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Dance a lot, STUDIO CHOOM


STUDIO CHOOMはK-Popダンスに特化されているユニークなチャンネルです。

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Dance a lot, STUDIO CHOOM

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  1. jichu's rice

    this is the best video to watch when my mood's off !

  2. 성이름


  3. FaultyShy

    14:11 NI-KI AWH

  4. Malyn Dicdican

    English sub😭😭😭

  5. my prince han

    sunsun soulmate <3 sunoo is so precious TT

  6. Alex C

    They're flawless!!

  7. ARMY Remin

    So many thing to say but i'll leave it here i love you enhypen

  8. 무명

    얘네 왤케 귀엽니

  9. Maria Mauricio

    ¡Ah! PERFECT.❤

  10. jichu's rice

    just ni-ki being extra asf the whole 20 min 37 seconds..

  11. Random Foolery


  12. Wen Wen Wen

    8:21 - 8:30 10:51 - 11:00 11:30 - 11:44 #SunWon❤️❤️❤️

  13. Liseth Vergara

    how jungwon can be SO cute? omg i cant with this child, im dying AKHFDHSJ

  14. Salsa Jasmine

    I like hechan...but jisung voice...make me confused, of them...>○<

  15. Chel.C

    My bias Ni-ki was definitely the highlight lol he had me dying laughing and him and Jake are just too cute together. Let not forget him teasing SUNOO while he is to busy taking pictures 💖💖 I love Enhypen

  16. iindahwd

    Anak lanang ku, mangatsss yaaaaa. Mama teh bangga sama kalian. Sama abang mark, kak renjun, mas jeno, aa haechan, kakak jaemin, adek chenle dan dede jisung

  17. Wen Wen Wen

    6:12 - 7:07 #SunSun❤️❤️❤️

  18. jichu's rice

    the editor of this video needs to get a raise !!

  19. Maria Flo

    Ga asahi ga ruto ga masiho ga ni-ki semuanya sama kelakuannya

  20. Maria Flo

    Ga asahi ga ruto ga masiho ga ni-ki semuanya sama kelakuannya

  21. Wen Wen Wen

    6:07 - 6:12 One of my faves.. ❤️❤️❤️ #Sunoo❤️❤️❤️

  22. Gracie Sarmiento

    Alternative Title: Sunoo being pretty for 20 minutes straight!!

  23. Tamara Rioja

    Don't fight the feeling: Keep strmmmg Mmmh!

  24. in6처도리

    저희 뮤비 6,9M 넘었어요💚 머글유입 많은 스춤->뮤스->음악중심 직캠(고래, 맛 둘 다!!) 당연히 음원 스밍은 다들 하고 계시죠?

  25. DivertidaNathy

    HeeSeung 💜💜💜

  26. Gleazel Villaflor

    17:54 Niki Lmao

  27. riki

    14:15 NI-KI 😭

  28. Roro

    39M soon !!

  29. Antonia Adryely


  30. Im whipped To A dozen babies

    Fuck i still pissed and feel bitter even after their disbanded one year ago! Its too short we didnt even has any moment with them, but those bastard already take their last time and their first debut. I hate you MNET

  31. asyun


  32. asyun

    the addiction i have to this song.

  33. Chaabi Wafa

    lmao niki kept running like a crazy until he got tired and the staff is helping him at 14:12 :) he's so extra and i love it!

  34. Reina Lie

    I love how they seemed to change roles in interviews (or videos), like for example, on this video Sunoo was really active and acting cutely all the time, whilst on the others he didn’t talk as much; and then you have Heeseung who also talks a lot on other interviews, but become quieter and more attentive on this one. It’s like they all balanced each other out, when one is too energetic, the other is more reserved.

