A Night In With The Boys of Sex Education

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    "Finally the 'Small Gathering' Otis was looking for" - Kavin Suresh, 2020
    No plans this evening? Gatecrash Asa Butterfield, Ncuti Gatwa, Connor Swindells and Kedar Williams-Stirling's big lads night in!
    Sex Education Season 2 - Now streaming on Netflix...
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    1. Elliot Swift

      I'm so late and so locked down.

      1. Bryce

        Me too

    2. Kafa kafica

      I like Adam a lot...😍

    3. GraceAnn Lesser

      "i've ended up somehow on the ceiling" I'M DEADDD


      Eric is a boy emm!! Nice

    5. Elizabeth (lizzie) Austin

      ngl i have been in love with kedar since wolf blood

    6. ERKKO 1337

      So Asa’s mom is a therapist and Otis’s some is a sex therapist. Nice

    7. Aurelius

      Its channa not china but man still got good taste 👌

    8. Luke likes Macaroni

      4:44 obviously Garfield

    9. Myst

      Why is no one talking about how conor and adam act the same. like some of the stuff that conor said reminded me of something that adam would say😂

    10. Theo_ On_crxck


    11. Christine Underwood

      الي يخاف من اللة لايك 🌚😂 1 like =sorry god 13:23

    12. MOVIES KOREA X.X.X 2020

      I̲'m̲ ̲S̲i̲n̲g̲l̲e̲ ̲😍😥🐖💋💛

    13. Myeah Malalis

      I have the biggest fucking crush on Kedar istf

    14. Valerie Chung

      Asa is a mood😂😂

    15. Emma Harrison

      ayoo it’s bruno

    16. Soliel Theisen

      My four crushes all together! OMG!!!! But Eric is my ultimate crush.

    17. Me

      Am I the only one who hasn’t had Fanta in a glass bottle before because they look gooddddd

    18. Fine Addition

      Connor and Ncuti matching tops. Goals.

    19. Atomics

      They all definitely are reflective of who they play in sex education which is sick!

    20. Kevin Tu

      OMG YEAH???

      1. Kevin Tu

        Oh My God YEAH???

    21. gre mbiule

      i can't get over how gorgeous kedar is

    22. Sofielicious

      it's weird seeing adam have a personality

    23. Skeleton Army

      when is SeASoN 3 or more coming out im waitinh

    24. Adrenaline

      Holy fuck I wish I had friends like this I am a lonely piece of shit and I spend all of my time fucking eating, playing games and sleeping and that is my life.

    25. princess Yusuf

      Conor is sooooooo cute

    26. syarif asfar

      Am I the only one who keep thinking Adam looks like Similiar to Dustin in Stranger things ? they both are like siblings

    27. Molly May

      I wanna be friends with ncuti so bad

    28. Kathaleeya Varakamin

      I live for ncuti's laugh

    29. Matthew Moyo

      I absolutely loved This 🖤

    30. Dhanya Shridhar

      Asa eating through the entire questions section is such a mood

    31. Manapuram Pavan Kumar

      I could watch clearly that Adam has quite some feelings...

    32. anh ha

      1 like = god will forgive us Yang milih allah like 450 ya yang milih dajal abaikan saja 13:24

    33. Richard Tyson

      She really did, like for God to forgive you 6:57🐖💋💛

    34. مروان ذمام

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    36. ريَّان بسول

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    37. فارس صلاح

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    38. خاطر كنان

      لوتسب 0079672701955 whatapps📲 يمكنك ان تحصل احسن الاوفرات الخاصة علاج المشااااكل الجنسية مع الحكيم طلحت ✨✨زيادة حجم القضيب و توخير القذف و زيادة قوة الانتصاب ✨✨ لاجل الاستفسار عبر واتس على الرقم المعتمد0079672701955

    39. Samantha Abigail

      connor looks so handsome and cute huhu

    40. lída růžička

      im cryingggg the dynamic is really, really not good

    41. Slim Humble


    42. Slim Humble

      I JUST ADORE THEM & There Chemistry 🧪 ❤️😫🙆🏾‍♂️

    43. Shiny!

      How we start the video: *F O O K I N G S H - T .*

    44. زيدان زيد

      الواتـــساب 0079672701955 whatapps📲 بامكاك ان تجد اعظم العروضات الخاصة علاجات المشاكل الخاصه بغرف النوم عند الحكيم طلحت ✨✨اطالة القضيب و تاخير القذف و جعل الانتصاب اقوى ✨✨ من اجل التواصل عبر واتساب عبر الرقم0079672701955

    45. FearsomeTiger86

      0:35 lmaooo Ncuti his accent when he spoke 🤣😂, I watched the 1st ep and I already thing hes my favourite charcter

    46. Mary

      что-то на татарском

    47. Ari Arnalds

      Noice mates! Keep it up geezers! Keep on the show and have fun ahahaha!

