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  1. Bethan Mitchell

    Babe I am so bloody proud of you ❤❤❤ I have watched your videos for so long and picked up so many tips and that's all thanks to you! You're so brave and I admire you so so much.. is chicks stick together and dont let some absolute idiot ruin this moment because you have just shown how powerful you are ❤❤❤ stay brave beautiful xxxxxx

  2. Fantasma Masma

    18.37 my father thought I was watching porn 🤣🤣🤣

  3. stefanie barkok

    im dutch hallo

  4. Roshea Jolmk

    I do not support you or prevent you, this is your personal decision and this is your life🌸🍃

  5. Nina Broers

    Ik hou van je Nikkie❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  6. Michelle Garcia

    We love youuuuuu❤️❤️❤️

  7. De gekke maatjes Kruijsboom

    I LOVE YOU SO MUCHH je moet je dromen volgen 💗😍❤️

  8. sharona synekhandal

    Duh nocturnal animals Nikki lol

  9. Pari Wish


  10. AQuinn

    Big love and so brave ❤️💕❤️💕

  11. M.E. W

    Your an inspiration to everyone and to me 😍😘😢😭😇😇

  12. Rin Lee

    Nikkie should come Asia then it will be snowhite and the dwarfs..

  13. Camila Souza

    Linda e livre! 🌞

  14. Christina G


  15. L. Htl

    You are still such a beautiful human being :) doesn’t matter what you are you are still a human like me

  16. Gijs van den berg

    in duch to!! so i understand this to

  17. George Daley

    What about his father?

  18. Masse Ramirez


  19. Jennifer Allen

    You two are the cutest <3

  20. Yu Kim

    🥺🌹this is the first time I meet you and I love you

  21. Shay

    P.S. I wish you could have listed the products you used. but STILL grateful for this video :)

  22. George Daley

    Was it a surprise to your dad?

  23. Jennifer Cunningham

    Thank God!!!!!!!! I hate fix+!! It's horrid! I began to think it's me, they problem is me because everyone literally raves over this and it has the worst spray. So good to know I'm not the only one baffled!


    Bjr j aimerai bien vous parler en privé

  25. Shay

    oh my god your eyebrows look amazingly FULL, ty for teaching us this!!! 01/23/20

  26. Eneva Zaranailsart

    Be yourself!!!!!!!!!!! Proud and loud !

  27. Nina W

    Zo stom dat er nog steeds mensen bestaan die je het gevoel kunnen geven dat je niet jezelf mag zijn. Voor iedereen: wees jezelf, leef voor je eigen geluk, niet zoveel aantrekken van wat anderen over je (zouden kunnen) denken. Je kan nooit iedereen tevreden stellen. Wees jezelf, leef een vrij leven. En als mensen jou niet accepteren hebben ze maar pech gehad. Je leeft niet om hun regels te volgen. Wees jezelf.

  28. Sir Koncrete

    Legit no idea who she is and when. I read the video title I instantly saw "Yep, she's trans" ngl it's kinda obvious

  29. lorna young

    We love u nothing is different!!!

  30. 200Billion dolar Wow


  31. Christina Belmares

    I like how we were all able to get to know and genuinely enjoy her before the announcement, because it let us see Nikki's personality and how she sees herself. :)

  32. Claire Stampley

    Be proud girl. Be strong. We all have things that we may be hesitant to put out there. Inspirational. Thanks for trusting that you are loved for being Nikkie.

  33. Art whit Semie Amber

    I’m dutch lol Ik ben nerderlands like als je nederlands

  34. LC NrsgBeautyNlife

    You are a human, a person, someone’s child, no matter what You are important regardless of your personal life.

  35. Peter van der Voort

    ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤i love you n. Van merrinxxx n😸😺😍💗❤💖

  36. AMEDEO Z

    after Nikkie's come out video her videos come into my recommendations and Im so glad I'm watching some interesting content, I have missed before

  37. farah Alshalabi

    ابو الرب

  38. Lord Helland

    Try and get some mental services done. Reverse body disphoria, its a real thing.

  39. Prativa Aryal

    Nothing can change the fact that you are a wonderful human being<3

  40. Katherine Silveyra

    being a woman is not a feeling

  41. Esra Deger

    Wanneer je met gasten bent of beroemdheden praat je weinig en ben je minder vrolijk voel je je ongemakkelijk of is je engels natuurlijk niet zo goed als die van hun...

