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    The video is about radio rebel
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    Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on TRsel, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.

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    1. Noodle Beanie

      ❌ red ❤️ bam 😘 bam 😍 bam 🥵 bam 💥

    2. Trilikz

      Ever heard of recess? <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="439">7:19</a>

    3. Katherink123

      Honestly. The gym scene is pretty accurate for a free day in gym.

    4. _Just A Dream_

      Watch 16 wishes it’s so cringey

    5. Larissa Wilson

      This killed me 😂💀

    6. Luxanna Crownguard

      Eventhough the movie is „cringe“ for many people, I personally really like and love it.. I remember the first time I watched it when I was 15.. now I am 18 and so much happend since then. This movie will always take a special place in my heart and I don‘t care what people say. For me, the message of this movie is so important and it will always be important! Be yourself, don‘t be ashamed of yourself.. stand your own ground. With that said, I want to give something special to the „this movie is cringe“-people out there: I‘m Radio Rebel。

    7. baby Starg

      lemonadeee mouthhhhhhh

    8. Crispy Bangtan

      I loved that movie, when I was 12. Looking back maybe Disney channel movies weren't all that good?

    9. Rob Smith21

      I just want you to know that this video had the Titan Games season 2 premiere for an ad..A 47 MINUTE AD! And I watched it! Because I want to be a good boy and be Greg one day

    10. I Draw

      this is my favorite movie and i refuse to listen to this 😔

    11. Vanessa Wanner

      In high school one year prom was almost cancelled because the drug dogs came and almost every senior had weed... like 70% of the class... my school was super small... like 17 people in that class.

    12. Kerop

      this video made me laugh so much

    13. On It

      *Throw it up,* _~Groove with it~_

    14. アニメ人間

      so is there a f up button

    15. Toy Tala


    16. iiixmaddie UwU

      NO! *i am* Radio rebel😤

    17. Spin master64

      I really want to show up on my 1st day of highschool with a trench coat & a fedora

    18. Lilah Gettler

      I love this merge with cinimasins

    19. Lilah Gettler

      This movie sounds like something id write for writing at 11 pm when the piece is due at midnight

    20. Wiloochan

      Is any one else only watching because there a twenty one pilots fan

    21. Rainbowstar64

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="158">2:38</a> *Mio Honda*

    22. Gundham Tanaka

      This video is so awesome I don’t have the words for it! Let’s see if Siri dose The first thing you got was to put it on the way to long and then you can get the coffee and I wanna was a way I got to get back in my car so I’ll try and see y’all later I love ya I love it omg is my time to be home and I’m not gonna is my day to get back out of it and get to work and I have to get it done I just got home I got em it is so cool and I’ll get it back in soon so so sorry I’m gonna is it the first day of you like you a gift from my friend I love y’all and you want me to do you wanna know you love you so so sorry to miss ya so so much and I’ll talk to you soon I wanna was the way you got to my work I love y’all and I’ll see y’all tomorrow I’ll see y’all there

    23. 509. levih

      You should react to “don’t look under the bed” scariest Disney movie ever made

    24. Chris Davids


    25. Rachel Amber

      red bam bam bam bam

    26. aim land

      I never had the Disney channel and just realised this movie is basically a rip off of pump up the volume

    27. Andreas Van Dommelen

      pls i need that poster of you in the background

    28. Katie Ryan

      please do bad hair day it’s another disney channel movie and it was one on my favourites when i was like 7

    29. manuel cuevas

      I just lost it at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="733">12:13</a> that face

    30. Wait for it

      what's with the cursing? #BadassDanny

    31. Felix Moffat

      Are we just gonna gloss over the fact that this girls name is just Earth in Latin? What kind of a name is Terra?

    32. Talia Handford

      Prom cancelled Rebellious high schoolers The guy who played Tom Keller I'm getting strong Riverdale vibes from this movie

    33. xavier davis

      do 16 wishes

    34. Landermaniac Spaghetti nigga

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="735">12:15</a> yes pleaee

    35. Dresthon

      Pump Up The Volume did it better

    36. ThAt_PoTaToE JaCkiE

      16 wishes weirder

    37. Porg Plays

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="158">2:38</a> I. Dyeing of laughter

    38. Alexander Steel

      Ah my favorite characters. Freud and gourd.

