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  1. Rauww - -

    Bruh nle: can we get english ? nle mum: we have english at home the english: -

  2. TheUnknownGoat

    2:12 "Stop the cap"

  3. Quierra Wells

    Ricky got that

  4. Xunk

    Bruh who remembers the pics of him looting a shoe store during the riots and it was captioned I got 1s I got 4s what you want

  5. Jason On mobile

    Spending money like it’s gta 😭💀

  6. Too Much Sauce

    Jesse is a King Pin of course he's gonna buy some sneakers

  7. Mattae Katolyk

    Converse High Top Braindead are a great mis match shoe

  8. Edgar Jaimes

    Waino got a point...

  9. JT Thomas

    The best years for sneakers were 1987-1991. Tons of innovation at that time and the competition was fierce back then (Nike,Reebok,Adidas,Converse,L.A. Gear, British Knights,etc all coming out with a new sneaker trying to put as much technology in it but also making it look flashy.) Also there was more variety, just look at all the older sneaker catalog's on what they offered those years I mentioned. Now there are only a select few brands and they focus on the same 10 sneakers and just keep releasing those same 10 sneakers in different colorways,

  10. Ian McNair


  11. Adam Tropp

    Lets be real J Cole is too old to go to the NBA

  12. Ben K

    He’s so polite

  13. terrance cannon

    Jeff bezos owns almost everything 🤔 except a record label .. he out here planting lol

    1. BandCamp Debow ✍🏾

  14. Chengmin Ju

    Speak English?

  15. Same Ting

    Im glad my parents didn't raise me because id still be in college If you know you know

    1. BandCamp Debow ✍🏾

  16. Marcus O'Connor

    Maally won this one ! Great bettle 🔥

  17. Jamaal Floyd

    She’s Pretty Asf

  18. Azim The Great

    Wayno isn't smart

  19. Michael B

    RIP FBG Duck

  20. Hernan munoz

    69 the TRselr

  21. Trapper

    Foh u mfers jus hating on future an Thug

  22. Nolenation

    Does no one really remember hurricane Michael ??? That shit destroyed my town you only hear about Katrina

  23. Super Hans

    didnt he beat his girl

  24. Robbo

    RKK is straight up gangster

  25. Daron Maxwell

    Love tecca man

  26. Raul Rubio

    Daniel been 69 way back only true fans knows that he used to work with zillakami until he turned his back on him went on his own

  27. hamid nassim

    I quit my work because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  28. Matt Milli

    AK is the Jason Whitlock of hip hop

  29. Alex C

    Luke Thomas was against UFC Dana White opening too soon..! Now I wonder what he thinks? All Dana haters are majority leaning Leftist! All they do is whine 24/7 about everything and the UFC! So true what Dana said about these sport commentators that they don't know fuck all about the UFC! 😅 😂 🤣

  30. Rohan Muppa

    I could see the tears in Akademiks eyes when AK said that couldn't taste food

    1. BandCamp Debow✍🏾

  31. gustavo suarez

    I no longer need my 9-5 with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  32. Andrew Amaya

    This make feel scared I have to look to the back at me every 10 seconds cuz I love chi town

  33. Ased Gahed

    I can finally enjoy life with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  34. One Eyed Crow

    Is Wayno that stupid?! 😂

    1. BandCamp Debow ✍🏾

  35. SODA

    Wayno basically said people that are invested in 69 are doin what their suppose to do for their investment. Thats not a plant thats buisness.. I cant believe he is a manager.

  36. nathaniel mcdonald

    I miss my Adidas real deals (97) Anything Kobe touched was gold. ...too soon.

  37. Elric of Melniboné

    This is definitely not Papa Franku, it's the Impostor, possessing Pink Guy's body and blending in society to pave the way for the Peace Lords!

  38. Meice Always

    Industry plant? I’m tryna use context clues but can someone break it down?

  39. True Prince

    Kevin has always been with the truth. Bless my brother 🙏

  40. El Super Guapo

    Very good interview Tony, Greetings from Mexico to you and uncle Dana.

  41. Dthm75

    Wayno almost never makes sense.. He is the worst tryn to get a point across or convey a message

  42. moren din


  43. Carlos Sanchez

    Wanno like 69 shouldn’t win. He an industry plant.

  44. DryWet Tv

    I can't stand that same computer commercial every 5 minutes

  45. ojvej kurve

    Wayno do you know what a industry plant is??

  46. theGREAT120892

    whys the audio so quiet

  47. Nathan Whiting

    I love Vans. I guess I love things people hate too. 👌

  48. PurpleWeasel1323

    those cactus jack 4s omg ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  49. Pits 2004

    Staysolidrocky had a song that BLEW THE FUCK UP on tik Tok how is he an industry plant?

  50. retos

    super slimey was the first trap album i ever listened to, which got me into rap in general

  51. TFD Rico

    900 comment

  52. GOD of FUCK

    He is a cia plant r u dumb stupid or dumb huh

  53. B Taradactilee


  54. Fernando Garza

    her crosswords come out so natural compared to other celebrities that like to fake them

  55. Maribel Izeppi-Garza

    My sister loves snickers and she likes her

  56. Prince Uxas

    Yhaty wack asf

  57. Prince Uxas

    Nah man Lil boat video was wack and so was the song

  58. Enique Mason

    Staysolidrocky got planted thru TikTok they pay the bigger influencers to create a dance to his song and boom.. party girl is still a dope song lol

  59. Dallas Mcclarty

    Yo what’s up with that Illuminati pyramid lol