Marvel Entertainment, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, is one of the world's most prominent character-based entertainment companies, built on a proven library of over 8,000 characters featured in a variety of media over seventy years. Marvel utilizes its character franchises in entertainment, licensing and publishing.

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  1. Death Star harry

    Two years later and the score still brings a tear to my eye

  2. Ruben Deville

    How do we find the updated reading order for empyrean?

  3. Kojo Assan

    Imagine in a post credit scene we see her stranded at the place where the got the soul stone

  4. Kojo Assan

    Imagine in a post credit scene we see her stranded at the place where the got the soul stone

  5. da gingerbread boi

    14:24 MUUUUUUCH respect that they actually went into current comics and drew inspiration

  6. James R. McCree


  7. Lucas Michaud

    I feel bad for everyone who didn’t see this in theaters

  8. da gingerbread boi

    Man I wanna like this game but the frame rate does not look promising

  9. Romão Soares

    Two things seems to be true. The new character's designs and powers are not interesting. And the bulk of this comment section is made of childish people. Don't use the bad work of those artists to justify your awkardness towards the new terms a identities of our society, folks.

    1. Romão Soares

      Actually, Safespace's power are kind of interesting. I wonder if they'll be able to write a decent story with it.

  10. LukopPL

    Looks like you forgot to mention about some little detail... FCKIN LACK OF SPIDER-MAN ON EVERY PLATFORM?! Are you f serious??? Give it to all players or say to Sony to go f themselves. Or price the game lower on other platforms. From must have this game is for me done. F you Crystal Dynamics, Marvel, Sony. You care about equality only if you see money from it.

  11. Andy Marcos

    Captain Marvel is the best <3

  12. UltimateSpider

    i want a new version of this game

  13. markofpower gaming

    Wow she's the voice actor of Luna snow her voice is so high and beautiful

  14. msariah

    So did she seem light 💡 show glowwy


    if Spider Man in the game im buying Marvel's Avengers Day one

  16. markofpower gaming

    I luv Luna snow so much plus I like that she speaks her music and she's so strong

  17. Shrew

    Is this the new Mission Impossible movie?

  18. Nesquik Franco

    Movie: coming May 1st Me already in August

  19. S.P.D. Magenta Ranger

    Let's see, we have Avengers Academy, Cloak and Dagger, Young Avengers... *sees Power Pack* I approve of this list. My brain: FINALLY!!!!

  20. TS64

    Wow this game has taken a huge 180 from its debut, I really want to play this once I finally get a PS5 since I don't have a PS4

  21. Everett Esteban

    Hey what's up you guys my name is Everett and I'm visually impaired completely and for those of you who are you know complaining about that it's not like the MCU well I'm sorry to give you the bad news but that's never going to happen and you know there's plenty of customisations to give you MCU outfits so I don't know why y'all complaining about it not only that but they're not going to hire the voice actors because the voice actors or the people who play these characters in live-action are going to be having a lot of money they want to be paid a lot of money to be able to do it so just hire voice actor that's what voice actors are for okay not only that but I'm tired of the MCU at this point I'm glad that they're doing their own thing and they're straying away from the MCU I don't like Stormbreaker okay and this is not being me being a hater on Marvel I love Marvel I just prefer sore with a hammer and not the ax it's better for me not only that but you know I'm not a big fan of what the MCU been doing with these characters I grew up when the first Spider-Man movie came out in 98 and 2002 I remember when that movie came out I was 4 years old I remember when blade came out I didn't see it a horse cuz I was born in 98 but I remember seeing that movie later on in my life so for those of you guys complaining about that it's not like the MCU there's customizations you can do okay stop complaining and move on I just want to reiterate that because people keep complaining that it's not like the MCU and that's a good thing that it's not like the MCU because the only reason people are saying that it's like the MCU that's because that's what you guys are used to that's all we already have them MCU shoved down their throats in TV shows I don't need it shoved down my throat in a video game okay by the way if y'all are wondering oval Everett how are you going to play the video game well it's has interface that is designed for people who are visually impaired okay so don't give me that argument because I already know okay second of all I do apologize if this text comes out weird it's not me it's because my phone has voice over and so sometimes the voice over does not get everything I'm not doing this to be a douchebag I'm letting you guys know that if you guys don't like the game then don't play the game okay that's just simple as that but complaining about it is not going to do anything and I'm glad that Crystal Dynamics is going away from the MCU because I don't need the MCU shoved down my throat every media okay every single media I don't need to be reminded about what the MCU is I know what it is we all know what it is okay I don't need to shut down my throat all the time you know the MCU is just it's getting you know it's just it's not as impactful as it used to be again I do apologize Folks at this text comes out weird it's not me it's cuz my phone has voice over in so sometimes the voice over does not get everything so I do apologize for that

