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  1. Ryann Rose

    This Is My Favorite Song On This Album!!! I Relate To This Lyrica On A Whole Other Level. Hope You Make A Video To This Track!

  2. Wow_Iplay Roblox

    Omg I like this song

  3. Mahmd Mahmd

    😍 😘 😚 ❤ ❤ 😚 ❤

  4. Uriel Espinosa

    New world order tag MK-ultra

  5. Mahmd Mahmd

    😍 😚 😘 😚 ❤

  6. Cinsiyetsiz İnsan

    Klip efsaneeeeeeeeeeeee

  7. Blue Rose

    Roddy Rich brought me here

  8. Pech Sreynich

    Im rare, and Special okay😊

  9. Petra Holda

    Sometimes the video remind Zlata Ognevich- Gravity .....

  10. Ammore 1418

    ولا تول رنق رنق همارا انتي كلي زق🙂

  11. Sarcastic Sid

    Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Me: 0:23

  12. Ana zlt

    "having no fear, heaven is near." Y E S

  13. Bhavee Rathod

    is there gonna be a food fight vid?

  14. Rehab Alkamakhle

    "I'll stay vulnerable"

  15. Sanjeev Verma

    Jb sung "I don't care" and Selena mentions that on 1:46 saying "you don't care?" Isn't that coincidental

  16. Bhavee Rathod

    this is really beautiful

  17. David Tan

    btw i am enjoing this song at the same time with the song yummy

  18. dobrev nina


  19. Dipti Ekka

    Awesome song😍

  20. elisa zeneli

    What the hell i am loving way too much this album its like heavennn.I am dead serious,i really feel like she has always wanted to do songs because of her emotions and not because of Money.


    Selena Go

  22. Sarcastic Sid


  23. If u see my acc says go to study. Thank You!

    i hope you deserve better :( .

  24. Rated R


  25. Issaad Narimene

    "I still can taste it i HATE it..." damn i felt that


    Shoot on IPhone 11pro

  27. Nomer Tumala

    Whos listening this in 2020

  28. Seif Ibrahim

    Selena Gomez is Alex from Wizards Of A Waverly Place

  29. Britta Brashears

    Pretty "me centric" . "I'm so special I'm so rare." Get over yourself. I don't come away with a healthy self image... Just a conceited one.

  30. MadWave MadMen

    And I'm too happy if you happy and when i see you haw you smiled or just say somthing

  31. Rayson H

    This deserve way more views would be satisfied if it got at least over 100 million views

  32. Rated R

    I need a video for this song asap

  33. ImDax

    I’m just here cause King Roddy told me

  34. MadWave MadMen

    Поэтому я думаю это придает этой песне особое звучание

  35. MadWave MadMen

    И мне нравится твой голос он очень приятный

  36. Ballet Forever

    Who remembers Selena from wizards of waverly place

  37. 희원

    노래 ㅈㅎ다

  38. MadWave MadMen

    Ведь ты вдохновляешь и даешь силу

  39. Phanie Erdnie

    MV? Might be? Suggestions? Me (up up)

  40. MadWave MadMen

    Все что могу я дать жто поддержку

  41. MadWave MadMen

    Но во всяком случаи мне приятно писать это тебе и твоему клипу

  42. YAmarSO

    It's to slow

  43. MadWave MadMen

    Не знаю будет ли что то отэтих комментариев

  44. MadWave MadMen

    Та которая просто остается хорошей

  45. MadWave MadMen

    Таких хороших людей очень rare но они есть и ты одна из них

  46. FanGirl87

    It reminds a lot of Melanie Martinez, actually

  47. Saddek Med amine

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I LOVE YOU 😘💕❤️

  48. MadWave MadMen

    Прежде всего она осталась человеком во многих случаях жизни

  49. Rafael Neves


  50. Saddek Med amine

    I love you selena ❤️

  51. MadWave MadMen

    Одно удовольствие смотреть на тебя и видеть сильную женщину которая побеждает

  52. Laila Laila

    This song always gives me goosebumps

  53. MIJOeZo h


  54. Vincent Carr

    .9 folk

  55. MadWave MadMen

    Ведь это действительно что то уникальное и необычное

  56. MIJOeZo h


  57. MIJOeZo h


  58. MIJOeZo h


  59. MadWave MadMen

    Хочу что бы такой клип стал новым жанром в клипах

  60. MIJOeZo h


  61. MIJOeZo h


  62. MIJOeZo h


  63. MadWave MadMen

    Любишь своих фанатов

  64. Rafael Neves


  65. MadWave MadMen

    Стала умнее и мудрее

  66. MadWave MadMen

    У тебя все получилось

  67. Joao Paulo Fernandes


  68. Joao Paulo Fernandes


  69. MadWave MadMen

    Заслуживаешь всего хорошего

  70. MadWave MadMen

    Ты очень хорошая

  71. Cielo F

    To make me feel rare ...

  72. MadWave MadMen

    Это от меня

  73. Joao Paulo Fernandes


  74. MadWave MadMen

    Хей Селена

  75. Rezky Mursalim


  76. alone worker

    2020??? All need for another day...

  77. Andréea Chamallow

    This entire album is fucking amazing. Thank you you talented one.

  78. Susie ?

    why is the recording on iTunes so different

  79. Noelle Vargas-Sia

    This has got to be her BEST just yet! So raw, so true, so relatable. I'm so happy for her!

  80. watch LeaRN


  81. Joao Paulo Fernandes

    My faveeeeeee

  82. Rafael Neves


  83. highschool sweetheart 56

    Is sounds like a summer song

  84. serrsara89

    Relatable ASF!! 😭❤❤

  85. Joao Paulo Fernandes

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa best for me

  86. Agnieszka Żukowska

    I'm in love with this

  87. Ragini Gupta


  88. maya tv

    Love it

  89. MegH92

    I hope every man/woman who doesn't feel rare when with their partner, hears this song & realizes they should find someone who makes them feel R♡RE. ❤

  90. Ipshita Poet

    The reasons as I see you have a sensation of urge ,is you facking me as I'm rare

  91. Sam jakers

    gak tahan liat cantik nya

  92. Natiére Antunes

    Amei essa música e da "Rare" também!!!!

  93. seema J

    Yummy or rare

  94. Lisbeth Alexia Delgado Rivera

    Lindaaaa Seleee 😍💋

  95. binita tuladhar

    Go off 👑

  96. shayy kayy

    This hurts 😭

  97. clogimma drassiha


  98. Ivan Bobyk


  99. Scott

    Yea. Speak of your demons and they will never be forgotten as a warning when they were not known before known. The heart holds what it hates and loves and all will be lost in lukewarm/double mindedness. {slow down} (it is a different kind of race).

  100. Rain KC

    She lost him She found him She lost him again She found him again And finally, she lost him.. If it doesn't work, it doesn't work..