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    1. Maria Gabriela Jauregui Leon

      They´re happy cats ! Lisa, you can also make a house tour ...

    2. Halime Yldrm

      Lisaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa LalalalalalaLisaaaaaaaaaaa Lisaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    3. Hindustani Warrior

      My brother brought a cat his name is snowbell in christmas jingle bell

    4. Raghavan P

      Vote blackpink in bbma awards it is their first time to get nominated please share this information everywhere

    5. BelMan Rocks

      Thanks for being her source of happiness

    6. BelMan Rocks

      Thanks L fam for always be there to make lisa happy

    7. BelMan Rocks

      Lisa practicing how to do solo activities using her channel for her upcoming solo is what we need today haha

    8. BelMan Rocks

      Louis is my fav. How about you lilies hihi

    9. BelMan Rocks

      Luca the handsome 🐈

    10. BelMan Rocks

      Lego is the favorite now. Leo who hahaha

    11. Anime unicorn

      best wishes

    12. BelMan Rocks

      How to be Lego

    13. Ka Kita

      Mama lisa and leo best boy

    14. Hope Cry

      L family so happy

    15. Geraldine Elgin

      Hi lisa y leo got most of your attension lol maybe hes given by a very special person and hoping twas jk just kiddin... blackpink/bts/liskook fan here

    16. Büşra Yalvaç

      Lisa ı love youu so much TURKİSH LİLİES

    17. Büşra Yalvaç

      Lisa ı love youu so much LİLİES

    18. Büşra Yalvaç

      Lisa ı love youu so much LİLİES

    19. Büşra Yalvaç

      Lisa ı love youu so much LİLİES

    20. Romina Hernández Pineda

      I Love You Lisaaaaaa

    21. Lily Ella

      I can’t believe she has 5 CATS! I hope to be the same ;)

    22. spicy ramen

      so stoked for lisa solo

    23. Maria Costa


    24. Maria Costa

      tem gato pra tudo quanto é canto kkkkkkkkk

    25. GOLDEN

      *I wish I was the Cat*

    26. Zambrana Vargas Camila Nicole

      Te amo demasiado! Eres mi vida entera preciosaa

    27. Hinata's Property

      Lisa cat name's please anyone

      1. Ming Chuang

        @Hinata's Property Lego was adopted in Feb 2021. Perhaps, GG havent updated yet

      2. Hinata's Property

        @Ming Chuang but lego isn't counted on google why

      3. Ming Chuang

        Leo, Luca, Lily, Louis, Lego

    28. Prabu Saka

      Lisa love JenSooChaeng

    29. Love Lisa

      Toorikoo means and

    30. Nazareth Mhae Narag

      Jungkook in the mirror 😳

    31. Cris Manoban


    32. Sun Ny

      แสนซน แสนดื้อมากเจ้าพวกก้อน

    33. Eyooo

      Love you Lisa

    34. Duyen Pham

      Tôi là người Vietnamese

    35. Lorena Anna Camille

      I wonder what is the breed of lego?

    36. Rigzin Gyem

      She is literally the cutest cat mom everฅ'ω'ฅ

    37. Jhon ejhay Capucao

      So cute (searches at Google how to be a cat)

    38. Nikki Wild

      I finally found a pattern between my ult.. TEN AND LISA HAVE SO MUCH IN COMMON. how the heck did I just realize this🤦‍♀️😂

    39. Rody tube

      Please forgive Egypt Lisa ❤

    40. 。.゚ Moon meow 。.゚

      No se lo que dijiste pero te amo 😭✋

    41. Kanching Konthai

      ลิซ่าเลี้ยงแมวเยอะ.. ระวังเรื่องขนแมวเข้าจมูกด้วยนะ. 🤞🤞

    42. Mercedes Krebs

      Lisa thank you so much for doing these videos for us I love them sooo much they make my day brighter and happier