    39. Kelly Manion

      Danny: “how does this teacher not notice that she gets up and leaves? Me: “oh danny, sweet sweet Danny, I do that every class”

    40. ramswaroop sharma

      im honestly really offended that he didn't cover the part about gavin being a sandwich

    41. Hey I'm Morgan

      you should 100% watch starstruck

    42. catfacexkillah _

      Always weird to hear my name being said the whole video. Lol

    43. Stranger Jones

      I'd be cool with a Senior Morp at this point.

    44. black is the new black

      i love how the bands called the G's and there's two G's behind him... hear me out... Disney predicted Danny calling us Greg's!

    45. Jeremy Johnson

      Please do one on “Minute Men” one of my favorite Disney movies

    46. Lonely Little Wolfie

      "The Conversation Their Happening."

    47. The Ghost

      Did anyone watch radio free rosco?

    48. Nitara Pavick


    49. Lucky clover

      Can you do a video about 16 wishes?

    50. Ainsley Isbell


    51. The Crusader

      Munch munch crunch

    52. only me

      Omg wait I had the same hat as the best friend when I was 5

    53. Asira

      You should do a video on Stuck in the Suburbs

    54. 7ruk Browning

      Thats what my 8th grade pe teacher did he said "just do something active"

    55. Sarah Ayala

      Radio Rebel was cringey but How to Build a Better Boy and Zapped were way worse

    56. Madeline MacGovern-Shih

      Me dyeing when Danny is saying your hired. Ok I'm dead now 😂😂

    57. kii.ama. draws

      who else thinks danny should react to My Babysitters a Vampire ?

    58. arum

      running up behind them and pushing them is unfortunately a somewhat common way to greet your best friends in public school

    59. Valeria Samano


    60. Bacon 6480

      Kurtis + Drew = Danny

    61. Ethan The Great

      You need to do the new kimpossible movie

    62. Tú Ha

      Damn I really needa get whatever headphones Danny uses to watch these movies cuz I’ve seen that movie 7 times and never heard “rEeeDd bam bam bam bow” 🤧🤦🏻‍♀️

    63. velazquez armouries

      the first prom was orgainized in1894

    64. EdgySparklingDeath

      I desire the hoodie+_+

    65. Ian Quinn

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="160">2:40</a> feels like one of his vines

    66. Crocodile Guy

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="174">2:54</a>

    67. Silky_Seal

      That poor janitor

    68. ACACMC Party

      Oh my god........... THAT’S TOM KELLER FROM RIVERDALE HOLY FRICK!!!!!!

    69. Bri Simoneee

      you should do 16 wishes

    70. Hannah Orenstein

      Tbh that scene with the gym class is pretty realistic. Our teacher used to let us do whatever cause he was lazy lol

    71. Xx ThatOnePerson xX

      Is it just me or is Danny wearing lipstick?

    72. Becky Riddle

      Stepdad is on a watch list somewhere

    73. Marie


    74. JaYdEn

      nO iM rAdIo ReBel

    75. Death Bread

      Hey Danny's awesome funny and an excellent content creator but I want you all (and Danny) to know that ExpressVPN and others like it are not protecting your data. They have to give it up to the US government if asked, and the US does not give any fucks about their citizen's privacy. It's great that Danny's being supported, but it's better for you all to get a good VPN and support Danny's other sponsorships like Honey and Raycon.

    76. Mazie Gaming

      yah wey ah maz ze ey wa zaz!!! -Song Radio Rebel listens too

    77. Your typical Eddsworld Fan


    78. Alanah

      my dad walked in as you said 'oh yeah daddy'

      1. Death Bread

        oh no-

    79. Magnet Kid

      shoutout to the disconnect audio option on zoom for making it possible for me to watch this video

    80. King Thingy

      Did you know fraternal twins are identical twins of different genders