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  1. Amrita S

    I can't... they're adorable! :')


    I wish you Movie super hit ......

  3. Abimana z iswan Bimo

    Kind of enough with jared letto Sorry, no offense

    1. Cipher Fytone

      You've probably only seen one film in your life with him on it, Your hating just to follow to popular opinions

  4. Edward Foo

    michael keaton cameo is smart. He is batman! 😆

  5. Nguyen Hoang Duc

    I expected Mike Lowrey said: "I am your father" to his son. Not a very touching moment, though.

  6. Aaron Green

    This is now my favorite Marvel Character ever. I love the darkness :D

  7. Fatih Ali Dzelilovic

    Kids : OMG Goosebumps:this is fine

  8. Ella Tolbert


  9. Biryani Boi

    sinister six confirmed???


    They chose an OLD ACTOR because of his NAME. THATS HOW U KNOW ITS A WACK MOVIE

  11. MONDOLS & Co.

    To me,He is looking like Gaunter O dimm 😶 from witcher 3 heart of stone 😶😶

  12. Debi Aja

    Back to Porsche ya

  13. dobazajr

    This better be her Oscar clip.

  14. Waleed making epic Centuries

    And now the villains are helpin em make billions 😛

  15. Smit Moradiya

    The violet smokey effects It would say When discovering his powers, he should start with red smoke Violet smokey effects would be used in the transition period Dark/deep blue color should be the color finally to signify the cold bloodedness of the vampire self

  16. Waleed making epic Centuries

    This should be called The Bright side of VILLAINS 🦹‍♂️ 🦹‍♀️

  17. Ayet & Yu yen

    2:09 its not tom holland's spider man its tobey maguire's spider man

    1. Cipher Fytone

      Even better 😂

  18. NerdyGirl XO

    Oh my gosh 😱 its batman with actual superpowers

  19. 지디빠돌이

    ???: 니나니나니 고릴라다~

  20. cheshirecat26us

    Hell yeah. I have been waiting for this trailer for months, so worth it. Can't wait to see it on the big screen.

  21. Strange Lip Reading

    People complaining about the deleted scene. Me: they’ve literally just showed it you why you complaining😐😐

  22. Truthseeking Troll

    So let me guess is this a Movie where Vin Diesel has bloodshot eyes?

  23. CR Rajasthani

    Cr rajasthani👈🔔👈👈👈

  24. Piyang Ortega

    so nice 💜💜💜

  25. daniel bipat

    wow it is like the main character is like some kind of living vampire.

  26. XPERTZ-Pow3r

    2:10 crazy how they put a Tobey Maguire Spider-Man reference

  27. gamer Rowedy

    Starting a business involving extreminating femminazis im calling it wokebusters who wants to invest lol

  28. Bobmarley 310

    I just bought tickets to see the movie tonight.I'm so excited.1st one(not born yet) 2nd one (3 years old) the new one(19 years old)

  29. Yuet Ping Lau

    It’s just like after iron3

  30. Spidey 0__0

    Mcu fans after seeing Michael Keaton:is this part of the mcu?! Me after seeing the webbed suit from spider man ps4 with murderer written over it:is this part of the ps4 universe or sam raimi Spider-Man universe. Kidding I'm missing with you all. Sony is this movie part of mcu or is this just a standalone film?

  31. Z3nta Vaporwave

    This is same as escape room roblox

  32. Kiran

    He should tattoo "vampire" On his forehead.


    i like it, new Batman movie, but where is Robert Pattinson?

  34. Another idiot passing tough

    Spiderman cinematic universe...

  35. Michael Fernandes


  36. Ravali Naguru

    Who are watching this trailer after watching F2 hit like (it is remake of Telugu movie F2)

  37. NothingYT

    2:12 is that Matt Smith?

  38. anuj kasana

    Tune - beethoven fur elise Thank me later 😉

  39. Dani Cleckley

    This looks amazing.

  40. SSCooler

    Everyone: Comments about Jared going from DC to Marvel Me: OMG IS THAT A Für Elise REMIX???? It fits so beautifully in this trailer!!! 😍😍😍😍😍

  41. Polverine

    You are so dark. Are you sure you are not from DC universe?

  42. UnwiseWings0973

    Stranger Things Meets Living With Yourself

  43. PrashPlexusGaming

    So he splits up with Harley and goes on to become the manbat that haunts Bruce Wayne in his dreams, 🤔

  44. coke man

    we’re not just black we’re cops too we’ll pull ourselves over later. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  45. marrdisa dullgina


  46. discovered a new type of diabetes

    I, Giorno Giovanna, have a blood disease and it’s call "diabetes."

  47. goeienacht


  48. wcngm43

    I'm honestly more interested in this Sonyverse than than what Marvel has in line for the near future.

  49. Velocity

    That backsound like orchestra music

  50. Funnel Set

    So, is it rated R?

  51. Awesome Beast123

    I guess it was easy to convince Leto to work with marvel after D.C replaced him

  52. Johnathon Barker

    Well it looks kinda Promising so far.


    "Let me give dead animals to my co workers" yeah jared not creepy at all...

  54. Roy Azzurah

    While others busy become another superhero but Jerad sustained became sophisticated villain.

