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  1. pabloavilad

    Amazing game!! Amazing Ingram, he leads the team. I can´t understand how is that Pels are so low in Standins

  2. What a perfect Henry!

    Gsw unlucky in ot

  3. Didier Gbery

    Duel en haute altitude monsiurs et dame!!!

  4. Rafael Pages

    Riky Rubio felicitats Papi.

  5. Francisco Javier Gordillo Ortiz

    I wanna this two teams in the conference final

  6. mradhayuda1

    Hampir menang nih gsw. Eh malah kalah. Parah dah


    Ricky Rubio is a basket genius

  8. xj lee


  9. #

    he got a Cyborg knee upgrade from his creator apparently its working great

  10. #

    barrets ankles remind me of currys 😭

  11. sebastián Lucero

    No Mr LeBron, you are not clutch-man...

  12. Lin Dee

    Ingram and Mitchell👏

  13. shariff ismail

    I feel sorry for these teams lol you play lakers then clippers day after wtf

  14. Kelis1

    Melo can still ball.-

  15. home boy Montero

    La Mierda d lebron james

    1. nastynas75018

      de tu mama

  16. Neri Matrixx

    When dumbass golden GIRLS WORRIERS thought they were actually going to win a game this SEASON. 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😅😅😅😅

  17. no one

    You did jokic wrong in that thumbnail.

  18. Seven Eleven

    Clippers winning the championship. I said it. rRemember that.

  19. Sheldon White

    The big man a win NBA again Kwai

  20. Seven Eleven

    AYTON LOOKS like a young KMalone

  21. Conrado Ferrer


    1. Neri Matrixx

      When dumbass golden GIRLS WORRIERS thought they were actually going to win a game this SEASON. 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😅😅😅😅

  22. Amazing A The Dreamer

    That was closer than I thought it would be. Good stuff from both teams there.

  23. Amazing A The Dreamer

    I tell you what, the Pelicans are getting better and better. Good to see.

  24. Dragica Andrejevic

    Denver started with a defensive lineup against the GSW last on the table. No defense in Basketball when the opponent hits well . Denver won this game with players off the bench and forgotten offensive play .Bravo for the Denver backup players .Why Hernangomez only took a few minutes -why he is punished for coming out when he scores a point

  25. Ivan jansel N'JIG

    Warriors forever. Even we we lose

    1. Neri Matrixx

      When dumbass golden GIRLS WORRIERS thought they were actually going to win a game this SEASON. 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😅😅😅😅


    Kawhi : easy.

  27. GBtha G

    the knicks just badly lost but they were not 'scorched' like the fuckn media would suggest.

  28. Philip Meijer

    Jokic travelled at the end of regular game time

    1. Neri Matrixx

      You dumb as fuck

    2. Neri Matrixx

      When dumbass golden GIRLS WORRIERS thought they were actually going to win a game this SEASON. 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😅😅😅😅

    3. Paris Zaimis

      It's called a double trible you spam

  29. GBtha G

    the clippers ain't the lakers of course. the clippers are just MUCH BETTER than the lakers so I'm not at all surprised by this result.

    1. shariff ismail

      There playing then without a day of rest lol

  30. Mshall S

    BI is no joke, when is Zion coming back to destroy all mortals??!!?

  31. Mshall S

    Instagram knees - Kawhi selling his new hardware and app. Get yours now in 2020

  32. Mrki Mrkic

    what is wrong with nuggets?

    1. 四哥仔

      3 starters are out still number 2 in the west

  33. Verinalda Gonzaga Vera

    Gobert is not a dpoy

    1. Kevin Durant

      He is overrated Bitch

  34. Ivan Milić

    Ingram has surely become the Pelicans' leader

  35. jio jimenez

    Refs tryna kip dat win streak!!!!!

  36. Nowke

    Let's gooo

  37. alfafaka

    GSW biggest trash !

  38. Team Gamers

    not a fan of either team but warriors real close to winning.

    1. Neri Matrixx

      When dumbass golden GIRLS WORRIERS thought they were actually going to win a game this SEASON. 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😅😅😅😅

    2. p r

      Nuggets missing three starters at this game! That team is deep!:O

  39. Westbound Desire

    Μέτρια πράγματα !!! Δεν θα κάνουν τίποτα , ούτε φέτος . *"... κόψε τα τρίποντα !!!"*

  40. Easy Crew

    Wtf worriors

  41. George Bourlos

    Michael Porter Junior is a 2021 All star guys !!!!

  42. Daniel Martinez Dowsett

    I really hope LB or BI become superstars

  43. unknown


  44. Noel Dobson

    How they lose tho😳😳

    1. unknown

      Cuz they suck 😂😂😭

  45. Biar LUETH

    why does every match have 1 star its like crazy

  46. QuanBo (David) Lu

    1st comment!

  47. soft f

    Refs have to start call the travelling! Giannis made 3 steps in first jam on the video.

  48. Tedros Kidane Teklu

    «Giannis Andedkounmpo»

  49. Peace for All

    Marcus Smart with the air ball

  50. kingshearer2

    Get porz back and should have a long season. Certainly one , if not the best teams to watch in the NBA.

  51. Daniel Porchas

    The Celtics are starting to have problems they have been losing some games. I think it would be good to start being adjustment, something is not working well again, it will be the chemistry of the players or it's time to make changes of players for example: Gordon Hayward.

