HIGHLIGHTS | Los Angeles Lakers vs. Cleveland Cavaliers

Los Angeles Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers

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    HIGHLIGHTS | Los Angeles Lakers vs. Cleveland Cavaliers.
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    1. BornGiftedMusicGroup

      What’s with these incomplete highlights

    2. Elijah Ward

      Lakers haven't face or beat clippers, rockets, bucks, 76ers, raptors, and celtics

    3. Sang Nguyen

      I love kuzma hope we keep him

    4. lax boress

      Woyooooooooooo 👻👻👻👻👻👻lakers superb

    5. Bille

      81 points in the second half is just wonderful to see!!

    6. Tegulicious

      Dwight has made more 3s this season than Ben Simmons.

    7. Moussé Dior Gueye


    8. Mark Basco

      NBA: DWIGHT HOWARD you want to be in the dunk contest? DWIGHT HOWARD: i already win dunk contest title, now i think i want to join 3 point contest!

    9. Wendley Jacques

      Go lakers👌👿

    10. Low Distortion

      Kawhi be like "I've fallen and I can't get up! "

      1. Louis Pando

        i saw you in clive

    11. Malakaball Z

      First hehe

      1. Louis Pando