  22. Lafh

    i find it kind disrecpecful that they didnt use the actors for this, yeah it will be more expensive but that wouldve sold it to me right away.

  23. Biplab Sharma

    ArtSpear Entertainment Pulled of the Final Trailer Spoof with so much Sarcasm

  24. TerrorMau5

    SPIDERMAN BELONGS TO EVERYONE NOT ONLY SONY! >:@ cancelled. enjoy this rigged bullshit.

  25. Aiden Jang

    Jumbo sized Dora, average teen with internet has and Ben 10 suit, an emo Walmart vampire, someone who can't take jokes, and a person who is always incognito. What a powerhouse.

  26. LilSamz

    Spider man is officially on Marvel Avengers game only on Ps4 from Miles Morales, I can't wait for yu guys see my Story and hear my music and feel what it is in to wear the mask

  27. lano Star

    Some people liked this video so much , that they turned the phone upside down just to like it again ....

  28. Victor C

    This guy is basically the first and only celebrity illustrator. Imagine that. He set the bar for success for us illustration majors.

  29. S.P.D. Magenta Ranger

    Jan and Nadia's relationship is so sweet!

  30. barry ballroom

    1.5K people missed the like button

  31. crafterisland

    What is this

  32. cora millican bestie 4ever

    Is the beta free

  33. Joanne Jones

    Do star wars

  34. ninafrost

    I low key still ship SkyeWard. Am I the only who preferred this over Static&Quake?

  35. Scorpius The Hedgememe

    when we seeing this at evo

  36. Neyybe F Islas Apez

    And... where's the Scarlet Witch? :(

  37. pooja shridhar

    sonic the hedgehog movie trailer

  38. K B

    Hey no lie I didn’t notice that he wasn’t in the game

  39. Alex the Gordo

    I would have chosen gremlin

  40. Charlie! At The Disco

    Chris Hardwick is like a dad trying to control his kids

  41. Amit Sinha

    What has been done here.. People will keep watching and always do whatver it takes to keep it a legend.. Marvel you really did some wonders in our lifetime

  42. PAZHY -_-NochancE

    august i`m still waiting for this movie

  43. BugZapTV


  44. Vaibhav Goyal

    Coronavirus is a Ragnarok

  45. Meg Leslie

    Clint wasn't in the game because he was on house arrest :)

  46. Saydia De Peña


  47. whosdevin

    Who heard the dog bark in the last 5 seconds?? Gonna be very accurate to his dog lucky from the comics it seems!!!!

  48. ConFilmz

    Stan Lee was the best in us and In humanity,the hero’s he made were flesh and blood people because that’s how much he cares about his world. His characters are only hero’s. He’s the super hero

  49. Ohboi 001

    This is the character that will be dope if done correctly!!!

  50. Augusto Hertzog

    I like to see how Rocket is a plush in 2:09.

