Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® & Warzone - Official Season Five Trailer

Call of Duty

Call of Duty

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    Verdansk will never be the same.
    The stadium opens. The train arrives. And the battle expands. Season Five kicks off in #Warzone and #ModernWarfare on August 5.
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    katma Gün önce



      ВарЗона. В главных ролях: MC Doni Борода я тебе скажу да

    2. Akhtar Ali

      Very well done

    3. tece999

      I never gonna win another warzone match lol

    4. EskimoClay1

      New places to rage!

    5. Andrew NC

      I can't wait to have another fuking 40GB updates to just jump on the train choooo chooo madafukersss

    6. Onkar Korde

      Excuse me.. I have just downloaded this Game and I am loving the Campaign so far. So does this mean the campaign is getting new missions too?

    7. Jon Technolojunkie

      All they need to do is make operators fully customisable. EDIT: And tackle cheating.

    8. Jorn Camin

      No soap in the call of duty mw game

    9. soul less

      My birthday starts in August 5


      Там русского убили, хоть я казах но пипец обидно

    11. Jay Tirthankar

      Lol I haven't even updated from Season 3 to 4 yet because I have no storage space and Season 5 is already coming out

    12. sivanarul saythuraahavan

      Everyone wondered about season 5 updates, I am scared of how much data it will require

    13. Zulu

      Fix the heartbeat glitch...

    14. MegaRage92

      PS4: I can’t take it anymore I’m burning. Me: you can do this, keep going we are nearly there just one more gb now push !!

    15. Владислав Русских

      Все заметили Российский Флаг?

    16. Paporotno

      графон подкачал

    17. No Commentary Game

      I invite you to my channel

    18. Sober Dober

      You can’t have fun in this game unless you like pre aiming corners for 10 minutes

    19. Luka Rippen

      Apex Legends: we made ourselves a train! Cod Warzone: OUR train

    20. Shahzad Khan

      Background music name?

    21. Daliggowski

      Nuke Downtown literally the worst part of the whole map

    22. Glenn Abbeel

      Hare me or not but this is the sickest trailer they have uploaded!

    23. Potatoman

      Theirs gonna be people who find a train glitch

    24. Lukeba

      Somos un nuevo canal el cual subimos contenido gamer de todo tipo se les agradecería el apoyo❤

    25. Epic GamerZ

      Gulag gonna be packed because of the stadium 😂

    26. lab galaxy

      So nobody gon' talk bout how this beat go hard 🥵 1:23

      1. SBMM ;


    27. Alex Lopez

      No Soap 😭

    28. Ali A

      Downtown is not nuked

    29. Sleep Schedule go Bye bye

      Chonky boi I see.

    30. Akash Ramsakha

      If anyone wants the music from video. Here you go 😜 Is You Ready ( From "Mile 22")

    31. Ben Ma

      The guy on last scene is realworld_tatical!!!!

    32. FoxyThePirate 31Sniper


    33. Argon

      Season 1: [releases game] Season 2: Ghost, Grau, and Rust. Season 3: Aniyah, Renetti, and...Alex? Season 4: proice cheshoir and bredsticc Season 5: *CHOO CHOOOOOOO*

      1. Argon


      2. SBMM ;


    34. yahir Is chubby

      I’m hyped for tomorrow

    35. Elling Austad

      Anybody know the name of the song they used?

    36. El_partrino


    37. Сабрина Самадова

      Всем привет дорогие друзья заходите в гости

    38. Nehemiah 4:20

      1:14 "Бургер Град", хорошее название для стартапа!😀😀

    39. I Am Garbage Player

      Mike 22 Migos song is u ready is just a gun war Song is Crazy especially the movie version

    40. MLGDr.Phill


    41. Aaron Dave Lozarita

      I wish explosives can make a hole in the wall brich doors floors windows, rappel in sky scriper windows like rainbow six sage

    42. B-Rhy

      I barely get on the Internet so my game is still stuck in Season 3 😂😂😂

    43. Andrei David



      Aguest 5 isn’t it today??

    45. SVD RFIE

      1:20 Ihatecamper Aitvion :YES

    46. gaBBem

      Capture the Flag?

    47. 38St. Productions

      When are we going to get a ranked playlist the call of duty community has been asking this all season long

    48. leigh chadwick

      As excited as I am for this you can literally feel the aimbots loading up

    49. SteelS

      Stadium is now the new Superstore drop? Lol

    50. Arka Chatterjee

      A new season My HDD to me: Ambush Ambush there is another 100GB update.

    51. ZayHoven GreenRanger

      30+GB the only work hackers put in to win 😒

    52. Javil Gaming

      Soooooo. What's the size of the update 😂😂

    53. You literally can't

      I saw a B&T APC9 and an AN94. (Edit2: it's an APC9G: it takes Glock mags)

    54. Roach TM

      Have train to drive?

    55. Game ST

      as always, angry Russians, why are you so afraid of us?😆

    56. GD MUSIC

      I Want to ask a question will war zone stop with season 5 . I dont know thats why i am asking you because its game is the best battle royale game and i dont want it to go . if anyone know pls reply to this comment I hope you say NO GGS

    57. roland curtis

      1:29 is that woods? The added mason. Now we need woods. And maybe reznov, dragovich, kravchenco, and Menendez. Like if you agree

    58. Arka Chatterjee

      Apex- I have train PUBG & COD- Oh really ? Fortnite- our time has come.

    59. Shit Gaming

      Am I ready?

    60. Elizabeth Windsor

      2 mil views in 14 hours