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  1. Rayn Lakkis

    Fake the fish was a paid actor

  2. Mr horse man

    Uhhh I think I just witnessed a kidnapping

  3. TA Alqasem

    Where is that? Florida?

  4. Shag nasty

    The best way to describe the way sting ray tastes is like putting a steak in the ocean. That’s why we nicknamed it the “Oceanic Steak” they taste phenomenal such a clean tasing meat! Great video josh keep em coming!!

  5. Kenny Vegas

    Mole crabs not sand fleas

  6. Éva Rapali

    Te normális vagy hogy egy cápával uszkálsz?

  7. Duffy Duff

    This just tells me fish are stupid

  8. I Comment

    I did this with alligator gar but I used a steel letter and a treble they did not waste a second to bite that hook

  9. carlos villegas


  10. angelfromhellshawna

    Anybody else start ichin when he said fleas?? lol

  11. Kieran Lueker

    I think I’m never going to the beach again. 😳

  12. Earthworm Chewer

    Jesus Christ loves you

  13. T_ C

    stop sawing. stopppppppp :'(

  14. Chance Simmons

    I have done this with some hungry trout and a red size 16 hook its awsome

  15. It’ll be Fine

    He was just using the watermelon as a lure

  16. Pala1Blood

    So you're just casually injuring the damn things huh?!

  17. Matt Taylor

    45 pounds

  18. Heimrik01

    What's the name of that big fish ? Did you eat it ?

  19. Pete Zielinski

    True master no hook. Especially if your boating down a river with Asian carp.. They willingly jump in the boat.

  20. Lee Helton

    No, that was 3 seconds. I actually counted.

  21. Nizam Eyka


  22. Ben Long

    Josh easy easy

  23. Haro Master

    To much screaming. Ridiculous

  24. Carter Gaines Fishing

    It’s like the bluegill of the ocean

  25. Henda BETTAIEB

    What is it ?

  26. T_ C

    What do you do with that thing after? any processing video? cooking video?

  27. David Phillips

    Did you catch a blow fish

  28. my best service dog

    The bird is so oretty

  29. CITH Valentine

    Sand fleas? You mean crabs

  30. Brendan Botha

    Oh my word

  31. Dekmi 95

    Happy Birthday Blacktiph. ❤️ from Malaysia 🇲🇾

  32. Nate Crosbie

    Oh that’s a snook I thought it was a pike lmao

  33. alida flus

    I believe you are on a boat sir!

  34. Nurul Andini

    Iss jijik kali aku 🙄

  35. James Soto

    What is the giant black thing

  36. Matthew Perez


  37. Afdol Fajri


  38. Lulu Díaz

    People, remember something, he has YEARS and MILES of experience. He practically lives in the ocean. And he also shares when they have been waiting for hours in the ocean and catch nothing. If you’re a fisher, please don’t kick yourself down for not “having this ability”. Because you probably do, is just than in some places is harder and in others is easy and is ok.

  39. U.S. Militia

    I do this with bluegill.

  40. Chris Rodgers

    Awesome bait

  41. 3838 Tom very nice man

    Allah ho akbar ☝ MashaAllah ❤ subhanAllah

  42. Anurag Jaiswal

    I started checking my phone when he got the call 📱

  43. e schwarz

    Hope shark ok

  44. David Motlagh

    Wow, now you got some bait! I caught a carp with a cigarette butt...

    1. Simon Duersteler

      How did you get this idea

  45. Yasyraa Fayaa

    Wow fishe

    1. Yasyraa Fayaa

      Wow fishs

  46. Ethan Wittman


  47. David Motlagh

    It just shows you, it's not just one ethnic group that enjoys watermelon. It's all of God's creatures love watermelon! Love your neighbor! Be nice to people. Eat more watermelon!

  48. SeppuKun

    It's the same fish that keeps coming back for more sexy strong ladies XD

  49. Gabba Hood

    Imagine if everyone who viewed the video liked it

  50. krista dowler

    where do you get that electric reel and how much does it cost

  51. Palm Beach Don

    The joy is amazing

  52. t.c 802

    What's the since you cant eat them

  53. liggy man

    Foul hooking the poor dude

  54. HuzzaR GB

    Why are he just snapping the hooks and leaving them in the sharks mouths? Why yous dont have the tools to the remove the hooks nicely for the sharks?

  55. nixonsmateruby1

    Sell them for dog treats

  56. Jeff Wulf


  57. N L M

    We used to catch these in SoCal when I was a kid. Spent entire days hunting for these suckers. This made me happy to watch, although frankly I dont think I could bring myself to touch them now. Lol

  58. Sina C

    Watching this idk if I’d do it the strongest of strong people are literally fighting

  59. Oerlikon20mm

    The Seagulls be like “Mine!?”

  60. Ibuk Jum


  61. Herisom

    Pov u were Sitting on a Bench for 14 hours Waiting for someone to throw a pan into the trash

  62. Grimm head

    What's wrong on this planet? This crap.



  64. Reva Revi

    Good job

  65. C A P

    Just feeding his pet dinosaur

  66. Moijoddi Ali


  67. F.A.R. Rasyid

    “Hiu Amerika,hiu Amerika”😂

  68. Am i still Streaming?

    These mademoiselles would put all womens right activist to shame

  69. Am i still Streaming?

    GAHD DAMN!!!!

  70. Samanthalee Perkins

    If you look under them, the orange one are female pregnant, throw them back... But you can fry them with butter and garlic and eat it over hot rice...

  71. Bishnu Shrestha


  72. Strizk

    really interesting but then where's the fun

  73. Benjamin King

    So cute 😀

  74. Bounty Diamant

    70 kg

  75. Ahmed Ehab

    Me who spends more money on the bait than the total value of the fish I catch

  76. Relax With Phil's

    Live bait and dead bait Which one is effective for fishing?

  77. Harold Holland

    What's for dinner,

  78. ross jones


  79. Marjan Turfboer

    Good job

  80. First Timer

    Always make a cut from head to tale for smooth slice