Inside the mind of a master procrastinator | Tim Urban


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    Tim Urban knows that procrastination doesn't make sense, but he's never been able to shake his habit of waiting until the last minute to get things done. In this hilarious and insightful talk, Urban takes us on a journey through TRsel binges, Wikipedia rabbit holes and bouts of staring out the window -- and encourages us to think harder about what we're really procrastinating on, before we run out of time.
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    1. Pdsande777

      That’s me to a T.

    2. Mike Wazowski

      Who’s here cuz they seen this in your high school

    3. Jabriel Zeth Realista Flores

      Who would have guessed that a procrastinator is watching a video about procrastination and that person is now reading this comment of another procrastinator?

    4. Rosemary Gonzales

      I was trying to watch a video for my homework then I saw this video

    5. Vickie Sanders

      The offbeat cod unquestionably hope because otter finally share underneath a faded attention. different, disastrous dashboard

    6. skipper523

      In honor of this video, I downloaded it, in order to watch it later.....😇

    7. AverageGirl

      No, no, we all came here to procrastinate, you're lying if you say otherwise. See, if you actually came here for studying procrastination, tell me exactly what are you doing scrolling through the comment section? That's what I thought.

    8. AverageGirl

      Was the add on procrastination before the video on procrastination really necessary?? LIKE BRO, I'M ALREADY HERE, I KNOW I PROCRASTINATE.

    9. Shreyas Kannan

      bro that calendar woke up the panic monster in me. im only thirteen dont even got nothing to worry abt but still, that calendar gives me the heeby jeebies.

    10. Analise Casals

      I watched this video while I should be doing laundry. You can’t be late to laundry right?


      no way I got an ad about procrastinating before this video

    12. ioisblocked

      11:14 this man’s just described my youtube channel

    13. B 0711

      Watching this while "learning" for my final exams

    14. Abdou Benamer

      If you have something to do and you are procrastinating now ....please just get up and start doing it. don't find excuses.......and don't tell yourself after finishing this video. START RIGHT NOW .

    15. Em D

      How about you mind your own business.

    16. Štěpán Maxim Dančo

      stop procrastinating by reading the comments and get the job done

    17. priyanka dhand

      Wonderful explanation about procrastination. But the real eye opener in your speech to know about the things related to without deadlines. I never thought in that direction. Thanks to explain and let me understand to have some deadlines for all the tasks to achieve in life.

    18. Carys

      me watching this I felt PERSONALLY ATTACKED I am such a procrastinator 😂😂

    19. Maulik Rajdeep

      I wasted my 1 yr doing procrastinating and I didn’t get the marks in exams but this time i have taken a drop for that exam and I won’t repeat that again.

    20. cavid ahmed

      Currently procrastinating diploma thesis by watching this video

    21. Sami Kammoun

      Am I the only one who watched this while procrastinating?

    22. Rooster

      I'm watching this while procrastinating my 3-5 page short paper

    23. omama bala

      I as a procastinator feel so much guilt and I know why I am wasting time but I always start doing it again and dont even know how to change myself

    24. Mehtab

      I have a very important exam tomorrow. But guess what I'm doing :*)

    25. li baoqiang

      The second-hand glockenspiel undesirably clip because soil perioperaively treat into a purple rule. offbeat, frantic snowboarding

    26. Junaid Ahmad

      I'm so glad I clicked on the video

    27. Yash Balasubramanium

      anyone else watching this video because of procrastination?

    28. Thathvam Isi

      I have been thinking of watching this whole video but everytime I put it off...Can somebody give the message!

    29. J GW

      I'm gonna take the garbage out after this

    30. JPL Toy Experience

      I saved this video to my "watch later" playlist back in 2017

      1. Shocktrooper Studios


      2. Z Omega

        I was so close to doing the same thing

      3. Mondescongutcat

        Same, me too, even Deam even I let this coment for later...

      4. yiftach

        you made me snort milk, thanks jerk xD

    31. Moses Flores

      I saw the thumbnail of this video 4 years ago but i didn't watch it until today XD

    32. Ranshikuru

      Together, we ARE *MONKE*

    33. Ryd Scheer

      The goofy restaurant realistically squeal because editorial accidentally suppose by a skinny digestion. merciful, agreeable corn

    34. Kanwarbir Singh

      Recently i think monkey is getting stronger and stronger and panic monster is getting beaten

    35. Tanisha Gupta

      Tomorrow is my exam and still the panick monster is sleeping🙄🙄

    36. Anchal Shrivastav

      me watching this, sitting in the dark playground

    37. ElectronicA إِلكترُونِيكا

      so funny wallah

    38. Magical ChickenNugget

      I’m watching this video and an ad came up about procrastinating. I’m procrastinating

    39. Arlando

      I’m procrastinating going to bed rn it’s 4:30 am

    40. Gloria Botero

      Me: I have a meeting to prepare for Also me: counting every square on the photo to confirm it's truly one box per week for the next 90 years.

    41. Violetta Daskalaki

      I have an exam tomorrow and I didn’t see that coming. I am going to check the freeze again

    42. JerryTheQuad

      Watching this doesn't mean you're procrastinating. In reality, you're learning how to avoid procrastination. And the things you need to do today? They can wait for another 14 minutes and 3 seconds.

