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  1. Madelyn Alegre

    why does this remind me of jenna marbles as the rabwitch

  2. Aalyiah Parker

    and one whatching in 2020 and seeing jeffee do his brows is so different to now😂😂

  3. Katherine Miller

    Jeffree girl can opener. It sounds bad but for those blister packages its the best tool.

  4. Isabela and Gracie

    I tried a "clear foundation" and it was 12 bucks ripoff it burned once I put it on and it smelt and felt like glue

  5. sheilayoyo

    how does he stop his beard from growing?

  6. abbsnn cose

    "Come, sorrow; we welcome thee. Let us join in grief, rejoice in despair, and honour the fortunate dead" - Wednesday Addams

  7. shandix tarbell

    Hi jeffree. I love that purse.

  8. Bxtter Cream

    I love how there just casually walking around the warehouse with a flamethrower

  9. Rosé Nunez

    11:57 me😂😂😂

  10. Donna Flowers

    I love that lady for letting her kiddo do her make up. After that child beating bitch pulled that shit. This was so refreshing that there are good moms out there. Jeffrees reaction was iconic!!

  11. Zoë Carson

    That board would pay my rent for probably the rest of my life 😂

  12. yura yaa

    Jeffree looks very handsome 😭😭

  13. M K

    Love everything about the velvet pallet. The shape, the color, the clasp, the velvet, the shades.... all fantastic! Love you too Jeffree! Thanks!💗 You always make my day better!

  14. Bxtter Cream

    Can I ask what happened?

  15. Danielle Chmura

    its ok to be single

  16. Fairytales And Cocktails

    I love this! I was drawn to use my grayscale tarot today and then saw this on my feed

  17. sakura hoora

    I saw a dream i was jafree assistant 😅 i just came back checking on ya beautiful pallet though

  18. is

    jeffree looks like lily from gossip girl in this video

  19. AlternativeGeek

    My dad is Cremated i did not once think of him when you announced this pallet my first thought was ohh I don't like pastels but hunny 👏👏👏

  20. Rosé Nunez

    Gurll u showed ur license of the carr!

  21. xHikaruIzumi

    Wow, Jeffree is an asshole.

  22. Jep Jep

    Why they're soooo mean to Jeffree star?

  23. This Face Believes You

    A 30 minute video ably gets to the actual makeup at the 22:20 mark.

  24. Avery Joyner

  25. Ashley Mayfield

    People are so fucking sensitive, like bitch it’s called cremated because it’s the theme and style like don’t take it so personally, my grandpa was cremated but I’m not taking offense to it. It’s grey tones, LIKE CREMATION! I really wanna get this Palette tho.

  26. April Rams

    This is literally my makeup everyday though 😂

  27. Parker

    Hi general grevious

  28. Donna Flowers

    Its hard watching these tours of his house. I live in an extended stay 😭😭😭 Good for you Jeffree. Proud of you for coming from nothing and rising to royalty. Youre a fucking Phoenix

  29. Lesly Barajas

    If you ever think of going to get your ears pierced jeffree DO NOT go to Claire’s they use a gun and you can get an infection

  30. Olivia Henry

    9:36 volturi who

  31. Raven&Harley

    I have dyslexia to!!!! Lmaooo I hate it 😂😂😂

  32. Whatevr_ MEN

    I’m dead 💀😹🤚🏻♨️


    It’s a shame that this has been pretty much forgotten about

  34. April Rams

    I always use my fingers. Never use brushes for concealer or foundation. The warmth of your fingers helps melt the makeup to your skin and makes it look more natural. Never rub it in, but dab.

  35. Vonn

    No one: Goth people: take my money.

  36. Fox Girl

    Omg Jeffree I love you honey and I support you and I want you to no that

  37. دخل تشوف / Enter to discover

    Hay my friend ✋

  38. פני אפרצב

    Nicole's talented AF!

  39. Frank Parent

    4:37 I-

  40. Angelica Reyes

    i didnt think it was that big of a deal, the palette is amazing, dont think jeffrey would release it to offend anyone -.- ya’ll haters just sensitive

  41. Frank Parent


  42. Chunhong Zhao

    I love this I have Gucci.

  43. Fatma Gursoy

    Whos watchin this is 2021😂

  44. 100k subs With 0 vids

    Guys pls read my namw

    1. abbsnn cose

      Girl this palette is everything I need in my life.I live for the Angel of Death shade.Dope.

  45. Donna Flowers

    I've never seen you more elegant than you are in this video. Much love to you. Keep your head up Diva 🤗

  46. Jayana-Jayde Mangan

    “oop no underwear” “same” still here2020

  47. Kloe 1204

    Me moving to America to work at Mac at the mall so I can become this famous and rich 😩

  48. Isabella Mozeika

    Am I the only one who is watching this in quarantine?

  49. Chunhong Zhao

    I love your new House.

