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  1. kayla branch

    ok am i the only one who still watches this almost everyday even after this mv came out 7 months ago??? harry is truly the ONLY reason i’m staying sane during quarantine 😂❤️

  2. Mr P


  3. Aglla Lurdes


  4. Aglla Lurdes


  5. mel anniversario

    It makes me cry listening 😭 Thought it says stop crying

  6. Barbie121986

    I don’t know why but I picture Gordon Ramsey giving him a look like “you f***ing idiot it’s a watermelon not a strawberry”

  7. Vanessa Calderon

    Lo mejor ♡♡♡♡

  8. the tAif

    one of the best mvs no cap

  9. Queen T Deokumar

    If I ate a watermelon I don't think I'll react like that but I'm try lol😏

  10. Bella Jacobs

    Louis the fish :)

  11. Kyle Martin

    #] w

  12. Elyas El

    Why his very cool?

  13. Kalsang Choedon

    Prince maxon looks different here with the girls

  14. Victor Dias

    essa musica fala sobre chupar xxt?

  15. TheMaris

    Did anyone notice the metal detector?

  16. Millie S

    Have anyone thought that this song might be for louis!? js idk. I'm surrounded by so many larries that I'm becoming one of 'em😅😆

  17. Rinjin Dorjee

    This song should hit billion views.

  18. Asuncion Escobar Acevedo

    💖my sisters love you

  19. zoinks scoob

    idk if I wanna be Harry or the girls????

  20. Pantera Hammond

    1:04 kinda looks like the bi flag

  21. Clarabella Onnis

    sounds like your lie in april

  22. Luke Holland

    24million that don't know music and counting. Lmfao

  23. nazwa aloya

    semangat beb

  24. rat rat

    No one: Not even a single soul: Harry: wAtErmEloN suGaR

  25. Valeria Ramirez

    love this song It was very beautiful, I really loved it is beautiful! A great success💗

  26. Lotta Lutzenberger

    rosane Fingernägel....und ich bin überzeugt

  27. Pavan Kalyan

    Director: what is the song about Harry : water melon and sugar

  28. Im Missing

    A lot of watermelons died because of this video

  29. Leticia Lopes

    Omg, so lovely <3

  30. Chloë Brown

    I wanna know where I can get seedless, strawberry flavored watermelon too!

  31. maham imran

    Can't even count the times I've cried to this song.

  32. HeatherPilarMusic

    Hi everyone I just released my cover of "Watermelon Sugar" with a twist! I hope you can check it out!

  33. Natalie Orozco

    i’m craving watermelon now and i can’t eat it cos i’m FASTING BRUHHHHHH

  34. HeatherPilarMusic

    Hi everyone I just released my cover of "Watermelon Sugar" with a twist! I hope you can check it out!

  35. Reylandson Abreu

    He was still clean by the end of the video, it's not fair!!!

  36. Esther's Journal

    That should be me in the cover girls😂😜

  37. Ingrid H.

    Why so many dislikes?!This song is amazing!

  38. zenah eilish

    bro the drummer . shes so fucking hot i-


    Now I want a watermelon 🍉

  40. Really Reona

    is this titanic

  41. Hrysa Parisi

    Cry with cool way

  42. Vinu Singh

    Oh God can the pop stars make any interesting music anymore? The songs are just repeating the same lyrics over and over for the whole song and it's boring now. Maybe we need new song writers.

  43. Maria Eduarda Silva Gomes Pereira

    Quem amouuuu? Kkkk

  44. Niki Henao

    ❤❤❤😍😍😍 Me encantas ❤

  45. Niki Henao


  46. Iranda Putri lestari

    I love to eat watermelon

  47. angeles

    todo lo que transmite este hombre es de otro nivel

  48. Julia

    this song hits different when you're crying :')

  49. Kim Soju

    They say this should be the ALBUM OF THE YEAR. Uhm, sorry but there's BTS' album.

  50. Tabortot Tot

    Love this song though

  51. Pratishtha Bajracharya

    One direction went for 18 months break and still they don't seem to be reuniting 😞

  52. Royal Yigit

    Cake By the Ocean left the Chat

  53. Rosemary Morales

    I love listening to this and I will love listening to this when I will be going skateboarding with friends 😁

  54. Assíria Maia

    Hey, guys. I just posted a acoustic cover of this song. Check it out

  55. Pota ka

    *that's so watermelon*

  56. Nadine V

    Buahhh que bonito😍😭😭

  57. Allison Marchesi-Rooks

    And it sounds like a song -_-

  58. Emmanuel Leguizamon

    producer: what models do you want harry : just like watermelon

  59. Miss Imperfect

    Elton John is quacking

  60. Lila Sam

    A disgrace to watermelon

  61. BAD BIHH

    Me: Watches this video Also me: *Searches how to become a watermelon*

  62. Lorena Guerrero


  63. YTPrincessCandy_PlayzRoblox

    Could u make a song about coco pops next?😂😂

  64. Lila Fertani


  65. Lila Fertani


  66. Lila Fertani


  67. Yvonne Etienne

    2:21 that how i feel about watching this video

  68. Lila Fertani


  69. Yvonne Etienne

    1:10 thats a mood

  70. el l

    can we talk about the fact that he just tried to drown himself in two of his music video ( adore you and falling)

  71. A Limelight

    *watermelon sugar* *HIIIII*

  72. Aly Fawaz

    What a legend ♥️

  73. Julia Maia


  74. Herkert


  75. Zoe Marie

    i love him 🥺

  76. Zoe Marie

    The way that this man wrote a song about sex not sexualizing anyone. AN FUCKING ICON.

  77. åýâțø_ķœñ åýâțø_ķœñ

    أحبك كثيرا هاري❤☻🥀

  78. Zoe Marie

    I’ve watched this video an unhealthy amount of times, AND IS STILL AMAZING.

  79. Ellen Sutton


  80. sophia chickenrone

    I’ve never been so jealous of the band

  81. Rima Mallah

    i’m so sad they don’t even ship his merchandise to my country........wish i could get my hands on the watermelon sugar tee😔

  82. K B

    the vibes from this song make me wanting keep living, thank u harry.

  83. el l

    Oh shit suddenly I can relate to falling

  84. funtilicious gang

    Why so handsome 😍😍

  85. kirbyfisk

    “In Watermelon Sugar the deeds were done and done again as my life is done in watermelon sugar.”

  86. RuSh RL


  87. Renee Higgs

    Had no idea what this was about until I saw the video... then I was like AHHHHHHH, okay. Lol

  88. Jhueca Usui

    I bet during his concert, someone will throw a 🍉 on him, just like in 🥝 HAHAAHHA

  89. Gyuldzhan Hasan

    Did he work in a bakery or at a greengrocer's?

  90. Catherine Jen Lucena

    "im falling" no love, you're drowning. please get outta there

  91. 122 Meditation

    trsel.info/video/video/2ot5yHmpmsadnY4.html 3💕💕

  92. Izzy Tinnion

    Wonder how it feels to be the watermelon in the video being touched by Harry Styles

  93. María Elisa

    yooooo this is art

  94. Arnab Banerjee


  95. ankri stella

    The vibes are immaculate

  96. Amna Ahmad

    This song makes watermelon the sexiest fruit ever

  97. brandon bowen


  98. Gary Lawton

    But, what does he look like??!!?? Seriously though??

    1. Elena Kehoe

      He looks like Harry styles wtf you on about?!

  99. Maja Krajewska

    Louis the fish <3

  100. Mia Farnsworth

    How many watermelons did they use in this video 😂😂🤔