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  1. mendercy

    this is so sweet TT

  2. xlito jah

    hwiyoung and sunwoo definitely has no regrets because they did something they really like! if i were them, doing what i really like would probably the most rewarding moment in my career. mad respect for bobby for giving these two rappers the desire they've been craving for.

  3. Ayşe

    Okey 3:38 minute ago I m not Attez fan but now we cannot same things.


    As an EXO-L, this performance is just great!! Loved it!

  5. Bau Mulut

    Here after their dongsaeng "LIGHTSUM" Sing it, so beautiful cover & original❤ i love btob

  6. Apipah Musama

    Lisa on fire

  7. kk k

    ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ댄서들 현타 오지게 오겠노ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  8. Gilian DMV

    Такое ощущение что все бросили делать просмотры на выступления ребят и смотрят только этот ролик не забудьте ,что важно смотреть выступления а не тизир

  9. 햄쨩이

    하 이 다섯남자들 우짜냐고.... 존나 늑대같아

  10. 신지은


  11. pitpicha pimolsombat

    If it don't have Lisa I will not watch this video 🙂

  12. Jennie Kim


  13. chaterine cps

    The tittle of the song?

  14. Natty Vengenz

    San's stage skills are out of this world. You can tell that he is immersed in his character even when the camera does not focus on him, he really is on another level.

  15. Pimpra W


  16. Айдай Нурказиева


  17. Mariam Abdullahi

    Jooheon is insaneee

  18. Aruzhan Rakhimova


  19. Rochy Q

    Cuando podemos ver a Lisa??? No puedo esperar!!!!!! The queen LISA!!!

  20. 너없인아름답고도아프구나

    이민혁 오지는 딕션... 아주 귀에 가사를 꽂아버리네

  21. Greenikkie

    아직도 Yg 딱지 소리 하는 인간들 있네 ㅎ 겁 노래에 다른 피처링 썼다가 태양이 더 잘 어울려서 곡을 위해 했다는데 뭐 어쩌라는 건지? 그때 선택 잘해서 명곡이 길이길이 남은 거임. 그 꼴난 쇼미 승패 하나가 아니라..

  22. Sude


  23. 햄쨩이

    거부할 수 없이.. 강여상

  24. Sabrina Khairunnisa

    Idk how many times i watching this because lisa

  25. 조은비

    이번에는 미미가 진짜다...

  26. Winkeu Dobby


  27. Nutchuta Sukponchai

    It’s LISA

  28. Ba Ha

    So no one is gonna talk about g idle Miyeon? Like Miyeon is so pretty!

  29. Aruzhan Rakhimova

    pure talent!

  30. Sude


  31. Seonghwas Sparkle

    Seonghwa's hairography looks smoother than my skin will ever be.....

  32. Sude

    Love love

  33. Chu Ha's

    Peniel the Alpha

  34. Sude

    ı love u

  35. nur alya

    Everyone proud by felix jumping over san because its really hard!! im so prouddd of himmm <3

  36. Chnine.

    The power of Lisa

  37. 서유진

    산이 미모 실화냐?

  38. 햄쨩이

    최산씨.. 당신 진짜 미친거 같아

  39. Sude


  40. siniestra __

    4:20 you okay Chris? xD

  41. Sude


  42. kiyomi

    ugh they were robbed!! I knew the other one would just purely because the production quality was better..But this was pure rap

  43. 오라

    홍지윤 최고 최고지윤!!!*🎀

  44. sleepypanda

    KIM TAEHYUNG. 💜💜 Deserve every bit of praise and attention. 🤗🤗

  45. Qistina Amani

    i hope they win. for me they are the top dancers in kingdom.

  46. nadia freestuff

    I hope this song will be on spotify soon :""

  47. Becci :3

    ABSOLUTELY LOVE how the groups got shuffled with each other 😍🔥 Amazing idea and amazing outcome!!

  48. rann

    ilysm ~


    Lisa se vera hermosa!

  50. Tanaing rei Mama

    They just kill it😲😲😲😲

  51. stream skz full ver


  52. rd lane

    bob, hwi and sunwoo respect! you guys have nothing to be ashamed for not winning. this song is a masterpiece. only time can tell who is the real legends. what i know about legends, they are timeless, and this stage (in my 40 years of existence) scream LEGEND!

  53. narrrrr

    Ayok ke 3 m wkkwkwkw

  54. Setenay Baydar

    STRAY KİDS 💜💜💜

  55. chanssong님

    면허 빨리 따야지요

  56. Saskia Putri

    Oh my goddddd oh my godddddddd gila banget bapak leader. Astagaaaaaaaaaaaaaa bikin sesak napas

  57. Studio In Style

    Waiting for Liza

  58. MayFly Stan [Mfs]

    MayFly slay. Everyone is on 🔥

  59. Dong Dong


  60. nita dwi

    Ilysm dk

  61. Hafidah Alda Febyanty

    after watching this performance, i want this on any music platform as soon as possible

  62. Shamraj Shamraj

    1:30 that guy is so handsome😲☺️

  63. Soonja lynxsoon

    the funny things i ever had in my life is the Judge is a Rookie idol lol. Kingdom is just Bobby's Playground ~~

  64. Gabrielle Alexa

    I really hope no one discredits anyone or compares the mayfly rap unit and the its one rap unit. The other unit was incredible and they're all undeniably talented and hardworking. But this unit has clear reasons as to why they won and it has NOTHING TO DO WITH PROP USAGE. The creativity of the lyrics and the overall meaning is the main reason their performance stood out so much. 3racha are known for their wordplay and lyricism and the fact that they teamed up with hongjoong and minhyuk for this performance was amazing. Also, get this through your thick heads: Just because I'm praising this performance doesn't mean I'm bringing the other unit down or discrediting them because they did amazing as well, I'm just trying to point out the reasons this performance won

  65. Namira Aulia

    Yuk bisa yuk disini 1M di Mv 70M hari ini

    1. Oz

      Yukk jangan kecewain Dreamies :')

    2. yuuna lim

      Yuk bisaaa

  66. 솔빔

    왜 필터씌운지 알려주실분

  67. Saskia Putri

    Gilaaaa gilaaa gilaaaa CHRISTOPHER

  68. Ninda Fahrida


  69. UDUK

    hongjiyun’s instargram -

  70. nita dwi


  71. Krisha Tols


  72. Kristalgic

    I still can't believe this didn't get a win

  73. Nuha A

    OH WOW..

  74. Sky Velasquez

    Gonna find this song

  75. Tran Ngoc Duyen

    Lisaaaaaa 😜😜😜

  76. 이포 넨자

    They have worked hard for us, let's give them the trophy, O czennies: ((

  77. S

    Atiny we can’t accept ateez always get 1st place the rumor said they got 4th place in judges evaluation from beginning wat rumors said was correct create more wf accs we should be at least 2nd place we need extra 700k if 5k atiny create 5 accs days for two weeks if 10k atiny create 5 accs daily for 7 days

  78. Exol Khai


  79. Teerayut Wonginta