  35. Sophia Borja

    17:54 just look at him i'm gonna cry 😭

  36. Wen Wen Wen

    Funny thing is, Only Sunoo and Sunghoo have the same killing part 2:13 - 2:14. 😁 #SunSun❤️❤️

  37. Ogadimma Pearl

    Oh my renjunnie 🤭🤭😍😍😍

  38. Elizabeth Chérie

    I know you guys cringe a little everytime you do the ENHYPEN chant and put your hands up 😂 it's cute thooo 😤

  39. Justin Seagull

    Idk what happen but Jay luk so calm and quiet here...hope he is alright ...may be he is tired ..butw he luks so cool and charming ...LOVE JAY

  40. Kim Chi


  41. dyofromearth

    Tr3nd1ng 13 nggak tuh. Gaskeun guys. Jangan lupa str34m mv juga yaaa!!

  42. KIM K开I

    kpop's it boy

  43. jk lee

    표정,안무는....은하가...압권..이네욤..ㅇㅈ 의상.헤어 부터..ㅋㅋ 잘어울림 ..뮤비스탈로 했음 팀이 부각 될 수도....암튼 은하기 독보적임

  44. filidyla

    3:44 yeosang lifting his eyebrow argh''''

  45. neemm47 arr

    선유야 너무 귀여워

  46. Sofia Costa

    eu amo vocês!! vocês são incríveis!

  47. Humayra Kabir

    When sunoo was explaining his killer part and sunghoon just staring at him....i felt my heart burst

  48. ruth g


  49. Sofia Costa


  50. sweetiepies

    " that's right you lookin' my eyes " 👀

  51. _ libby

    um the choreo has definitely peaked sexy-

  52. Niña Martinez


  53. 김아리

    13:10 은우 혼자 모르는것 같은 느낌적인 느낌...ㅎ

  54. Bwubbbleteaa

    HD banget guys, pingsan ajalaa T_T NCT Dream best boy T_T

  55. Humayra Kabir

    So much sunsun content- i love thisss

  56. Lua

    5:47 Jungwon look so done with Ni-Ki lmao his reaction, so cute

  57. Ashley Thomas

    its such a weird choreography but i can't stop watching

  58. Humayra Kabir

    So much sunsun content- i love thisss

  59. Michelle Calista


  60. Dewi Adeliani

    Canduuu bnget sih ini mana ganteng2 smua lagi

  61. It's Jin day

    Quiero tener de escuché por primera está canción la amo


    Keep str3aming please HOT SAUCE MV

  63. molly


  64. Cheonsa Noona

    And new Riki memes will be coming out!😁 I just can't with his cuteness, maygahhhddd this kid!!🤩😍🥺😭

  65. iamwynnosaur

    And she's the reason why I'm gonna be single till i die

  66. cardi bb

    I can feel somi's comeback is BIG

  67. It's Jin day

    New rules soty

  68. It's Jin day

    Mis amores hermosos ya están grandes 😭

  69. Zeynep Can

    Can i scream????

  70. ally bustamante

    hehe i love them

  71. Namjoon's lost airpods

    Sunoo's smile and laugh gives me butterflies

  72. Jimmy Le

    I swear just a second ago I saw da star glitter in yoo eyes👉🤩👈bay🐰bee G & da beautiful smile at da center of attention between yoo cute cheeks make this bad🐶boy go weak 🤪nhanhanha 😁our little secret ay🤫❤️‍🔥💪❤️‍🔥

  73. 서굥

    진짜 킹블낫 사랑해

  74. Nir W

    Yeah, we absolutely love Heeseung!

  75. González Reyes Eunice Citlalli

    I enjoy so much this videos, the quality is amazing! you can see the beautitful expressions by guys. Thanks a lot #M2MDP

  76. Abi Ancco R

    Jay with Sunoo: 🙂 Jay with Jungwon: 😄

  77. Mayeliz ArRam

    ENHYPEN's visuals are killing!! HEESEUNG has me dead. Every single shoot on him is art. I just love him so much! SUNOO's duality is insane.

  78. Frosina

    They look so good i can't handle it 😍💚💚💚

  79. Fanicia Kalisch

    0:37 su sonrisa 0:44 y 1:36

  80. Stacy

    that guy in the blue hawaiiin shirt 😍😍😍