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  1. Jesus Is Lord

    Bunch of primadonnas.

  2. Kieran Beaver

    Can we please get a 2nd game.... please

  3. Joshua Peralta

    I didnt fukken understand anything

  4. Steven Shenkus

    If reef can stay healthy he is the future.

  5. David Flors

    9:37 this shot is magical

  6. Ernest Gary

    All the same cars except tbe last guy that pulled up in a 78 pinto... Orange... Like the one i was embarresed of as a kid to get dropped of at school in😁

  7. HonestBrotha

    They stupid lol

  8. J Greenseed

    Wow. They kept talking about how dark it was on TV, but this puts that in perspective.

  9. Maple Spartan

    They missed tiger saying to chuck id like to see your fat ass dunk

  10. Corbin

    6:50 Tiger lined Manning up. That is against the rules now isn't it?

    1. James T

      It's Tiger's course.

  11. thehiphopprophet

    Jordan wouldn't lose to LeBitch

  12. mikes campfire

    Fun to watch. It was nice to see every bad shot I ever made struck by Brady. Lol

  13. Trolly Trollsteen

    He has the spice

  14. Corbin Miles

    Phil "fractionally" Mickelson

  15. Mr. B. Trace

    so did they donate the money. or just okay a game and take credit while someone else payed?

  16. Derek Mcfadden

    Bruh 😩😩😩

  17. Metatron Don

    Called em a dome QB lol

  18. Caleb Blundell

    Just mic up Phil at every event please

  19. wayne james

    I really enjoyed that match the guys were cracking me up. Once TB hit that bomb for birdie his rants were epic, and Chuck enough said. I'm hoping for another one real soon before they go PGA tour with no fans with Tiger and Phil and I don't care.

  20. Tech Mic

    Peyton started talking cash sh*t out the gate!

  21. Sweet Jimmy

    Watching ppl on tv have to ham it up for covid optics is kind of amusing.

  22. Sha Zurita

    when he did this, I know the game is over!

  23. Grayson Howard

    This video is a sports fan’s wet dream. Tom, Peyton, Tiger, Phil, and Chuck??? Hell yes

  24. nero4173


  25. Advaith

    AD is really overrated : /

  26. David Stevens

    Seems like they had a lot of fun despite the weather. I love how competitive it is. But talking of competition - these icons of sport combined with Rory, DJ, Rickie and Wolff last week, still didn't come close to raising as much as Captain Tom Moore did for walking round his garden! 😉

  27. Slick Rick

    Fucking Legend

  28. Tony K

    Wish this full game was on TRsel

  29. HonestBrotha

    Ernie damn can you talk

  30. Haleilei C

    He knows how to create "Lag" in golf swing.......Wow

  31. Christopher Jordan

    7:02 House Nuggets We Did It‼️

  32. James Humphreys

    We’re gonna have a “golf gate” after this

  33. Shot Clock

    Who’s here when everyone is saying in the comments about the Warriors and the Cavs being the worst in there conference

  34. 775Supermoto Adventures

    Brady- “I blew on that to make it miss”, no my friend you BLEW your pants out...

  35. Joven Camacho

    I want to see Rudy Gobert

  36. Jose Torres

    “Turribo shot”- chuck

  37. Betuins

    Is aShaq representing Wilt or why is he sitting with the goats??

  38. Amit Kumar

    They shud have bought mj !!! 😂😂

  39. Jeanmi Ess

    Never watch golf's highlights... except this time.

  40. Liquid Snowy

    Manning was the star of this hahah that’s my quarterback! Brady had a nice shot though

  41. Christopher Campbell

    I don't think the hard stuff is here yet, I say we keep playing.

  42. Apokalypz

    They haven't been good since you left... RIP

  43. Scott -O

    Great choice getting Chuck as a commentator.

  44. marquanes williams

    I swear I would of ran on that field begging for autographs LMBO 😂😂

  45. Matt Walker

    That “hand the ball off” line would’ve been good if he was golfing against Russell Wilson.

  46. Brian Rolle

    Phil would’ve won if he had Romo in his team easily. It wouldn’t have been fair

  47. Casey Ward

    And that’s Tom Brady for you folks 😂

  48. John Rodro

    Peyton funny! I might have brought Eli!😆😆

  49. LesterChesterSylvester TheMolester

    I’m confused why is her younger brother black? Do they have different parents?

