Clash Royale: ☁️🐲 Golden Dragon Spa 🐲☁️ New Season has Arrived!

Clash Royale

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    It's time to dive into the Golden Dragon Spa Season!
    Unlock the BOOK OF BOOKS with Pass Royale and many more MAGIC ITEMS!
    Push through the tiers and obtain the Thermal Bath Tower Skin and the first-ever Mortar Emote!
    The Inferno Dragon is, of course, the obvious choice to be the boosted card of the month!
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    Enter the Arena! From the creators of Clash of Clans comes a real-time multiplayer game starring the Royales, your favorite Clash characters and much, much more.
    Collect and upgrade dozens of cards featuring the Clash of Clans troops, spells, and defenses you know and love, as well as the Royales: Princes, Knights, Baby Dragons, and more. Knock the enemy King and Princesses from their towers to defeat your opponents and win Trophies, Crowns, and glory in the Arena. Form a Clan to share cards and build your very own battle community.
    Lead the Clash Royale Family to victory!
    • Duel players from around the world in real-time in both 1v1 and 2v2 Battles
    • Earn chests to unlock rewards, collect powerful new cards and upgrade existing ones
    • Destroy opponent's towers and win Crowns to earn epic Crown chests
    • Build and upgrade your card collection with the Clash Royale Family along with dozens of your favorite Clash troops, spells and defenses.
    • Construct your ultimate Battle Deck to defeat your opponents
    • Progress through multiple Arenas all the way to the top
    • Form a Clan to share cards and build your very own battle community
    • Challenge your Clanmates and friends to a private duel, or play side-by-side in a 2v2 Battle
    • Work together with your Clan to unlock Clan Chests
    • Play new events every week
    • Learn different battle tactics by watching the best duels on TV Royale
    PLEASE NOTE! Clash Royale is free to download and play, however, some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device's settings. Also, under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 13 years of age to play or download Clash Royale. A network connection is also required.
    Are you having problems? Visit or contact us in-game by going to Settings, Help and support.
    Privacy Policy:
    Terms of Service:
    Parent's Guide:
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    1. 佐々木良太


    2. Александр Бреус

      Какой у вас код в суперсел

    3. cock


    4. The COIN

      I'll buy royale pass if you make damn game fair lv 12 vs 13 only ..... 🤬🤬scammers

    5. Clash with Ram


    6. Jimmie

      Poison spirit real???

    7. A Hershey bar that has a phone

      Pls do wizard gang card that cost 9 elixir and its legendary

    8. Martin Banks

      Fun game

    9. Ahmet Talha Yılmaz ғғ

      energy elixir, energy dragon, energy skeleton, energy goblins, Energy chests

    10. Radovan RAIMAN

      What is even the point of buying pass royale, there are no event to get legendaries like there used to be, not even a legendary chest at the end, like great, I can level up my legendary, BUT I DONT HAVE ANY, so its pointless for player because they will have no use, and even if a person has cards then you can get a level from the end at MAX, make the pass royale better and useful, and add events for legendaries

      1. Radovan RAIMAN

        @Andyy thanks for the advice though

      2. Radovan RAIMAN

        @Andyy but my inventory isn't full

      3. Andyy

        @Radovan RAIMAN the game will give you the option to convert it if your legendary wild card inventory is full, it’ll say “ inventory is full would you like to convert to random card?”

      4. Radovan RAIMAN

        @Andyy its great that u told me how not to, but can you tell me how?

      5. Radovan RAIMAN

        @Andyy then how do I?

    11. Lilly

      bravissimi siete

    12. 33 XD Darshan Parab

      Petetion for clash royale creators to improve the match making in this game Kind request 😢😢


      11is back

    14. Khan F


    15. Zack Zack


      1. pues?!!

        Uhh what are you talking about?

    16. I don't give a fuck

      Ur games dying it's so boring need me cards bad

    17. I don't give a fuck


    18. rage quitter

      Fix your PAIRING SYSTEM THE PREVIOUS ONE WAS SOOO MUCH BETTER I keep facing against level 11 and keep losing because of my card levels and some of them even had level 13 cards

      1. Francisco Reyes

        If you're facing the same level opponent with the same card levels, then what's the point of leveling up?