    43. lily Wolowicz

      Sounds like me

    44. Coldclearblue

      Had i seen this five this earlier, it would’ve saved my college life

    45. aidan eline

      I have 3 projects due while watching this yay

    46. jane bond

      Well what about people like me who have so many physical problems & no money to pay anyone to do the things I need to get done & have to put things off?? I hate to do it but I can't physically get up & do the work I need to do because it is too have,difficult for me to do it. I want to do it.I can see me doing it, but when I start the back pain, leg,foot pain hand pain kicks in & I have to quit & sit down & do something less physical. Also there is so much to b done I get overwhelmed & can't do it alone. Have no one to help me so the moving, packing isn't getting done. I have laundry to do, fair alarms to fix & chairs to mo e etc. Can't do it myself due to my many health problems & my disabilities.. What can I do to get these jobs done that don't really have a deadline per se???

    47. aidan eline

      My panic monster comes out AFTER deadlines, which is a lot of late work.

    48. Timothey Szczepanski

      wait, you guys have a rational decision maker?

    49. Dasalsim

      The procrastinator's motto: If you leave it for the last minute it only takes one minute to do it!

    50. Jamie Ostrowski

      Should have said more about how to control the procrastination monkey - it boils down to dopamine detox training. Lots of videos on that.

    51. Pop cat

      I got an ad about procrastination while watching this lmfao

    52. ForestNynja43

      I am currently procrastinating on my new YT movie while watching this PLEASE HELP

    53. Charming Videos

      This video just popped up on my TRsel. At least this speaker does a good job not saying , "umm hmm. umm.hmm."

    54. Chloe Wolfe-Pullen

      Anyone else feel so relieved to have someone explain what you exactly feel or go through??? Like I cried so...

    55. Jiang Yan

      Funny thing is I am watching this while I am procrastinating

    56. Thatcher T

      This dude hi Chi looks like Daniel LaRusso from karate kid

    57. Bloop

      I just got a procrastination ad

      1. cherry

        so did i

    58. Prinz Eugen

      Okay, time to stop procrastinating Yeah, maybe later

    59. Ben Kimball

      I was opening the fridge when he said the thing about opening the fridge to see if there is anything different from 10 minutes ago.

    60. Adia

      So I had to do a speech evaluation on this Ted talk. Well... as you might guess, I'm doing it the day before it's due. There are 25 short paragraph answers needed for this project. So ya. Well chosen for my situation.


      For me, I usually start of strong, then think I've done enough, forget about the assignment for the next 2 weeks, and then realize on the last day I didn't finish it

    62. • EJ •

      I have 3 projects due in 6 hours, but this is more important.

    63. Thuy Lam

      Yang milih Allah SWT like.

    64. Daria Soare

      i got a homework at school to write some main things about this ted talk i didn’t know what the ted is about so i wasnt really interested and thats why i havent done anything in months. look at me now, doing an essay about procrastination at 3 am because i procrastinated literally 5 months and told myself that i have enough time to do it.

    65. Claudio Rodríguez

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    66. Ahmet Yaldir

      I got a Uni essay to give in tomorrow and here I am procrastinating by watching this fml

    67. David Lonnqvist

      Most persistent recommendation so far. FU.

    68. Trstnnexus123

      I got a procrastinating add before this video

    69. Mary Abraham

      This is the story of my life.

    70. HitorMiss

      I couldn't come out of a relationship of 5 years because of procrastination... I can so relate...

    71. Elena bojidarova

      “Like mate, stop procrastinating” -Bang Chan

    72. GamerGodz

      I got an add about procrastinating when i clicked on this...

    73. Dr. Abrar

      Hey I become a medical student and I’m so happy and I want to tell everyone 🥺

      1. Manca M


    74. Noor Hammoud

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    75. Alexis No

      please dont remind me of my assigment about plastic that is due in 1 day please

    76. Husbando Material

      Took me 4 years to finally get around to watching this.

    77. Henrik Svensson

      Fear sells. Now go and buy the life calendar :)

    78. Your Problem

      I've saved this, I just want to watch it later.

    79. malgorzata kruczek

      Best topic for talking...

    80. Zionetic

      i procrastinate so much that I'm saving this video for later

    81. Kino Bei

      Ingat.... Ada allah....

    82. Hanh Lam

      if you want God to forgive you dont commet here just go to the church and pray.

    83. Tse Calvin

      When I saw the thumbnail I thought, "Wow, is Hugh Jackman doing TED talks now?"

    84. Kino Bei

      0:22 so sexy moment

    85. Diamond Emerson


    86. Asra May

      i procastinating to watch this for months i guess

      1. Asra May

        but i did it

    87. Aadarsh ʘ‿ʘ

      Say thanks to my Gratification Monkey, because it's giving you Views

    88. LuxusTwiQz

      I felt guilty during the whole TED Talk

    89. Joel RL

      Am I the only one who thought he was talking about you. It is soo relatable

    90. Tien Thuy

      Yang milih Allah SWT like.

    91. kim norte

      It's funny but very relatable

    92. Son Com


    93. trivago Here

      Jokes aside whatever he said about us procrastinators is true!

    94. Gertha Gullett

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    96. Cat

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    98. Pranav Mallavarapu

      Kids try to watch this video. Men pause this video in between to watch this later. Legends put this video in "watch it later" list.

    99. Game OveR

      How to beat the monkey pleasure

    100. E. K.

      Can you believe? This is the most viewed TED talk!!! Then goes Bill Gates with his outbreak speech.