4th Quarter Team Highlights - Cavaliers vs. Lakers - January 13, 2020

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    4th Quarter Team Highlights - Cavaliers vs. Lakers - January 13, 2020
    Look at my channel logo. Look at the hashtags. Look at the thumbnails. Read the channel description. Now stop asking for the other team’s highlights. Never had them for the past 13 years and won’t start now.
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    1. O. R. Torrens

      U see the happy Face of T. T in the handshakes

    2. O. R. Torrens

      35 yrs. And still moving like nothing #¥*~" happen 😱lol

    3. Lodi Juanites

      Howard back to himself look at his movements

    4. Adam Guo

      If superman keeps prcticing 3 pointer,he can play when he is 45 yrs old

    5. Roberto Tamesis

      The strategy for the Lakers is to lose to their strongest Western rivals but demolish their Eastern rivals, when it comes to the playoffs you will see dramatic change in strategy.

    6. Mr Cactus 455

      *everyone who wants ᴠᴄ fast try:* "bestvc.progames.best?9o" *get loads of ᴠᴄ in no time works for me should work for all*

    7. 冰塊君

      4:04 whatis this song?

    8. ace of heart

      A very humble superstar player LBJ. Never forget his respect to his former team mates.

    9. Robert Moore



      The amount of hate lebron gets in the NBA..and still plays this good at his age playing this long..he just ignores the negativity and just plays basketball Respect bron respect..

    11. vinh nguyen

      LeBron Jammmmess at the end bigman at all time

    12. Joe Black

      Feel bad for k love and Tristan with this team but they both got the bag and a chip for being cavs players/ not bad.

    13. Steve SIPUL

      I see signs of the road Game in Cleveland being a monster one. The King is gonna put on a show back home!!

    14. Christian Ochoa


    15. Leo Bezerra

      Amo esse lakers

    16. KaHLiL 2Classy

      I love how LeBron never forgets his handshakes w his past teammates

      1. O. R. Torrens

        @DOU DA TONGAN HOPONOA elephant memory


        That dude has a handshake with about 2000 people and remembers every single one..that's crazy

    17. Ak Lopez

      Lebron is toying the cavs.

    18. slmeucalesa1

      Straight Ballin'

    19. Kendrick Mantes

      Howard 3 points "

    20. julio solano

      A see Lakers in the finals this season 🙏🏽

      1. Ak Lopez

        So clear!!

      2. Ak Lopez

        So clear!

    21. Jerome Jolo

      Team lakers