Catching Jumbo Sand Fleas #Shorts


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    Look at how many monster sand fleas I caught in a single scoop using a sand flea rake on the beach in North Carolina #Shorts #Beach
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    katma 24 gün önce


    1. カルピスウォーター


    2. Iwillslapyou sir

      Fleas be like.. Why he trippin?! Ugh?!

    3. Marissa Barry

      Could you eat them

    4. Jeff The killer

      I put my hair in beach water 😭

    5. Steven Re

      Its almost summer and you made me *NOT* want to go swimming in the sea. thanks

    6. 搞出原子弹,挺直腰杆子


    7. Tarah J

      My mother in law said that her cat had these and that my dogs fleas were different and she didn't want to admit that her cat gave my pets fleas . Sorry but these are way different then fleas from Texas haha

    8. Kay Malcolm

      They need water to live not dry sand you... Guy...

    9. Sleepy Suga

      Um those don’t look like sand fleas to me-sand fleas are jumpy and less crab-like

    10. nolan rains

      I have little to no idea what those are and why they exist

    11. Paker 262

      Are they used as bait?

    12. Doves Paligrino

      I never knew about those or seen them.... Creepy.

    13. キョンキョン


    14. ピチカートF


    15. MKE_KP

      Wypipo.. 😩

    16. Yoga Setiawan

      Ga paham😂

    17. サスケェ!


    18. Adrian Gonzalez

      Crabs 🦀 not fleas! U idiot!!!

    19. 貴裕上原


    20. banana squad is da best

      So many Shortstops early really rRoeozdidisodaroSiSu,dudi,

    21. Christopher


    22. Sina C

      Where I’m from my family eats those!

    23. Cory Mullins

      I'm not rocking with this ‼️

    24. Blue Catfish

      Never turn your back to the ocean

    25. Carlos Cervantes

      OMG oh my God there's soooooo much

    26. RANNYEL444

      Eu sou o comentário br que você procura

    27. Muhammad Al-Amirul


    28. Karl Ross

      Met a hooker who had those back in 78

    29. おりく


    30. Mr horse man

      Uhhh I think I just witnessed a kidnapping

    31. Kenny Vegas

      Mole crabs not sand fleas

    32. angelfromhellshawna

      Anybody else start ichin when he said fleas?? lol

    33. Kieran Lueker

      I think I’m never going to the beach again. 😳

    34. Henda BETTAIEB

      What is it ?

    35. CITH Valentine

      Sand fleas? You mean crabs

    36. Brendan Botha

      Oh my word

    37. Chris Rodgers

      Awesome bait

    38. t.c 802

      What's the since you cant eat them

    39. nixonsmateruby1

      Sell them for dog treats

    40. N L M

      We used to catch these in SoCal when I was a kid. Spent entire days hunting for these suckers. This made me happy to watch, although frankly I dont think I could bring myself to touch them now. Lol

    41. Oerlikon20mm

      The Seagulls be like “Mine!?”

    42. Herisom

      Pov u were Sitting on a Bench for 14 hours Waiting for someone to throw a pan into the trash

    43. Samanthalee Perkins

      If you look under them, the orange one are female pregnant, throw them back... But you can fry them with butter and garlic and eat it over hot rice...

    44. Shay Patrick Cormac

      I got dizzy because of the camera

    45. Pirates Monster


    46. PRO LEGEND

      Stop doing animal abuse

    47. Jerry S.

      i am never going to the beach again

    48. 森のクサマン


    49. Okuru-katakyie Owusu Apeakorang

      Seems you don't really reply none of your comments buti wanted to know if I could get your contact please or any form of communicating you one on one

    50. Jo Gordon

      East Coast sand fleas are more like small flies that bite. These are sand crabs!

    51. あきと#


    52. StevenyGabby Perez

      Why am I watching this?

    53. David Mundt

      West coast we call them sand crabs or if you're body surfing shore break you call it surfing with the crabs.

    54. YellowBird

      As a kid I was standing in the water and one of those ended up on my foot and it scared me for life

    55. Charming nowhere to hide

      I was randomly sticking my hand in the sand while zoning out at the beach one day and pulled one of these out and freaked tf out

    56. Nino Nartey

      What are those!!!

    57. Ufo Hanter


    58. Rob1972 Akins

      Sand fleas eww lol

    59. Alex Haworth

      Those aren’t sand fleas, they’re mole crabs. Sand fleas aren’t much bigger than regular fleas

      1. Charming nowhere to hide

        Bait 🎣

    60. Ichi Shinosuke

      orang kebumen sebut itu yutuk.. biasa dibikin peyek.. 🤣

    61. Universal_Wisdom

      Sometimes I wonder why I don’t put on a skin suit before I get in the ocean.

    62. Kevin Lopez

      Good for fishing 👍🏼

    63. コーヒー


    64. Cory Bell

      Ive never heard of you eat em or what???

    65. 鴻麟王


    66. TheLuckyForce55

      What are this

    67. Freya Ellen

      What name of that stuff?

    68. System Infinity Project

      Kalomang squad in the skuy

    69. antoncheungzxa

      Sundanese called "buyutuk"

    70. Bryan Trenberth

      Those are sand dabs. Beach fleas look like actual fleas just a little bigger

    71. Red Ciroc

      Ok now im not going to the beach

    72. Noah Buah

      Those are sand crabs

    73. jr1001jr

      Bait 🎣

    74. Tony Parsonage


    75. hairy pairy

      It feels like im being pulled to the deepest depths of the ocean

    76. Kyle Hamson

      Why would you want to catch sand fleas..

    77. Trolly Troll Troll

      I'm Peruvian we call the mui muys 🤣🤣

    78. Lance

      after watching this, I WILL NEVER LET MY FRIENDS BURY MY BODY UNDER THE SAND! NEVER AGAIN! **shivering**

      1. Barracuda

        they're actually really cool animals.

      2. bowen voowy

        bait for fishing.

    79. PuroEditz

      Wait they carry a deadly virus-

    80. WIN


    81. NonSko Music

      If u cook that small shrimp the taste are good

    82. よろしくおねがいしますねこです

      so cute and big amounts

    83. Shadow. Cop

      I thought they were called sand crabs..

    84. diane pagan

      Wtf is a sand flea??? Anyone?

    85. 水雲

      Cute 〜(꒪꒳꒪)〜

    86. Trent Mouser

      But what do you do with them

    87. solarity

      Where is this? I have never heard the term sand fleas for these tiny crabs 😂

    88. Alessandro Steven


    89. Dapur Kome

      Fleas??? Looks like dinner to me

    90. Eddy Tapia

      You wouldn't go alone to touch bottom

    91. Daddyspaz

      I'd stop them.

    92. 吉田たけひろ


    93. Jeni Lewitt


    94. SoFar

      Never seen someone so happy ab getting flees

    95. Mycroft Selene

      Are they edible? How do they taste? How do you cook them?

    96. BLVDES

      I'm sorry, sand flea??

    97. Drew Walker

      So you're saying the fleas are... Fleeing?

    98. Jillian Paige

      That’s it. Never going to the beach again. HARD PASS.

    99. Yvette Brand

      Omfg! I always heard of them. Had no idea how big they were!

    100. Nathan Bryce

      Those are crabs not sand fleas