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    Trick shots from all your favorite sports!
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    Comment: I remember the OG Boom Stick!
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    1. Dude Perfect

      throwin’ it back to our old school trick shot days 🏸 🏀 🏈 ⚽️ ⚾️ 🎾 🥏🏐🥍 thanks for watching guys. we seriously appreciate you a ton

      1. Marcos Antonio


      2. Mr. Khan

        B T no ur not

      3. Konekyz Gaming


      4. nilesh pujara

        Hi dude perfect I am your biggest fan. How do you do it?? 🤔🤔

      5. Andy Naumann

        You know it's a great vid when Garrett gets extra fired up

    2. Antonio Carranza

      Who noticed that gar was using the bat from all sports golf battle one.

    3. Tik tok Memes

      How long do u thing it takes because they don’t do it in one day

    4. Lance Pourian

      who wants part two?? 👇🏻

    5. Dak Shue

      “This is our first ever volleyball trick shot” literally has a volleyball trick shot video from when they started doing this

    6. Harper Winter

      Let’s go

    7. Dolphn_dude 2

      I love you

    8. Shuhrat Homidoff

      it s montaj ALL of 0

    9. Dee Formed

      Garret’s better than the browns kicker

    10. Jithin Jacob

      I guess they're too old now for jumping body bumps. And they used to get so excited years ago for shots, now they're like, "We know we could do it. Next one, please."

    11. Vardhan Ramanathan

      You guys always have the best music. Whoever chooses it, kudos to you

    12. Joe DeGrazia

      4:20 he predicted it

    13. JASON LEE

      Skeet blitz blaster Skeet blitz blaster Skeet blitz blaster

    14. Samuel Vaughan

      Skeet blitz blasterSkeet blitz blasterSkeet blitz blasterSkeet blitz blaster

    15. Colin Murray


    16. Nakshatra Goverdhanam

      i did it 3 times by dvij

    17. Sink it, kick it, dunk it 2.0

      Part 2???

    18. Kevin Roslim

      They really sound like texas people in this vid

    19. B K Bachle

      Op man OP you are genius

    20. Xx Ashmit15 xX

      Love their edits!!!

    21. Shivansh Kapur

      I did it

    22. Logan Kreisher

      4:19 is literally all Athletes in 2020

    23. Pacer Lacey


    24. Jaywu Jun

      A gong from Wuhan. An empty stadium. Fortune teller much

    25. Carson Maskel

      No way this was almost a year ago

    26. Landyn TAIT

      did it

    27. mamatha dasari

      Tell me your Estes bro

    28. Eli Zettlemoyer

      Nobody else noticed the vape in a dude perfect video during garrets shot

    29. SkaTrax


    30. pooja thorat

      excellent guys

    31. Samuel Rook

      What about cricket, regular non ice hockey, and rugby. I'm from UK you see

    32. Daniel Hooker

      @3:22 - ahhh watching this part meant nothing when this came out then two months later and its covidpocalypse and i see a 'Wuhan' cymbal like whatttt weird - all them crazy qanoners out here like 'Dude perfect are here to save us from cannibals by showing kids wholesome sports footage and trying to warn us about wuhan and covid in advance - we should have listened!!!' - hahaha qidiots yall can have trump too

    33. The Big M

      My guy Cody really just said " that's 2 strikes, your out!"😂

    34. DIO Brando

      Anyone realise the gong says Wuhan, foreshadowing the corona

    35. Renata Simonaio


    36. Mythiicc Monster

      2 strikes does not mean you’re out Cody needs a reminder on basic knowledge of badeball

    37. Harvie 2020

      This song was in the tour


      ty i got to 10 when saying skeet blitz blaster

    39. Parth Mathur

      Excellent shots but less of energy in celebration

    40. ShineGhost