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  1. Jayjay Okoro

    Someone's getting paiddd this off-season. Hopefully it doesn't turn out to be a Bismack Biyombo flash-in-the-pan situation

  2. dogan küçükyıldız

    ulan sacramento dallası herkes yeniyo bisen yenemiyosun sonra ben play off oynayacam diyorsun nasıl olacak bu iş

  3. no murcy yt

    Happyy that that portland are playing well 💯💯💯

  4. pappulive20four7

    Really so much drama all around suggesting how Houston is so amazing, beating Clippers and all... And now they lose to Portland. Weird.

  5. Macsix LBJ

    Pacers are fucking underrated

  6. pappulive20four7

    Yeh key moment in the game was Harden missing consecutive 3 pointers right at the death. The game was theirs for the taking.

  7. Michael Smallwood

    Let's Go Carmelo!!!!!

  8. İbrahim kuwasi

    Where's kyrie and KD? ??

  9. Eldar Hasanbegovic

    With Nurk Portland win this game

  10. Milon Kalia

    Iggy be balling

  11. MurdeRouSs CL0WN

    AND ONE!

  12. Drazen3Nets

    BKN is the best team un the league. Next year the Championship!

  13. Marcelo Motta

    20 rebounds?? wtf 😱😱😱

  14. Fido

    Giannis and middleton sat at 2nd half because they knew birdsnest will get a tattoo of allen

  15. supreme

    Funny how the west are so comfortable now without the Warriors

  16. Leumar Montaño

    mamba mentality

  17. Martin Brankov

    Blazers heating up and i thought they will not make the playoffs.

  18. Martin Brankov

    Wow if only Devin Booker was on a good team! Great shot.

  19. Kyeno Chen

    Game is getting more easy for Luka especially for the weak teams. Rick just let me run the game.

  20. Aboudy Hamdan

    Why is to warren so good all of a sudden

  21. Stocky Guru

    Kawhi needs to start leading these bums.He needs to step up!

  22. Zymon Nogaliza

    Foul too

  23. Yao Song

    I love that "Gleichberechtigung" on Maxi's jersey.

  24. The Man Who Laugh

    Jimmy Butler is a cancer player...


    he realy hates houston haha

  26. Quirzox

    dame owns westbrick

  27. AdCruZ

    U forgot to put refs highlights. This game was stupid. Rockets got robbed.

    1. Kwis Bwown

      were the refs actually mad garbage? i want Rox to take it all. or the Lakers.

    2. Michael Tiopan

      That's what people said when they lose, right?

  28. Alicbra NBA

    Who else is happy that Russ still can make Dunks like that too?👍😂💯💯

  29. Alicbra NBA

    Russell Westbrook with this beeeeast DUNKKK!!!

  30. Harrison Wills

    Goddamn he got fouled on that too

  31. habshabsrule

    Melo doing his thing!

  32. Fausto Quinos

    If blazers reach playoffs lakers are going to have a hard series. It is not impossible that blazers eliminate them although many people think it is

  33. chelseaFC

    Miami have won many times without butler. Bam is the key guy here. Not the butler.

  34. Ricardo Phillipe


  35. KingArphel Nuñez


  36. DefNotSmoj


  37. Arnold M. Ford

    First like 😜

  38. Bernard Paton


  39. Stanlie Villaflor

    Hit like if you watch this because of James Deakin’s FB post... 🤣

  40. Alketa tafili

    MVP! MVP!

  41. Manuel Arriaga

    how they lost? come on they would defeat Lakers!

  42. park koon

    The last part of the video is a tough shot. It's amazing.

  43. R I

    Magic triple double again🔥🔥🔥

  44. D Y

    DB ice in his veins.

  45. D Y

    and the referee missed the foul in the last play.

    1. Knalter Walter

      I agree .

  46. Tristan Howard

    Well done booker

  47. jose diaz


  48. D Y

    warren is playing better because there is not spectators?

  49. Anna - Let's Get Acquainted

    1:27 howling

  50. Patrice Rene


  51. Anna - Let's Get Acquainted

    0:11 ahaha )

  52. Kenneth Anderson

    0:54 sexygirls-here.online

  53. aj cisnero

    ito ung Pinahabol na kayo gusto nyo pa manalo?

  54. j a y p e e

    TJ Warren is upstaging the black panther Oladipo on superstardom now..as long as the pacers is winning i think that's fine with him..

  55. Alicbra NBA

    Wow Damn this was a nice game

  56. j a y p e e

    We can see that kawhi was very upset on that final shot by Booker.. he can't blame PG.. that was a very good D..

  57. j a y p e e

    We can see that kawhi was very upset on that final shot by Booker.. he can't blame PG.. that was a very good D..

  58. Thiago Di Pizio


  59. tino g

    All lives matter

  60. tino g

    All lives matter!