  50. Jack Mealor


  51. Eric Drexler

    The Skip part got me lol

  52. D.R. Factor


  53. Belg6179

    Fake. This is an entertainer for hire. Look up the dance off at the Phillies baseball game with a security guard and the mascot. This is the same guy! He is not a police officer or security guard. He is a heck of an entertainer. Don't believe me? Check it out for yourself.

  54. ZeroPR23

    6:00 shut the f*ck up, you can be the worst coach in history bit of you have Lebron James you could say you have a free ticket to the finals. If Lebron on Cleveland had a good coach they could win easy

  55. Cia Warrior


  56. The Man

    If Peyton would have brought Bill bellecheck as his caddy Tom should have brought tigers ex ellin, she knows how to handle a golf club. 🤣

  57. Huff Huff

    that was fucking awesome to watch! Didnt miss a moment. Played that golf course over a dozen times and wish Tiger and PHil could of teed it up from the Tiger Tees =/ Fun to watch never the less. Need more content like this.

  58. HonestBrotha

    They need to quit fear mongering wtf

  59. HeyZeus M

    Wish they had Tony Romo to call this game!!!!!

  60. JoeJoe Grande

    Should of been Tiger n Brady

  61. Widson Sabourin


  62. Dylan Chambers

    The world's not ready for Superman, so he decided to be Tom Brady.

  63. 许军

    aaron gordan:jumps over 7‘7 tacko fall dwayne wade:nah ima give him a 9

  64. Moon Man



    What schlock

  66. Jerry Bear

    Love you Tommy......

  67. Dylan Chambers

    Riding the cart with no hands. Lol

  68. David Furber

    Wow what a humble man he just takes the hands he's dealt an keeps on moving on lot of pain an heartache in tis video an still Kamala stays humble just plain good stuff bye a good man .

  69. AndrewLifts

    GOAT of all sports 😎

  70. Piripiao

    *When in doubt, when your life is on the line, call Game 6 Klay.*

  71. William Rochr

    Once again, someone talks trash to Tom Brady and pays the price.

  72. Matt Garland

    Shaq's a bully, man

  73. AndrewLifts

    If Brady put more time in Golf which he will eventually, WATCH OUT TIGER 😁

  74. Waylon Johnson

    this really makes golf interesting

  75. Serude

    Too bad it was such a shitty day.

  76. yah jah

    1:05 Brady turned around real quick when heard Nick Folrs

  77. E Choi

    1 more (bonus) episode plz

  78. Jerrad Garren

    All Tom needed was the referees that helped him win most of his games on the course and he would have won. This sucked I like to watch the subtle manipulation and complete horseshit calls get ignored, and the fans cheer. Tom,Tom,he’s our man. 👎sorry I’m not blind

  79. Ben Isaacson

    A dream 4some has assembled lol

  80. Joseph Kim

    These four are all champions as well

  81. Jake94indian

    they don’t even notice kevin hart sits near him

  82. AndrewLifts

    Hahaha Billichick as caddy. He'd be down there coaching Peyton to win even harder to beat Tom 🤣

  83. Ali Chaudhry

    Chuck take a suck on that Chuck

  84. ChazSeamus28

    man Tiger still looks amazing

  85. Dingleberry Pie

    Chuck knew his $25k was safe.

  86. cam dow

    09:42 It’s Tom Brady

  87. BrynieBear

    the shit talk is on another level. If this was part of the PGA tour, i think it would be a lot more popular

  88. Don’t play With me

    1:06 Tom was ready to square up with Peyton

  89. R.C.B.

    How come cnn isn't complaining about these guys "playing golf amid corona virus pandemic " ?

  90. Ric H

    The Sad thing is, if he was still in New England he wouldn't be this open and approachable. While in New England how mañy times did he go on Howard Stern, Zoom Chats, Uncensored Radio Shows, talk Trash to other Celebrities/ Athletes in the Media, etc? Florida has made a change to the good for Tom.

  91. DSL Dark Lord Spaniard

    The Tiger Slayer lmao

  92. Fresh Start

    All the people using the word "ain't" are probably all the same people throwing all the hate in other cop videos.

  93. Silly Goose

    Imagine this dude knew parkour...

  94. trlprk

    At first I thought his swing tempo was a little quick, but he definitely has game

  95. Nick Hinderer

    Im going to buy an audi now

  96. Sandy Gross

    This is great.

  97. julio montano

    Thats the same guy that did that at the astros game, he's not a real cop

  98. Bintoy Ski

    "A dream foursome" bruh

  99. Adrian Zaharia

    Dwight's second dunk was a fuckin light 8. Change my mind.

  100. scott costello

    Life is about timing.Brady has it down.