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  1. Gavin Mckay

    This happened at 19:24 to 19:34 I thought that I should just make a joke out of it so Noah: we need all 4 of us Me: am I an idiot did I always thought that was 3 not 4

  2. Automised 98


  3. RG Nuberoni

    I was gonna download this game but then I saw the doll part and I said nope

  4. Mathew Watson

    38:06 Jeez what was that Timing with that Music when Noah was talking with that voice! That actually got me spooked, That is so creepy! 😂

  5. I Swallowed A Brick

    What game is this? Zombies? Or BO1?

  6. RussianTails :3


  7. Ninja Dork

    33:08 we can run while sprinting

  8. Sharky playz

    f real f

  9. Ninja Dork

    When u found the turret I was screaming that u guys weren’t smart enough to try walk through the corridor with a shield out

  10. Limitless Fb6

    What voice changer is that? Haha

  11. Limitless Fb6

    What call of duty do you play these modded maps on? Black ops 3?

  12. Leon Rooney

    This was my first ever cod.. seeing this in 2021 brings back so many memories

  13. Chris Dryer

    You should go back to the map at Blockbuster.

  14. A K

    Who else was screaming for them to try the shield for 10 minutes😂

  15. NoahFromYoutube - Mobile

    I've played this map before... It is... INSANE! Glad to see you covering it because I didn't have the energy to play it all the way through. 😂

  16. A K

    A Hunger Games for an odd sum of money 🤑👀 I’d watch that🤣

  17. Daniel

    Is it just me that doesn’t know what gobble gum is bc I didn’t play bo3

  18. BigSmilezxD GameGod

    I literally watch all your streams on TRsel all the way through lol. Zombies are my favorite series. Thank you for the content @NoahJ456

  19. Dr. Deathwish

    Subnautica below zero is finished 100% playable and ending

  20. Mark Robbins

    I could watch you guys play different zombies maps everyday all day ! Because I do that now anyways but JC needs to quit his job so he can be here

  21. Dr-BadA55_42 #Gaming Is Life#

    Game is even more scary when your name is Ethan like me 😂

  22. Jase Shields

    Can someone gift call of duty infinite warfare

  23. Alex Hobbs

    Never shouted at my phone so much - “SHIELD”

  24. i CHIMP

    fun fact:Ultra shit has more power than aether crew

  25. Beans

    You won it tho lol

  26. TheP4Pboss

    Noah you’re more then that! You do help I’ve watched your Channel for over ten years. I’m not suffering from anything. But take it like this you’re my favorite show in today’s age you are my favorite entertainment. I watch re-runs lol keep making shows keep having fun and keep being awesome . Ps I love the Pokémon channel the most!!! Lol thanks to you

  27. King of anime 2005

    10:13 I swear I uninstalled my PS4 lmfao they got the ray gun and I never use the ray gun in Cold War I swear man lucky peeps 😭😭

  28. erick rodriguez

    Was almost done with this and I died -_-

  29. Influencee 123

    Praying for your salvation noah in jesus name

  30. Aad Granaat

    ow my nose

  31. Mr Chidlers

    "We can run while sprinting. Pog." -Ch0pper, 2021

  32. Gage Cyrus

    Is this a troll video on warzone wager matches?

  33. Dylan Roberts

    he took snoop advice on this one smoke weed every day also can you text my weed man

  34. Dylan Mancilla

    Noah you should replay resident evil on the village of shadows difficulty

  35. Roger Cavalli

    I'm 1:16:30 in with the attention span of a goat. Can I make it to the end?

  36. Jacob the gamer

    BRUH 1 second over LOLLOLOLOL

  37. Barbara Lindquist

    Nobody: NoahJ: always gotta get that pooper loot

  38. Cody Odom

    Unfortunately, I was at work through these streams, but I have watched every second of all of these RE8 videos, so it's kind of like I've been here from the start lol.