    43. Ruby midzy Blink

      ضحكت عيالها يفشلون😭😭

    44. Thai Lima

      lego o maior

    45. YOLO_27

      I love how Leo even does Lisa's one eye wink

    46. YOLO_27

      The coolest pet Mum

    47. Warno Bin sakmid


    48. ilove roblox and mincraft

      Lisa love you so much you are my love and life ilove you so much but can you tallk english because idont know koren so much love you so much ilove you 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍☺☺☺😚😚😚😚🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

    49. k taro

      Oh yeah! Photo book とVOGUE JAPAN良かったよ!😝カッコいい!!!くてかわいい🤣

    50. •ɱĭss süğą•

      This vid makes me feel I wanna be a cat so badly

    51. sproutjoon

      i didnt know lily was luca’s daughter! that’s so cute. we luv a single father 🥺

    52. Malenkov

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    53. paula

      You make me proud young lady!! ❤❤❤❤ Love it ! วิดีโอถัดไปของคุณจะเป็นเมื่อใด ??

    54. Akansha Singh

      Super cool mommy and adorable babies

    55. im focus

      Louis is Fluffy he is best

    56. sachin lamba

      Lisa you are the best girl in the world

    57. sachin lamba

      Lisa we love you

    58. Shine Zoe


    59. L

      Lisa literally has the cutest smile

    60. Berna Karaman


    61. Belen Pasqualin

      te love lisa fan

    62. Berna Karaman

      lisa you and your cats are so cute and perfect dance ,I love watching you and all the BLACKPINK members ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    63. Elif Ələkbərova

      Which of your favorites is me? Jennie

    64. นพดล เรืองวิไล



      I am not jealous of her cat 😭

    66. Lư Hân

      Love u

    67. Nwet Yin Moe

      I Really Love Lili family🥰🥰

    68. Christine Ogi


    69. bean Red

      리사 이마 대공개 ㄷㄷ

    70. Suman Rai LSG

      I want to be lisa's cat

    71. Mellinña Leysa

      My favorite cat from Blackpink Lisa is Luca and Louis,I want to Hold Louis Tummy I love Fat Cats and to Luca I love Hairy Cat I want to rub Luca hair,Lisa we are same Cat lover while watching this I remember my 4 cats,Mikan, Mordecai,and Melody,and Madonna,but Madonna died 2 years ago😭💔now I have 3 cats left,Mikan, Melody,and Mordecai,but Lisa I just want to say to this video your Cats are so cute so Adorable like you😍

    72. Mae tan


    73. Medico Notes

      Love you loads ❤️❤️💖😍...

    74. Bahar Sağdıç

      Hello Lisa, I am a Turkish fan and I want to say that all Turkish fans love you very much. You are very nice and very sweet.❤

    75. 1 6


    76. Shehenaz Arif Khatri

      I have 5 dogs 😁

    77. Boring blood

      Lisa family is love

    78. Taehyungie Shrestha

      Lisa is a Angel.

    79. Taehyungie Shrestha

      *Blinks are always waiting for lisa to upload new vlog*

    80. Farisa Faruque

      This smile at 3:01 literally makes my heart melt

    81. All ABOUT MUSIC


    82. forU ___

      Don't worry lisa about your grandpa we all will again meet in heaven✨ till then let's be happy☺️♥️

    83. Züla Süleymanlı

      I am not' Korea

    84. Züla Süleymanlı

      I love you lisa😊😊😊

    85. Fghj Cbnv

      Её котята такие милые , как и сама лиса

    86. Umji's Bangs

      Where do we get the pics

    87. MusicianLili 327

      Bangless lisa is the beautiful version of lisa.

    88. 1E07馮政傑

      Yes Happy Valentine’s Day

    89. Saranyan Saranyan

      Lisa น่ารักจังสดใสที่สุด❤️💕

    90. Noo noon

      Love you

    91. Gulim


    92. lisa's cat

      There's only one problem in this video,IT ENDS

    93. lisa's cat

      In my next life,please let me be born as LISA'S CAT

    94. lisa's cat

      If LISA would have kids in the future,SHE WOULD BE THE BEST MOM EVER.

    95. Milk Channel

      So cute cat lisa❤️