  51. Advaita Bakshi

    Can anything top this event ? *No.*

  52. yeungscs

    "exposed to his grandfather's internet gas" lmao

  53. Movie_Nerd 489

    Most the budget probably went to the IMAX cameras

  54. Sivadath Varma

    We love u tony

  55. Sivadath Varma

    Whatever u do......... U just cannot replace the great IRON MAN

  56. Rafael Rodriguez

    We need a serie of Wolverine :C

  57. Ravenclaw Gamer

    Natasha Romanov:- One Last Movie Thor:- One Last Movie Professor Hulk:- One Last Appearance In She-Hulk. Clint Burton:- Retired. Captain America:- Retired Elder. Iron Man:- R.I.P, Sacrificed. The original six are dwindling away. And my childhood heart is dwindling with them. Never forget, no matter who becomes Avengers in the future of the franchise; that Natasha was one of the original crew.

  58. Eshita Mazumdar

    Is there someone who start to watch all Marvel movies in during Lockdown???!!!🙂

  59. Aisder 518


  60. Andrew Yoo

    Some of the avengers assembled 😂🤣😂

  61. painter cat

    imagen they like this comment

  62. YASER538

    The scarlet one yo

  63. Barack Obama

    Dc has nothing on this

  64. Lindica Gonzalez

    Look at me move ga ga Banana power Banana power power

  65. Lindica Gonzalez

    I am a Bananana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. Lindica Gonzalez


    1. Lindica Gonzalez

      I am just kidding

  67. phoenix phoenix

    Jean grey and scarlett witch

  68. ayudh ghosh

    Where is Spider-Man on pc why crystal dynamic we won't get to play as Spider-Man

  69. Barrythe Speedster

    My only problem is the animation still looks poor hopefully that's fixed before release and they don't just think meh we will update it later

  70. Kane Draw’s!

    Spider Gwen seems like a great character who gets a lot of popularity, but I feel like she kind of undermines Gwen’s death in 616, it’s kind of really what drove peter and his decisions.

  71. Jeff Jr

    Marvel Fans: Wow Thanos makes this the best Marvel trailer Galactus: Hold my planet

  72. Richie0717

    What do you think? Should I pay the same money just because I want to play Avengers on a PC? AND I CAN'T PLAY WITH SPIDER-MAN? CONGRATULATIONS...

  73. Mach Dude

    I want to see the training sessions now where Sam and Bucky are trying to practice with the shield in making it do what it needs to do. Sam is better at making the aerodynamics happen, but Bucky is far more accurate with the shield and they basically are trying to make it so that Sam can at least get the shield back after he throws it.

  74. Viral clan x 2

    How many owners does lockjaw has

  75. vijeth

    Captain marvel was a douchebag in endgame

  76. Faraz Ahmed


  77. Chris Gee Reacts

    That Thomas the Train part at the end of the trailer tho. haha

  78. MrCreeper

    Why does she look like dora the explorer

  79. Manuela Casagranda


  80. Hate Humans

    Another good game has been ruined by greed making it impossible to win so you can waste your money on these expensive online games that hardly even work. It's another bad game developers like those idiots at alien boss ltd that made csr2 and rip you off lol

  81. The Awesome Ahmeds

    Whats with the dog bark at the end

  82. star games


  83. Josh K

    I hope Deadpool or Gwenpool pop up

  84. Emberke Lempek


  85. Let's PLAY

    Why avengers looking like pornostars.


    I am alive Silver surfer is looking for you


    I am alive Silver surfer is looking for you

  88. Huginn Hjartarson

    1:53 Thor is like Electro.

  89. Nathaniel Gray

    Sad part is hulk was edited out😢

  90. koondoog

    2020 and I still remember the hype from 1:35 (and of course the beats at the end)

  91. Comics Castle

    I wish black widow sit on my face

  92. Gustavo Francia

    Esperaba ver a los agentes de shield y los héroes callejeros de Netflix en End Game.

  93. Young Bainthin

    “Unity!” - Dave Chapelle

  94. Zakkariyah Omar

    This movie will forever go down in history as one of the greats and endgame will go down as THE GREATEST !!

  95. Raseruuu

    My Avengers Academia!

  96. SuperSpeed Bros

    Ah the freaking nostalgia. I remember watching this over and over again!

  97. Elder Status Tumblr


  98. itz__me __adi


  99. Eli barbarin


  100. Barney Hope

    This trailer is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!