2nd Half Team Highlights - Cavaliers vs. Lakers - January 13, 2020

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    2nd Half Team Highlights - Cavaliers vs. Lakers - January 13, 2020
    Look at my channel logo. Look at the hashtags. Look at the thumbnails. Read the channel description. Now stop asking for the other team’s highlights. Never had them for the past 13 years and won’t start now.
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    1. ran burrito

      Love to see again these old teammates with those shake hands 💪😊

    2. O. R. Torrens

      See the happy face on T. T. When see the classic handshake to his former teammate K. L. Lot a Love!! 💛💜👍

    3. red red

      Never started till king got there 👑

      1. Shark Arise

        What never started, missing the playoffs and losing to the Clippers? You know there's 15 championship banners hanging in the rafters right? Only thing LeChoke king of is LeXuses fool.

    4. Joshua Cayetano

      On the way to champion

    5. Isabelito Ragsag

      Dwight Howard for mv3333333!!!LOL...

    6. Arnie Wrinkles

      Tristan Thompson : Thought you was my teammate bro

    7. mrgor24

      Caruso gets absolutely nothing from the refs.

    8. Ronald Tv

      Nice Game #GooLakers

    9. LeeTravius Mckay

      AD went to the Packers game

    10. LeeTravius Mckay

      "DWIGHT 3 GOT IT" 🏀

    11. John Markz

      This is overkill.. savage mode on.m.

    12. Mr Cactus 455

      *everyone who wants ᴠᴄ fast try:* "bestvc.progames.best?9o" *get loads of ᴠᴄ in no time works for me should work for all*

    13. Hands and Paws

      yeah forget the LOB Dwight let us see what you can do on the perimeter. then he shoots a three ^_^

    14. D.J. Jungel

      Amazing night, we be waiting for the season like this for a long time!!!

      1. Daniel Peprah-Manu


    15. agntx

      Trade AD we don't need him 🤣😂

    16. leigh paclibar

      i really enjoyed watching lakers play

    17. sleep less

      Dwight for three! lol

    18. Evelyn Peligro

      Nakakamiss din Yong tambalang LeBron at Kevin love,Lalo n Yong mga pasahan nila.


      Another great game to watch

    20. Robert Moore


    21. Primo

      Another Great WIN without AD! We can do this guys! Playoffs is near!!!

      1. Shark Arise

        @Shaney J Nah they can't beat any of the top 5-6 teams. Got whipped by the Clippers, Bucks and Raptors. They'll lose to the Rockets and Celtics soon as well. They only beat bad teams and choke in every big moment because both LeChoke and AD are mentally weak cowards in the clutch. Thats something that never changes and can't be fixed. They will get swept in the playoffs by the Rockets or Clippers whichever come thru first.

      2. Shaney J

        Shark Arise So we dropped two games to the Clippers 🤷🏾‍♀️ we play them two more times this season. We good! Lol 😂

      3. Shark Arise

        The cavs are 12-28. "We" can't even beat the Clippers calm down

    22. TheReal AL

      Dwight lit 🔥👍