  50. Mark Ad Salvador

    let me take your makeup you don't use anymore :< I'm poor from Philippines

  51. v I v I a n

    Jefree u need to know this u are strong I feel u right now u can be a strong indpentit woman THAT NEED NO MAN so keep your head up Cause at least u have doggies They love u like he did LOVE U

  52. TeeHee Some Siblings


  53. Daisy McDonald

    Say well done from daisy✌♥️😀

  54. ryry nana

    Seriously only jefree star and gaara can slay the no eye brows look like damn 😩😩😩

  55. Charlie Eshay

    I’m confused isn’t America Meant to be in lockdown?

  56. N Watkins

    Are you friends with Davey Havok?

  57. Angelo Gallardo

    He wasn't kidding though, watching you not only makes me feel good about myself. But you are entertaining and a wonderful person.

  58. Yeetus Yootas

    Lol this was published on my 13th birthday 😂

  59. Clari Esco

    I was not offended at all but I knew some people were going to be offended. I think it is an awesome concept he came up with... Never seen anything like it props to you and keep doing you!

  60. Llama Del Fid

    the outfit tho

  61. I like Memes

    I have it too... on GTA 5

  62. Owen A

    Jeffree star skin trademarked IM SO EXCITED IF THIS RELEASES THIS YEAR ✨🖤

  63. 李忻倬


  64. Kemm Cassandra

    Omg B* love the way they say it.

  65. HulkC30

    Jeffree! I want you to try out the makeup brand COL LAB from Sally Beauty!!

  66. MerAlex_ArtFx by Alexander Buratti

    I love you so much. 🖤

  67. Amb Farhan

    This was such a sad breakup hopefully Jeffrey finds happiness someday 😭❤️

  68. Frederick Lindsey

    That’s what you get for making James cry see karma is a bitch

  69. lila Shea

    Omg party

  70. A Hartrick


  71. Daniel Robles

    And please don't block or delete my comment like you do to people on social media who expose the truth or disagree with what you say. Vanity's victims need justice and you need to be charged for helping him prey on children. People can see through your bullshit and millions know already Star.

  72. Odette Gala

    Detox!!! no... it's just jeffree star

  73. Ariana Again

    jeffree star : which car to choose? me : is the car working???

  74. Angelo Gallardo

    Your still the baddest keep making vidoes!!

  75. Angelo Gallardo

    Love watching you to past time at work thanks 🔥

  76. Preston Preston

    Jefree star:6 feet guys 6 feet Me:confused about the cameraman not being 6 feet Uhhmmmmm

  77. Daniel Robles

    When do you plan on addressing your involvement with Dahvie Vanity honestly? Why do you think it's OK to bully people, pathologically lie and cover-up pedophilia? Your makeup is great but your behavior is trash. Our kids deserve better than this. I can't wait till you're canceled.

  78. Айлин Талипова

    oh my god nate looks so annoyed

  79. Claire Hawkins

    You are so beautiful, stunning,strong and kind hearted you have a good soul and in my opinion jeffree star is an AMAZING human being. Sending love health and happiness on your world.😁😁👌👌💓💓💓

  80. Kyllie Durant

    Definitely need more of this!!!!! Muckbang & Gucci shopping

  81. Nishaa Ws


  82. Nelly the Unicorn !!!


  83. tom

    Serving IC3PEAK vibes

  84. S B

    When he sprayed that fucking French fry!!!😭😭💀🍟

  85. godly fetish

    Imagine using a pandemic as a reason to hate and be angry..

  86. Shamma sha

    Anyone after *We Broke Up*😢


    you are the only person Ho no necsited browns you look amazing i try the best English ....... lo que quise decir es que es el unico que no necesita cejas para verse bien..... se ve genial

  88. Peter Kropotkin

    Society is surely nearing collapse. Just look around.

  89. Rzoo J

    TRsel recommended this for me and I only have 50$ 🤧☠️

  90. Stain

    Is he even able to do his own makeup anymore

  91. kashief degrasse


  92. Kenzie Ward

    We love when jeffree still invites people over to his house when there is a pandemic

  93. Sonia Garcia

    you are so entertaining and very attractive your modern style is smashing!

  94. YodaTheGreek

    11:57 hehe 😜

  95. Micah Haynes

    I LOVE this pallet gray and pink are my favorite colors! 💕💕 Thank you!


    So, does everyone just live with Jeffree right now? How is this physical distancing?

  97. beckkyym _

    anyone else get anxiety from the way shane applies products like putting it in his hair ? just wanna give him a head band 😩🤣

  98. Emo Magneto

    I had 4 broke ups already, and I was the one I broke up, and doesn't mean Im a heart breaker, is cuz they are not the ones Im looking for, they didn't care about my personality or how good I am, they all care about my bottom and money, I was devastating the first broke up I did, but after 3, I don't cry or care, is like I just get use to it, the thing is I figure out myself, that I don't need anybody to make myself happy, all I need is myself, a date with myself, cuz I am the only one that understand myself better, sometimes I see a girl and I have the urge to talk to her, but I stop myself and walk away, cuz I think is, that myself, I am not ready for that type of commitment.

  99. Madison DeVeirman

    I am VERY fair so that is sad that there is only a few fair shades