      2. Daylon Amin

        Do y’all expect to get the perfect opponent every time? Expect to see max cards in legendary arena lol

      3. Luca Boseyssen


    19. Freeblade

      Dragons op

    20. Ivan Stankovic

      I want clan wars 3

    21. 佐々木良太


    22. Ajay Kumar Mahato

      The rascalS girls eye patches in the starting image have In the same eye but in card details they have eye patches on different eyes. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤐🤐🤐

    23. Kelaino

      I guess they're just recycling arenas at this point

    24. Jasprit Bumrah

      I enjoyed it a lot

    25. Rafeel Fuentes

      ¿Cual sera la cigiente? de la ,( bruga)

    26. Bluekingfishin 96

      Join my clan spank legends with blue and black fire banner

    27. Tarek Ayachi

      Lvl 9 vs lvl11

    28. Duxlukas

      Supercell change E-giant and Mother witch

    29. Ahmet Yasin

      Yüklenmez paran yok ise oynama

    30. Ahmet Yasin

      MK bu oyunu çıkaranun

    31. Яша Лава

      Buff cannon

    32. The E

      our clan: hobos united, who want, can join! we will glad to welcome everyone. our clan is in the top clans of the clash royale 🤗

      1. Rishikesh Raghunandanan

        @Lightbulb Maybe to get even better players.

      2. Lightbulb

        If your clan is "in the top" then why are you begging people to join?

    33. Shoebur


    34. Bilal Aftab

      I purchased royal pass but amount deducted and its not activated 😭😭....

    35. Wilco Su

      We need more inferno cards

    36. Zack Zack


      1. SpongeMaster 64

        @RIPIN Khanna if thats what he meant, he's right

      2. RIPIN Khanna

        Dump? You're calling CR a dump?

    37. Ryder Legend

      How is this game not dead? I already prepared a place in the nearby cemetery for this game. I also find this game sitting in the toilet as well lmao

      1. Andyy

        the game has had millions of players online every day consistently for the past 3 years lmao and its not close to dying at all anytime soon either

      2. SpongeMaster 64

        even if it isnt dead, ita a pretty and dragged game as of now

      3. RIPIN Khanna

        Lmao, this game isn't even close to dead.

      4. LlamaGoddy On 60 fps

        this one of the main mobile games in the world. it even has esports competition 😂 u trippin

      5. Rishikesh Raghunandanan

        There is no death for SUP ERC ELL games.

    38. Christian Leal

      Es increíble que e jugado este juego mas de 3 años

    39. King Kong Vegas


      1. RIPIN Khanna

        @Zack Zack More like you, lmfao

      2. Zack Zack


    40. Max Pechenkin

      Don't play these games. They set things up so that you spend money. It's an unfair game. They can block it without explanation at any time. Save your nerves and money.



      2. RIPIN Khanna


    41. Zack Zack


    42. Andrew Rocca

      Your probably not gonna see this but if you do can you wish my brother a happy birthday, he loves this game and he always wanted to see you in person so you don't have to but can you make a vid saying happy birthday jon, hope you enjoy you 11th b day

      1. Isaiah Camarillo

        They won’t, sorry

    43. MM Bgamer


    44. Daddy Elite

      Pls unban me 😢

      1. Andyy

        @crkfle lmfaooo

      2. SpongeMaster 64

        switch to brawl stars buddy

      3. Daddy Elite

        @crkfle i guess cause I said something in the clan chat

      4. crkfle

        How tf you get banned in clash royale 😐😂

    45. Farzane Peiman

      remove silver chests,we can barely get good chest with quest removed,you exept me to exept two royal giants when i need 1000 to level it up?it takes 3 whole hours man

    46. fishy brothers

      Why did you nerf Giant skeleton?

    47. Enes Yeşilçayır

      Clas royale would definitely be perfect to have a character design contest please do.

    48. franco ostos sanches

      ya decayo bastante espero que los elimines de la play estor

    49. franco ostos sanches

      su juego ya es una cgada de frente

    50. se _tube _gaming pro 5413

      Clash Royal can you make for me code I'm TRselr I have 15 subscriber only and the code name se tube please

      1. RIPIN Khanna

        You need to be an influential creator first

    51. ها چا

      Hello, please sign a contract with the Iranian Bazaar Cafe

    52. Wiam Abdalah

      اريد احد يحجي عربي

      1. Hsaeen Albiati

        اني احشي عربي

    53. Stephanie Penticostes

      Clash royal = Dead game

      1. RIPIN Khanna

        Are you dumb? It isn't dead yet

    54. Hussein

      I swear fortnite is better than this game now....