  52. Boas Vibes Legendas


    1. theo feel

      @Paris Zaimis and that's why kawhi will never be on their level :)

    2. Paris Zaimis

      @theo feel That's why their bum ass legs broke.

    3. theo feel

      @Biar LUETH MJ and Kobe didn't load manage ...

    4. Biar LUETH


  53. softtigers

    Newb question - what are Kawhi's robot knees at the end there?

    1. Decent Fellow

      He's texting a thank you note to his knees for not failing him

    2. Ivan Milić

      The truth is finally revealed - Kawhi is a cyborg!

    3. Brian Deeb

      softtigers Load Management gear 😂

  54. Ju Ro

    Ingram in KD mode!!!

  55. Benny Javate

    Jazz will be champion with Clarkson

    1. matt matthew

      If only he can play 30 minutes per game

    2. Josip Radić

      You say it like clarkson is doin 30 pts per game...

  56. 吕华健


  57. Nikolas Sideridis

    Nice game NBA

  58. Love_ Angel0483

    What an amazing game!!!Mitchell runs out of gas.

  59. 사탄의 -기립박수

    Ace is Ingram

    1. Daniel Martinez Dowsett

      22 January is his debut

    2. 흥해라흥튜브


  60. habshabsrule

    Damn what a game.

  61. Bananos JD


  62. Mike Christian

    So where's Zion?!

    1. teo kakalelis

      Learning how to walk and run

    2. YungG JJ

      22nd aigainst the spurs

  63. Sr BrOowni3

    DeRozaN 🖤

  64. Lindokuhle Shange

    Refs tried their best to fuck this one up. Great result for the Pels though

  65. My Fashion Channel

    The mistake of the Jazz coach was too late to make a substitution.

  66. Hamza Elhattab

    The block is beautiful

  67. Yawsツ


  68. Tushar Yadav

    these refs calling the dumbest fouls on booker

  69. John Ray Madrid

    Bullshit Knicks

  70. John Ray Madrid

    Bullshit Knicks

  71. LewBoi

    Pheonix 🤍🧡💜

  72. berrys setyawan

    Ayton gettin hot

  73. Hayatın İçinden

    I love this game 👍👏👏❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  74. المخلص فقط JESUS


  75. Kenley Nguyen

    jiedel and kris at 0:03

  76. The Sugar Rush Potatoez

    0:43 Lookit dat net

  77. mac gasol nigga

    This guy sounded dead as fuck 👎

  78. 이수환

    잭라빈 화이팅~!!

  79. Tim Fairhall

    Someone either lost the highlights or couldn't be bothered to compile them. 59 seconds!?

  80. Marc Gab Geraldizo


  81. Amadeo Elguira


  82. Sebastian Montano

    Hi Spurs fans! I'm here to share a group for Spurs fans, in this group we can discuss everything about the team, about the current players, and share news about the team. (Attention: People who join the group with other intentions will be deleted and the group is for Spurs fans only) The group is in the whatsapp app, the group link: chat.whatsapp.com/HbITNGFE7826C8Ql4fIHOu

  83. Yağmur Alacatlı

    1 puan nedir aqqq!!?!??!

  84. André Campbell

    PJ Tucker overrated as a defender, never seen him lockdown anybody really. As Shaq would say, BBQ chicken alert 😂😂

  85. Hayatın İçinden

    I love this game 👍❤️❤️❤️❤️

  86. Hayatın İçinden

    Lakers 👍👏👏❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  87. safyat safin

    D.Rose better get All Star this season...

    1. A V

      Lol, over who exactly... He's good, but with that competition - forget it...

  88. hthought

    Harden MVP

  89. Robert J

    0:52 Every now and then this one ends up in the 3rd row (and that's fun too), but when it lands ... pwetty!

  90. Andy silver

    trashy mcgrady did you watch it? shut the fffk up,luka can jump ypur mall dime dickhead.

  91. anton k.

    shout out schröder from Berlin!!


    Another Level Luca

  93. Bananos JD

    Yesss 🏀🥇❤

  94. Alfhie Garcia

    Mj is the real goat

    1. Alfhie Garcia

      Mj win slam dunk contest and defensive player of the and mj never been loss in the finals lj self proclaimed the goat so Lj is not in Mj level even to kobe 🤣🤣🤣

    2. Ramsés II

      MJ only maked points. LJ is well rounded.

  95. Hana Syakira

    I'm a fan of Lakers. But I have huge respect for Gordon

  96. mradhayuda1

    Kalo luca ngamuk bisa ngegas lagi dallas

  97. Healthy Living TV

    For more halftime action please click this link trsel.info/video/video/zn6fz3ajtMTIbYY.html

  98. jory garel

    That was Quinn Cook who put back Lakers on the game not LeBron. What a shitty highlights

  99. NBA 3K MEDIA

    People going luka (crazy) :)

  100. poker all my life

    118-115 end of match so how the fk they come on 119-118 please guys explain me!!! Thanks

    1. poker all my life

      Sedrik Pocuch i was betting orlando magic with this crazy odds and then see this shit ;) so close ;)

    2. poker all my life

      Sedrik Pocuch thanks m8! I never thought that they can fix score after match! Hope u av a great day!

    3. Sedrik Pocuch

      They fouled an Orlando player who made one free throw and then they scored a buzzer beater three

    4. poker all my life

      @Julio Jones sorry man i'm not big fan of basketball... just wondering.. thanks

    5. Julio Jones

      ikr ????