed the character of Kaneki ken from Tolyo Ghoul?

      1. wesley tan


    25. luv_a_nurse *

      Love this song..Keep them coming.

    26. Isaias Diaz

      When Lil Peep meets Blink 182. 🖤


      My man just got stepped on by megan fox


      My man just got stepped on by megan fox

      1. wesley tan

        its an honour

    29. Breezy Bre

      No cap I came for Megan ...stayed for the song :/

    30. Angieberry Piano

      where is the lyrics guy in the comments

    31. kevin layfield


    32. kevin layfield

      Fox fux kwik barely separated haha

    33. MixManMike95

      Awesome song I love it

    34. Bryan Flaherty

      Myead in myead

    35. Hugo AH

      Me encantó !!!

    36. Justin Lindballe

      Damn Eminem really ended that man's career to the point of him starting a whole new genre .

      1. wesley tan

        damn Eminem really erased the iq of his fans


        Another person not knowing about artist and still talking about the diss?? MGK IS A ROCKSTAR!! SEARCH BEFORE COMMENTING

    37. Sleeptime Gamer

      I appreciate the half ass tribute to the Cure, but not impressed !

    38. Golden Murda

      This whiters kids 🗑 #shit

      1. wesley tan

        im glad you summarised your life in one word

    39. KHALeidoscope

      blink 182 vibes

    40. lxxl lol

      it looks like she hasn't stopped killing guys....

    41. Staxy

      MGK bringing back Peep in a way and i fucking love it. Mgk found his fucking voice holy shit.

    42. Shwan Official

      Damn mgk im so jealous of u megan is so fucking hot


      Em turned MGK into a rocker, RIP MGK the Rapper Welcome MGK the rocker


        MGK has been doing rock since 2014 lmfao search before commenting

    44. Michael Huey

      This is alot better than his rapping, should stick to this I actually kinda liked it

    45. Zoe .


    46. Tiffany L

      Surprising song but I'm ...loving it? WTF? I love this.

    47. maggot moe

      this some 2010 vibes right here n i fuck w that

    48. TheRealMulti_R !

      When Eminem disses you so much you end up getting into rock cause you can't hit him with anything better 😂😂 sorry mgk but yea


        MGK is also a rockstar, he been doing rock since 2014 you pathetic 😂

      2. Kyle Fryer

        I love em more than mgk but his fans need to hop off the dick because this song is A+ quality, lets also not forget he dropped 3 rap singles last month lol

    49. Samer eldon

      After Eminem destroyed him he moved on to a different genre


        He’s been a rockstar since 2012 you bias

    50. HYP3R

      is that magan fox?

      1. Runt

        No. It's r kelly

    51. Sweet Child

      Меган Фокс красивая. Но как актриса, это ее максимум сниматься в клипе с гитарой, делая вид что поет и двигается под музыку.

    52. Buhhrierr

      This song hits me close to home in ways I could never explain. This ignited a fire in me. I've already started jotting down lyrics and I'm learning to make instrumentals. Kells is my idol and this song right here just gave me all motivation to tell my own story. See me featured in a Kells song one day stg🙏🎸XX

    53. Mikaela Cabral

      Megan is such a hottie without even trying

    54. Shahrizal Ibrahim

      Eminem already kill mgk in hip hop scene! Then mgk change the genre pop rock 🤣


        He’s been doing rock since 2013, search up before commenting stupid clown comments

    55. resfan000

      Idiots commenting eminem destroyed his career. If anything it made him more famous. Stupid generation always trying to talk shit and meme something

    56. Denweek

      pink punk Megan ohhh yeahhh(с)

    57. wwfchriswwf

      Imagine if the solo went harder

    58. Kelly B

      Well that was terrible...

    59. Bambini Club

      Капец она бабуля по сравнению с ним 😄 меган иди воспитывай детей, походу твое время прошло))

    60. Jerika Ternora


    61. Jerika Ternora


    62. Dazz

      MGK is very lucky...

    63. The Reddie Stan

      “BrInGiNg BaCk PuNk RoCk” I absolutely love this song but Um- punk rock is here and has been here

    64. AbusemeantPark 717

      Who else been listening to this song over and over again since it came out?

    65. Fawn Whisperer

      100% here for Megan hiiiiiiiiiiii

    66. Lord Vader

      Not punk Its just rock

    67. Madmaddox

      You’ll be my bloody valentine tonight

    68. elijahcozart999

      Did mgk start making 2000's punk rock after that whole eminem situation?

    69. Henry Allan

      Ito yung sa TRANSFORMER na si Megan Fox

    70. Brian Neary

      Ive always had a crush on her... This doesn't help

    71. Skinny Dik

      A lot of people I think wanna know how Mgk got a goddess to work with him.

    72. Under Cover

      She's not a succubus , she's a fcking vampire.. still hot af

    73. Preston Brockway

      Were all just gonna forget he was hardcore RAP before em ended this man 🤣🤣🤷🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

    74. Andrew Sanchez

      Rockstar shit🤘🎸

    75. Jakerrs hauhulh

      In thiam hle mai.....lal megan i hneh sawh e 😄

    76. Frank Marino

      MGK love your rap game , then I heard this . Jack of all trades weird as fuck.Love it....

    77. I M Performer

      very nice music like our music

    78. ruby Garcia Gonzalez


    79. Mitchell-ized

      Worst song and video I've seen in my entire life

    80. ChelseaLynn

      I’m here for Megan 😘🤫