      1. RIPIN Khanna

        You dare cite the evil one?! Clash Royale is deeply scarred

      2. Don Comedia

        @Walter E Saludos socio

      3. Walter E

        @Don Comedia hola maistro

      4. Don Comedia


      5. Mathias Saarepuu

        Fortnite is dead


      I have never seen a big toxic community like this one. Ik the game has trouble but... cmon people instead of just leaving you just complain and trash the game? You people are disgusting.

      1. RIPIN Khanna

        Precisely! They're also so toxic in-game. I'm going to migrate to Brawl Stars soon

      2. ZAPMANIAC

        @Pablo Abraldes yeah but they obviusly do, they need money. But i dont see why they complain about updates. People enjoy a game without updates.

      3. Pablo Abraldes

        Because supercell doesn't care about the players and only about money

    56. b r e a d

      we need that clash-a-rama season 4 like right now

    57. Miuler sigueñas

      Clahs royale pone nuevas cartas legendarias porfa tengo todas legendarias todas las cosas y quiero legendarias

    58. Los tres idiotas C:

      Lol these guys are just recycling the same maps and seasons lol

      1. Pablo Abraldes

        @Sheena Abal because supercell only cares about the money

      2. Sheena Abal

        Why is everyone hating clash royale lmao, this game is like my childhood

    59. Dávid Németh

      Balance changes are so bad....! Wizard, Ebarb, witch and M.witch, Royal giant, valkyre, R.recruits ARE SO OP! Whats is this logig in balance changes???!!!

      1. Fucking Frick

        Maybe to u their op, splash counters them hard

    60. Thiccandsexygorilla

      Remove anything that spawn in groups and add chat

    61. Walkercin Allthing

      ¿Cuándo tenéis pensado dejar de robar?

      1. ZAPMANIAC

        @Pablo Abraldes pero el comentario de walkercin es estupido, no es robo, porque si compras algo es porque fue a tu concentimiento, no puedes quejarte. Mira men es sencillo, si no quieres comprar las pfertas no lo hagas. Ademas antes que me vengas con "el juego es p2w" hay formas de seguir jugando sin que el tema de los rivales de nivel alto te afecte. Deja de hacer batallas 1c1 y mejor dedicate a hacer en modo fiesta, hay puedes mejorar tus cartas y asi te preparas mejor

      2. Pablo Abraldes

        @ZAPMANIAC supercell le importa mas el dinero que a los jugadores

      3. ZAPMANIAC

        Robar? En que sentido?

    62. Sashok 228

      Nice game

      1. Andyy

        @Pablo Abraldes i agree actually i was stuck in the same arena for like two weeks straight until i bought the pass royal and finally was able to level up all of my characters and now i dont lose

      2. Pablo Abraldes

        The game is a cash grab

      3. Sheena Abal

        Finally, a nice comment

    63. Hanzo Main

      And that's it. The entire update for a month.

      1. PewPew Games

        @Farzane Peiman cards or card?

      2. Farzane Peiman

        i bet they areplanning something huge for season 24,but they needed more time,remember when season 8 didnt have anything new and then season nine a MASSIVE updtaes came,btw next season we will get new cards

    64. Zack Zack


      1. Sheena Abal

        People like you don’t realize what supercell did to make a good game, just for you to insult it

      2. ZAPMANIAC

        Gonna cry?

      3. wnnalis cioov

        Thanks for 17💝💖 Next targets 30🤗🤗

    65. Dhruv Patel

      Dear Sir, Herewith i have inform you that your supercell has deduct amount of royal Pass from my debit card . But I haven't got any benefits from it. And also I am not aware about it. Herewith I have my supercell ID: Lionking

      1. Thiccandsexygorilla

        @Dhruv Patel L

      2. Dhruv Patel

        No bro I haven't it is still display royal Pass in shop

      3. Cool dudes Track

        Have you collected them bruh?

    66. Sehaa

      This new clan wars are sh*t...

    67. Max Pechenkin

      Компания Supersell мошенники и жулики. Вытягивает деньги. Банят без объяснения. Не связывайтесь с этими проходимцами!!

    68. FunGamersBruh

      Ahhhhh I've been waiting for another new character forever ... Would they even release one again ??

    69. Ace Kelizers

      New season With new Toxicity. Level 8 and 9 vs level 13 cards. Level 10 Towers vs Level 13.