  39. Kaleb Smith

    Imagine crying about leaving youtube just to comeback the next day

  40. Kennedy

    It took the three of them approximately 5 minutes and 5 seconds to consider using their bulletproof riot shields to block the bullets of a sentry turret.

  41. john ramirez

    Jesus loves youu

  42. john ramirez

    Jesus loves youu

  43. Linda Huffman

    1:59:10 best part

  44. Alex MTB

    Famous Last Word, It will be fine - 2 minute later, no more ammo.. RIP!

  45. Cody Odom

    You have no idea how happy I am that you came back. I watch your videos almost daily. You're literally the only TRsel streamer that I watch. If you left TRsel for good, idk what I would do. I literally cried after your "The end." Video and this video also made me cry lol. So, thank you so much for all the laughs and everything and thank you for keeping on. Keep your head up.

  46. Scrub LeGeNd

    BO3 movement best movement for zombies

  47. Dylan Roberts

    when noah said it took random perk and he thought it was double tap it was stamin up and he aint get it back around 1 hour 55 minutes in

  48. No Name Jackson

    “Pack a MUNCH” will be on the next map mark my words 😂

  49. chef stromboliV

    any word mr.noahj when the next round 100 with lads will be? hope you are doing ok mr.J

  50. Louis Sutherland

    Bro thats just bus depot not tranzit, comon dude your better than that...

  51. lee breadlove

    whats the best way to get gobble gums

  52. Cody Odom

    Noah getting scared in the doll house: "I hate this game so much, I don't want to play anymore" Noah finds random boat that goes to random bridge: "I love this game so much, I've gotta say this is a really good game" Lmao

  53. Rityle

    Check me out on TikTok for some plays man

  54. Kyle Cosmo

    u suk big ego

  55. Turbz

    How do I play this?

  56. celler dweller

    Why does not a single one of these "TO GO TO" zombies streamers, have a full guide Its always... go watch like 4 other videos to learn how Legit wouldnt take that long Just tell us how to do shit step by step

  57. Connor Drake

    watching in 2021 when the coronavirus pandemic had us like harran

  58. SgtTankDempsey

    The Nine Gaunlet at 3am

  59. Charlie Hodges

    The unusual border evocatively join because radar dentsply snore a a resolute editorial. nondescript, handsomely persian


    Bruh there are literal bodies hanging from the tree and Noah is worried about the pan but also why is there a tree in the cave

  61. Ghost29303

    I wish this map could be added for Xbox .

  62. Brice johnson

    Dam he does skyrim tutorials but no fire bow tutorial smh

  63. ihatejay

    This dope af

  64. Charlie Hodges

    The square detective spectacularly expand because fly strangely accept till a ludicrous bulldozer. greedy, deranged bite

  65. RedEyeZombieZ

    Darn bro you are so popular that wil definitely be patched. It’s been Doable since outbreak dropped. Still love your content dude.

  66. jaden snook

    Who’s ready for his below zero streams!!!!!


    Um congrats on 5 mil?

  68. celler dweller

    Noah, big fan Did you know that right now (in cold war) if you upgrade the D.I.E. you can attach an ammo mod to it(if it's from a loot drop or a zombie drop)

  69. Kabia Snivy

    Why is it so funny watching noah fly around with the paralyzer that's amazing

  70. Thomas Richardson

    Noah from the future would say. 'don't say that about the ray gun, your so-called ray gun in bo1 is no match to the release day of call of duty cold war ray gun'

  71. Juvli

    Can people make custom zombies maps on Cold War pc?

  72. Cano 66

    When is le next warzone stream

  73. Mahmud Raqeb

    Iam a huge fan of u bro just I hope u react to hitman 3 speedrun cuz its been more than a month since I asked u to react I mean I asked daily, thank u again.

  74. JamezBlack

    How do you lose connection in a single player game

  75. Lee Younis

    the song in the beginning is madness

  76. @RavNastyonPSN

    The end of what?

  77. aerostopolis

    i think it was a joke that he left lol

  78. Anthony Harris

    2:42:13 not him turning around to tbag the doll🤣🤣🤣