  42. Adria Y De La Cruz V

    This made me very emotional, I can't imagine what you feel. You're still my favorite MU/TRselr. We love you! ❤ Keep doing magic with that amazing talent of yours🤗

  43. Lois Lublink


  44. Gitana Adelle

    Love you x

  45. Lord Helland

    So youre a dude with a mental illness i gotchu. You paint your face because you feel like a clown

  46. Star Cowart

    I just saw this on Ellen. Keep doing YOU! Thank you for taking the courage for being YOU! You are amazingly talented. There will always be haters but you have overcome this. Now the sky is the limit!! Much success to YOU!

  47. Tasabeeh Barnawi

    What the hell is wrong with you TRsel

  48. Alicia Tejera

    That's your own personal business girl. But you are empowering so many people out there that dont have a voice. You're amazing. I've learned so much watching your videos.

  49. Tomaten Sohn✔

    I understand ya kinda bcc i live in austria

  50. Katwic

    You are an amazing vrouw!

  51. Jae Fernandez

    Nikki is still Nikki. You are my Nikki 😘

  52. Gijs van den berg

    ik kijk dit terwijl ik nieuwsbegrip maak van dit video

  53. Pari Wish

    Love you ♥️

  54. Art whit Semie Amber

    I’m proud of you! I think your very brave to tell this! I’m Dutch btw( I love your makeup and videos your great keep going!

  55. ade bol

    Не могу поверить что это Мужик

  56. Cori Avellaneda


  57. Logan Timmerman

    i love you and i support you

  58. Shelby Morrissey

    So proud of you 💕

  59. vhslana

    The amount of ignorance and transphobia in this section sickens me. Let her breathe y’all. Really, the only reason that people hate on her for, is because they truly cannot live with themselves.

    1. gold titanium

      ​@vhslana never claimed i was in control of others, thats a strawman

    2. gold titanium

      @vhslana never claimed i was in controll of others, thats a strawman

    3. vhslana

      gold titanium it isn’t deranged mentality? You are not the one to control others peoples lives.

    4. gold titanium

      or we see the deranged mentality as what it is and are commenting on it, ever thought of that ?

  60. Tchikou Hassen

    من عند ابو الرب

  61. Fatema Tabassum

    When you're watching this after her coming out video and 6:47 takes a whole new meaning... love her though, always.

  62. Lieke van Leeuwen

    i still love you Nikki <3 still love ur video`s

  63. jeweetzelfman nl


  64. Aiham_ Yuzema

    جيش الهبد 💪😎

  65. LUVNMK

    Love you Nikkie!!!❤❤❤

  66. محمد هشام بزور

    أحمد أبو الرب

  67. السيدة زعبوطة the best

    من عند احمد ابو الرب

  68. deana owens

    I still love you sweetheart you are amazing for you to have to courage to come out is absolutely amazing and it takes courage stay you because you are certainly amazing

  69. Hussain Hammad

    Your LIPS🔥♥️dark lip colours really suits you

  70. Big Brain

    I wish women had to look good naturally like men do. Like it’s actually so unfair

  71. Rayne Akers

    Baby girl, I am so, so, SO, proud of you, this is your story and you get to write it. I love you even with you sharing new information. Be YOU baby, be you <3

  72. Marie Rott

    Love you ik hou van je je bent een echt voorbeeld voor me

  73. Ibtisam Mtiliaa Hmam

    The amount of courage you have ,i truly admire it ,hope you have a happy life

  74. Noortjexx


  75. Plastiic-cake

    This radiant woman is an inspiration. Nikkie I don’t watch you much but damn you are so brave. I love this video and I love that you can finally come out 💕💕💕

  76. silly snail

    i’m so proud of you bby! me and my friends were like “damn my girl snapped” we don’t see you any different. your still Nikkie forever and always. we’re so glad, your so brave and i’m sorry people are assholes. but fuck them bitchess. we’re here for you babyyyy!!!!❤️🥰

  77. Zaria El-Ansari

    Its so disgusting that you were robbed of the opportunity to come out on your own terms. But I'm so glad you took that power back into your own hands. You have my full support and I'm so proud at how you handled it girl! This is something to learn from, truly. Others only make us powerless if we let them rule us. You're a true inspiration, and I hope nothing but the best for you hun. You're strong and beautiful for being able to handle this.

  78. Puck Janssen

    Doe vaker Nederlandse video's want ik ben zoooo slecht in Engels🤣

  79. Reg Cas

    I’m not lgbtqia+ I’m straight but I have the most respect for you coming out like this ❤️

  80. Lyali Lk

    We all love you and proud of u nikkie

  81. Sarah McCalmon

    Question is, did you love the sponge enough to continue using it and how did it hold up?