  55. Dhruba js

    Wow the Doctor

  56. Falguni Roy

    blockbuster trailer...

  57. not me

    Tim Burton: Hmmm....

  58. lee seung

    i cant believe this was produced by sony like wtf??? i expected more lmao

  59. a2

    Okay now: how come Smith looks absolutely the same as he did in the previous one and Lawrence is now a fat old dude? I would say that Smith was in a freezer for all these years but he starred in a hell of bunch of movies and Lawrence did not! Man that's unfair!)

  60. Geo Tech News

    Wait wtf! Is that birdman from Spider-Man homecoming? Is that vulture at the end ? Same universe ?

    1. Cipher Fytone


  61. Editing Point

    0:33 Music Name Is Fur Elise

  62. Lorenzo De Stefano

    Hmmmm seems like a problem for a certain Doctor there

  63. fauzi ahmad

    2:09 Spidey is murderer

  64. 6irty6iamon6 2

    this is going to suck

  65. シン

    Movie is not prefect but amazing! Every single fan should go to the movie It’s won’t let you down!

  66. TarøChu


  67. Yavuz Sensei

    İsn't it just CGI version of ROBOCOP?

  68. Emi Magdhalena

    This is vlad dracula

  69. Pwincezz Gal

    Jared leto 💜

  70. Besiktas Çarsi

    Martin lawrence best Actor ever

  71. Amal R

    *Faster, stronger, sharper*

  72. MT

    Spider man the murderer 2:10 🧐

  73. Aqua C

    The best movie I've watched till date! ❣❣❣❣❣❣❣

  74. Elemy Over

    Did no one notice the eleventh doctor, and they said that endgame was the most ambitious crossover.

  75. dawb86

    Leto literally tells us the characters abilities in the trailer alone. LOL, Sony is CLEARLY not concerned with nuance and subtleness, hopefully the characters aren't just saying all their emotions/concerns/etc. out loud all throughout the actual film.

    1. xxxf Gjfdgdg


  76. Keepers of Light

    2:09 Tobey? 2:37 Tom? Wtf is going on?

  77. kushagr Walker

    2:09 here it is what you are finding 😎 🤗 Thanks me later

  78. Hong Sin

    Where is my 'Nxxga u at least 30' Reggie at???????

  79. Jemel Moore

    Seen it last night. Run see this movie you won't regret it.👍 👍

  80. 노래읽어주는 남자

    What's music? I wanna use this music to depend of fucking guy who live upstairs making noise everyday.

  81. King Prince

    says murderer over the pic of spiderman. and everyone thinks he killed mysterio. more proof its part of the mcu

  82. NightFURY Gaming

    Okay i got it they are making the sequel of Universal Soldier 🙄

  83. daseptic eye

    Its the musiccccc ohhh goosssh its beautiful

  84. Roblegodude

    2:12 I think they called the correct Doctor.

  85. tasnim hossain

    jared leto looks like jesus

    1. The Blast!


  86. Maeguk

    To Bad Boys 4 they should get Eddie Murphy, Chris Tucker and Kevin Hart and I am a white dude... but that would be just f**king mind blowing

  87. Cronusiedd 25

    It's just a vampire... Nothing epic to me it's just common, now obviously I don't know about this guy because I'm not a marvel fan, I'm a DC fan so to all the marvel fans out there what so special about this murbios guy that he end up meeting with the vulture? What can you guys tell me about him?

    1. The Blast!

      @Cronusiedd 25 Your welcome! I'm not against dc anyways i aplot both companies and universes btw extra info on "Morbius" He has a pretty dark backstory in the comics well a tragic backstory of course but i don't think it will play out in the movie though but still it's a badass character well A human with bat features and powers with some extra muscles i think I'll like it!

    2. Cronusiedd 25

      @The Blast! thanks for the information

    3. The Blast!

      He's not a Vampire! He lost his will to walk due to a Disease a found an illegal way to Enhance the bat genetics into him whilst also curing him but the Curious Michael later finds out the consequences and side effects this can cause Ofcourse not all science experimental/enhancements work soo the side effects was that he'd had to consume blood in order to stay alive! Well that's a problem because he can't consume everybody that would be crazy but then ghost rider approaches him (In the comics) and asks him to do it to people who deserve it thus making him an anti hero but still his superpowers are not that of amazing cuz it only consist of what a bat has except for 1 minor specialty that is the strength! But he is actually a pretty cool character and is similar Bloodwork from dc but no. It's a very interesting character to me because morbius was originally a Villain but later turned anti hero into the comics but also his specialty to be Scary is neat and dope pls watch it! It isn't just marvel well it isn't in the Cinematic universe but it is a Very solid character!


    The name of song in the trailer is Für Elise Thank me later

  89. Mai Mohamed

    The music 😍✨👏🎶

  90. Richmon Bates

    Honestly think Jared Leto will redeem himself as well as pulling it off as this character in Marvel

  91. Haniyya Fathimaaa

    0:33 song anyone??

  92. pudding chan

    The reason why Joker dumped Harley quinn😂😂

  93. Minesh Mandia

    Piano music ??

  94. Franchesco Hernandez

    Not bad