    48. James Miller

      2:43 I̲ ̲l̲i̲k̲e̲ ̲😍💋 ̲💝💖♥️❤️🐖💋💛

    49. Tim Con

      Good. I wait for love from you 💝💖💝💖🐖💋💛

    50. Moi Ca

      I'm Single 😍😥🐖💋💛


      1:50 Adam is back 😂😂😂😂

    52. Lucía Gil


    53. Luveesh Purswani

      The question they should be asking is...who is a better "gay-mer", get it?

    54. Night Love

      10:43 has the best 😍💋 💝💖❤️💖

    55. povpositions

      asa is so fucking attractive man omg

    56. unknown person

      Connor kinda reminds me of behzinga

    57. kritika Raman

      I just have a crush on kedar ,why he's so cute ,like I really wanted Jackson and Maeve to end together 😭in the show

    58. Lisa Vreeland

      Ok but does it seem like Ncuti is tipsy lmaooo

    59. Feecee Jenny

      I wonder what would happen if Eric and Jamal met

    60. AutumnOnFire

      It really is a testament to how well Asa can act that he looks like a child in highschool on the show, but typically looks like he should play Logic in his biography film

    61. tiffin box

      "china masala"????? was it supposed to be "channa masala"???

    62. Naveen Burathi

      Hughie from boys=Otis from sex education

    63. Lamar Savage

      0:01 😂

    64. Mayor Of Simpleton

      “I’ll be brutally honest. I didn’t hear the question”

    65. amber

      I want to be there with all my boyfriends so bad

    66. Diya Jacson

      Nctui's laugh brings me life

    67. Travel Moustache

      dude 400 rabbits is near me, where the hell where they

    68. Mrparrygod

      Me and boys

    69. Tushar Khandare

      Finally Adam Laughed !

    70. Marvelous Meh

      The hell? Where the Roast Chicken!? What kind of small gathering is this!?

    71. Emilia Sánchez

      5:17 is when Asa’s heart sank and he wanted to cry😂

    72. dead

      im hearing 4 different accents wth

    73. Anoop Varghese

      Otis heard Eric. He didn't bring Roast chicken to the *small gathering*

    74. TomOTPE

      Ncuti’s food looked peng uno

    75. Abi Rashiida

      Where is anwar 😂

    76. This Is Hande

      Waiting FOR S3. I love Jackson ❤

    77. Belinda Helena

      Amo a Asa... ¿Preferirías ganan un Oscar o viajar al espacio? Asa: viajar al espacio Todos: 😮😮😮😮

    78. lee lid

      I find that most actors that make friendships during projects and once finish; some develop long distance friendships. The best advice for upcoming actors is 'dont be a dick to others coz you might act with them again later on in their career'.

    79. Jacinth Lilly

      Ncuti: Eric is half nigerian and half ghanian Me: Say sike right now

    80. Hany Sweet

      shorturl.ca/quicklovesisther උඩු රැවුල ඔහු තම කෙස් කපා නමුත් සමගm...

    81. Arturo Maya

      Bro, ever since I laid eyes on him Kedar has been my choice for a live action miles morales.

    82. Vikram Nithyanandam

      Me and the boyzzzzz

    83. Michael Nii Boye art

      Ncuti played a real life character to me and I love that his smile and laughter very contagious lol

    84. Dowgeowg Eosvdoqh

      0:22 my love video :X

    85. STEM A - Janella Marie Dela Cruz

      ncuti is literally eric

    86. ll4yla

      Ncuti: fucking shit! Me: fuCAyInKg ShÆT

    87. Casper L Proken


    88. Novi Rahmatika

      Nooo, where is Rahim???

    89. Hnyg1ld 0

      Asa is so me. So quiet but hes lovely

    90. Arbien John Pajaron

      Connor is such a cutie 😭😘😍

    91. Oello👽

      They’re all so attractive.... 😍😍

    92. Bastions Gay

      They just scream british 😂

    93. Caleb

      Adam: weird noise Otis: weird noise Jackson: weird noise Eric: FUCKING SHIT (Idk their real names😂)

    94. Cole Mitchell

      1:27 me in class when I read the questions on the test

    95. Paracosm Films

      I wish more press for shows and movies were like this! Just the cast chilling and chatting

    96. Amanda Rose

      I love these four so much ❤❤❤❤

    97. myshkin

      They are all ridicuolosly adorable!

    98. Thandeka Mavimbela

      Ncuti is my bestieee and Kedar is my MCM every week! 🔥🔥🔥

    99. Emma

      Connor’s soo funny hahaha « I’ll be brutally honest, I didn’t hear the question. »

    100. Limelight Sinner

      While they were asking questions Asa was more concerned about his food than answering questions