Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® & Warzone - Official Season Five Trailer

Call of Duty

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    Verdansk will never be the same.
    The stadium opens. The train arrives. And the battle expands. Season Five kicks off in #Warzone and #ModernWarfare on August 5.
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    1. Seth Hammons

      I watch is like 10 times

    2. Mlungisi Dlamini

      Remove skill base match making

    3. 神様

      Bro warzone is the best battle royal change my mind

    4. Unknown

      [Literally everyone] The game is already awesome what else can they add that can make it even more [Ghillie Suit Ghost appears] [Me] Searching for debit card

    5. KickGamer Pro123

      SEASON 6 Coming soon on Spetember 29

    6. Caitlin Crawford


    7. History Nerd

      Anyone remember the season 4 calling cards featuring Roze, Captain Price and GAZ? I think that calling cards may have a clue regarding the future of Task Force 141?

      1. History Nerd

        Now that Roze is A Shadow Company Member. I think the future may look grim.

    8. iLeksander

      Please give the name of this mix from this video, please.

    9. Justin Giovanetti

      Soundtrack and timing of the first trailer was so much better :/

    10. Infierno Infierno13


    11. - KIRA -

      1:12 plz name of the finish

      1. Shadow Company

        Pew Pew Pew 4th of July pack

    12. Spider Man

      0:42 Im guessing that they will not release Talon Execution

    13. SAMAN 77 RAPTOR

      please add some details like destructive walls to be better.

    14. Ququshwuhe Hahdjwujd

      Iya ya Allah

    15. Walter Horne

      CrossPlay sux bigtime.

    16. Steven Gasanov

      The trailer got 146k likes😂😂😂😂

    17. Steven Gasanov


    18. Rotem Salvatori

      F**** this g**** game. Every f**** time server disconnect 😒

      1. Rotem Salvatori

        Waste of 100gb..


      This is going to be awesome.

    20. james lowman

      Lerch what useless character

    21. Jonesie Boy

      check out my first solo win on my channel!!!

    22. Udoye Vincent

      I don't die in this battle royals but hard drive needs to be rebooted every update

    23. Dalton Smith

      Am I the only person who thinks the female planting the bomb at the beginning sounds like Salter from Infinite Warfare?

      1. DJPlayz

        It is it’s the same voice actor

    24. PLANET X

      me : the game is so big ! call of duty : understandable have a nice day

    25. PLANET X

      call of duty : is using the stronger engine my little sister : that means they are using alot of fule right? me : yes they are using all the power of ps4 and the .... loading .... and the loading is so slow my sister: so do you gona install it? me : maybe i will .... loading ...

    26. jorge blast

      Rumble mode is awesome

    27. CHEETS 39

      Is you ready- Migos (Mile 22 remix)

    28. Mario De Feo

      This game is bad, I ask to fix the servers in veteran mode, in the game shoot and cross, it seems to me more like classic mode. and then there are many who use cheats in the game...

    29. Aaryan Tokekar

      Bruh no cap this trailer is actual fire 🔥🔥

    30. Yankee with No Brim

      are you weady

    31. Лев Акулов


    32. Smangaliso Zondi

      When is split screen coming?

    33. TudorTurret

      I prefer cod ww2

    34. Towshif Alam

      Can we get Warzone lite? I only have 4GB ram.

    35. Wortixx

      Tactical nuke incoming ☢️

    36. Jesus Martinez

      Season 6 new pets lion 🦁 tiger 🐅 puma 🐆 Explosión fish move

      1. Kakarot

        How many seasons will MW have

    37. An Lê

      Does some one knows the song of this trailer and the remix version of it ? Please let me know! I would be very appreciated that.

    38. Daniel villalobos delgado

      Quiten esa porquería de saqueo!!!!!

    39. Lol Jesse

      Fortnite: adds cars Warzone: adds TRAIN

    40. Raid Falcon

      0:42 New Execution move?