  82. omesha merdith

    You’re a king 🤴

    1. gold titanium

      king of queers

    2. vhslana


  83. Yeah I Said It

    God doesn't make mistakes. You were meant to be a man!!!!


    Ok so my sister has been watching nikkie for about 9 years now!!!! So she rang me crying saying nikkie is trans...I stan

  85. Aliyha hines

    I’m confused, ppl in the lgbtq+ always say boys n girls shud b able to play with any toy they want, no toys, colors or clothing shud b specifically for boys or girls but then wen they come out they say I always knew I was a girl coz I liked barbies n dresses... but didn’t u juss say... watever

  86. Iryna Kapelka

    Ким как будто пришла на треш-обзор салона красоты 😂😂😂😂

  87. Yeah I Said It

    How can someone not see that this is a man full of makeup and cosmetic surgery?

    1. Yeah I Said It

      @NIQ HSA god doesnt make mistakes. He was meant to be a man.

    2. gold titanium

      @NIQ HSA i dont think god can put his pipi back into place

    3. NIQ HSA

      @gold titanium no, not deranged mental patient, rather a deranged servant of God who defies His power and creation to change what God has given. The times of end are coming. We can only hope Jesus arrives sooner to put the world back in its place.

    4. gold titanium

      a deranged mentall patient aswell

    5. NIQ HSA

      Yeah u said it😉

  88. carlos en linda jak

    hou je bek

  89. Kim Arundale

    19:42 "That ten-head needs to become a four-head" gurl OMG 😂🤣 pun game on point

  90. gold titanium

    ive reported this video to youtube in the category, dangerous and self harm, promoting self mutilation and mental instability and what effect it has on society by supporting mental patients as a good thing to do by thinking this is normal. mental patients have a great effect on the young society. youtube is supporting self mutilation and mental instability as positive and traumatizing its audience by deranged sociopaths like niki is.

  91. Margaret A.

    Nikki is So good When it comes to entertaining her guest

  92. Elettrone Libero

    way better before. wht happened!

  93. rasha abolof

    I'm not Into all... But i think that's its your privat and personal thing. I don't think it's anyone's business. Its a chapter in your or any Trans persons life. I think that if u are born in a wrong body it's hard enough to deal with it and than to transition and so on. Why humans always force other to talk about a chapter u may don't want to think about anymore?! Do I have to talk about my Vjayjay or a man about the langh of his "snake"?... NO. because u do TRsel? U do make up u do art What has it to do with your sexuality... But u came out and u can be proud... By the end off the day its about how good u are as a human not as a sex. I like your work and what u accomplished... So u are Nikkie! What u have been.... Well the world knows it now. Hopefully they are now richer in what ever... 😂 By the End off the day u can face yourself and be proud off yourself. I love the work u do and the positive attitude that u have. Even thou... Hug.

  94. ria c

    Wow why come off as female.. Your totally a male. Look at your body, bone structure saw the ellan show. So your fiancé is male, your make so just admit your two gay men. God doesn't make mistakes..

    1. フㄩㄥ丨乇乇

      @ria c how do you know I'm not from here ?!

    2. Zaria El-Ansari

      "God doesn't make mistakes"? What happened to love thy neighbor? Here's a prime example of you hating on people without truly being able to understand and at the very least sympathize with their cause? Even if you don't agree with it, you could at least give enough understanding to respect their wishes. It's not like its causing direct harm to you.

    3. ria c

      @フㄩㄥ丨乇乇 lol your funny.. Learn proper English.. Or go back to your own country.. Lol

    4. フㄩㄥ丨乇乇


  95. Katrina Jenkins

    I really loved this video so much. Be you girl!!!! We all write our own journey and story and we better look back and think that book was the best to hit the shelves!!

  96. krldwns

    Also the way her mouth moves like I know she got her lips and teeth done but you can tell how much easier it is to speak in English now,

  97. Paul Chaos

    I have no idea who this woman is but I do she is trans she has a beauty TRsel channel she had a interview with Ellen and she has a fiance who I believe to be male so doesn't that make him gay?

    1. vhslana

      are you serious...

    2. Paul Chaos

      Wait nvm I didn't understand her

  98. Melisa Katjespower

    Lieve Nikki je bent echt een dapperen meid ik ben blij dat je het heb verteld❤️👍🏻🌈 iedereen is perfect op zijn eigen manier👍🏻 ook als je transcendere bent ik ben erg trots op je dat je verteld dat je transcender bent love you (let niet op me spellings fouten AUB) liefs Melisa❤️👍🏻😘

  99. LaDeXbE

    OMG, i'm too proud of you i love you

  100. krldwns

    I cannot get over the difference between her voice then and now shes lost her accent so much!!