Los Angeles Lakers vs Cleveland Cavaliers | January 13, 2020

Motion Station

Motion Station

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    Propelled by an 81 point 2nd half, the Lakers defeated the Cavaliers, 128-99. LeBron James tallied 31 points and 8 assists for the Lakers, while Dwight Howard added 21 points and 15 rebounds in the victory. Kevin Love recorded 21 points and 11 rebounds for the Cavaliers in the losing effort. The Lakers get their 9th straight win and improve to 33-7 on the season as the Cavaliers fall to 12-28.

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    1. Mr.Muhumuza

      how TF isjavale doing 0:43 lol

    2. Nono TheGamer

      Wtf LeBron

    3. Kelvin  Tan

      The one speaking must really hates his job

    4. christian flegg

      Of course they don’t show lebron getting dunked on, what a joke

    5. Mert Aydın

      Lebron james lebron james lebron james lebron james lebron james

    6. Nacho Jiménez

      How high were you while recording this lmao

    7. 잡상인채널

      1:10 yo that McGee dime and LeBron backboard slam

    8. xx1j

      @0:08 the Pelicans big 3 😂

    9. Umut Sever

      Why dont share cavaliers attacks

    10. Joel Brea

      Godd lakers

    11. AllSports Entertainment


    12. Luis Ortiz

      lebroncito 💍 💍 💍 💍

    13. Grammar Police -

      Giannis used to block shits like McGeeh is doing!.

    14. Manú

      Bogey literally just sits on the bench lool

    15. Aaron Jayson De leon

      I fell asleep watching this

    16. Zino Thielens

      Why is everybody hating on chillmentator? I prefer this over a guy screaming over the highlights.

      1. letigre1366

        There IS a middle ground...

      2. The Beard 92


    17. Erold Sambin

      Bron bron

    18. Thunderbird

      Is the commentator high?

      1. Thunderbird

        @Grammar Police - I know.

      2. Grammar Police -

        That's not the NBA commentator that's motion station

    19. Martin Brankov

      Skip Bayless will say lebron playing 4th quarter garbage minutes for stats !

    20. Zach X Keogh

      Y does this guy sound like it’s 3:00 am and he’s forced to comintate

      1. K Serboutti

        LOL it didn't even cross my mind until I realized I was watching this at 3AM

    21. Marawan Abouelhassen

      Where is Dwight's 3 ?? 😒

      1. Fubaba100

        Same question I asked

    22. habshabsrule

      The LeBron show!