    70. parsa. Kh

      go and continue dont stope

    71. Gishella Mariko

      Force 2 Pay

    72. Dany

      i like cr

    73. Dany


    74. Dreznick Gamer

      Remember skins and when star points actually did something. 🤔

    75. Zenotrono Gaming

      Thanks for 17💝💖 Next targets 30🤗🤗

    76. Zenotrono Gaming

      Thanks for 17💝💖 Next targets 30🤗🤗

    77. Zenotrono Gaming

      Thanks for 17💝💖 Next targets 30🤗🤗

    78. Zenotrono Gaming

      Thanks for 17💝💖 Next targets 30🤗🤗

    79. Zenotrono Gaming

      Thanks for 17💝💖 Next targets 30🤗🤗

    80. Zenotrono Gaming

      Thanks for 17💝💖 Next targets 30🤗🤗

    81. Zenotrono Gaming

      Thanks for 17💝💖 Next targets 30🤗🤗

    82. Zenotrono Gaming

      Thanks for 17💝💖 Next targets 30🤗🤗

    83. Zenotrono Gaming

      Thanks for 17💝💖 Next targets 30🤗🤗

    84. Yasin Mnfrd

      Fantastic ❤

    85. MicrowavedFood 009

      Fix mega knight

      1. MicrowavedFood 009

        @Maps & Charts how is it weak it’s overpowered

      2. Maps & Charts

        It's weak

    86. brayan parker

      Cuando habrá nueva carta

      1. mmpj twod

        The same season we got a year ago. lol

    87. ItsVanixTV

      Bro the season pass is bad why there no chests anymore

      1. Maps & Charts

        There are

    88. ITZ_GAMETIME 2.0

      The game is pay to win

      1. ZAPMANIAC

        Let me put you an example: lets say we are having a running competition. I trained but you didnt. And so i win first place and you second place. You might say that i cheated or i payed to win, actually i won because i trained previously, maybe a little rush with some products, but you also could have trainee before.

      2. ZAPMANIAC

        @Jacob Jacob no. Pay to win is literally getting advantages that free2play cant have. The only advantage is faster progression. Thats your situation though cuz i get epic and legendaries (no wild cards)

      3. Jacob Jacob

        @ZAPMANIAC pay to win you can’t get new epics and legendaries because of the magic wild card update

      4. ZAPMANIAC

        Pay to fast*. Learn the difference

      5. Maps & Charts

        No joke Sherlock

    89. Ercraft

      Was ist für eine season

    90. Radnyx

      So you basically just copied season 11

    91. The King of Patka

      Clash royale is better et BROWL STARS

    92. Victoria Torres

      I love the book of book but is not enough for all the cards that I need to upgrade. Do you need to bring back the Gold coins offers please🙏

    93. Gaming Life

      i love clash royale

      1. Gaming Life

        @Pablo Abraldes yes right i need money😥

      2. Pablo Abraldes

        The game is trash and they only care about money

    94. 1 Minute Funny time

      Yes we need new card all card is unlocked

    95. Gayani tech


    96. Ruv

      Weird characters that I wish would be added in clash royale but irl I don’t really care: The Cowboy: The cowboy would be riding a horse and the horse would have the same amount of speed as the Ram Rider and the cowboy would have a pistol like a small version of the musketeer’s gun and the horse would ram its head into an archer tower or the king’s tower. If the troop would get defeated the cowboy would be deployed and would shoot at any troop. The Magma Golem: This golem would flame anyone who would damage it. When destroyed it would summon 2 other magma golems that is only half of the size of the regular magma golem. And it would be only be unlockable in the P.E.K.K.A’s play house. The sniper tower: A musketeer would be placed inside of the sniper tower and when the sniper tower goes down a musketeer spawns. The Mega Spell: The mega spell would double the troops’s stats when the troops’ are in the mega spell’s range. The Rock Lizard: This rock lizard would have slightly better stats then the golem. The rock lizard would be able to camoflouge for only 3 seconds. When the rock lizard gets destroyed it would spawn 2 smaller ones with only half of the normal sized Rock lizard’s stats. When the 2 other smaller ones die at least 2 of the troops that killed both of them would die. Hologram: It would randomly play a hologram of a random troop and it would do nothing at all. The Sticky Trap: When a troop gets in the range of the trap the trap would explode trapping the troop for 10 seconds. (More here coming soon.)

      1. doire aintu

        Clash royale

    97. Robert Simmons

      None of supercell games are made for you to master. Im not sure why thry even make those arenas

    98. Robert Simmons

      This game is the worst. Once you get to the higher levels the game is rigged in a way that you cant get any higher. Lvl 12 playing lvl 13 with maxed gold cards ect.