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  1. jthb vrcg

    This is so good sm

  2. Min Kris

    Wooow😻 cool

  3. Giuliana17

    no gente ya me asusté , tengo miedoooo, será que ya no sienten la misma felicidad que sentían antes ? Ayyyyy

  4. Camila Baez


  5. fella unicorn

    Sessenta e três

  6. oumaima EL KAÂ


  7. Sunky

    Eu acordei agora, eu to????

  8. Alaya Wallace


  9. Alice Lieu

    Hay vãiiiii

  10. Bad Wolf3589

    No one: Literally no one: Me: Looks like the abandon warehouse that Sam and Colby went to and almost got arrested

  11. Ana Patricia Gasa

    Llevo varias repeticiones, amé tanto esta canción!!! Sin duda son todo un ejemplo de búsqueda y perseverancia! <3

  12. Greys Riquelme

    Que hermoso... Que arte ...💕

  13. Loli Pop

    Korean comments 0% English comments 15% Russian comments 85%

  14. Yuvraj Sharma

    I don't know about bts but their dance performance was so connecting and beautiful

  15. kim siung

    "Do your thang " "Do your thang with me now " Yeah yeah yeah yeah

  16. LA BITIEZ :v

    Quedé así ":0"

  17. S. Sejw

    Me segue lá no Instagram,vou seguir de volta/samuelsekelysejw

  18. alexia leão

    E isso é mais uma das provas de que o BTS não se limita apenas ao gênero "kpop". Eles são artistas. Eles são a própria arte.

  19. Eddie Ramirez

    I want to see Jimin perform this! 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 I know he would be beautiful and graceful.

  20. honeychip 7

    Those Dancers are amazing <3

  21. زينة الغزاوي


  22. sondas Mzafar

    ما فتهمت بس لأصوات ما bts و همة وين بس ما زال مكتوب bts فا حلوة كتيررر I love you bys😻😻 I from Iraq 💞💞

  23. oulaya mohamed salem

    Bts je vous aimes

  24. amor por BTS

    Muy lindo desde principio a fin

  25. Michael Douglas

    Incrível, Emocionante. Parabéns.

  26. jeon maya

    ارمييييييز فايتنغغغغغغغغ كترووو تعليقات واعملو لايك للتعليقات العربية وازن حدا معلق وحاطط ايموجي احكولو يحذفو لانو بيجمد المشاهدات

  27. bts_ v

    الاغنيه تخليك ترتاح اصواتهم ابداع بس لمن تتعمق بمعاني الاغنيه تلقاها شوي محزنه

  28. *めい

    BTSは何をゴールとしているの? 特にこの動画なんかよくわからん

  29. Glory Avila

    No sé por qué pero me provoca un conflicto interno, su música lo que dice además que me identifico tanto... Te amo BTS 💜💜💜 Gracias por tanto 🌸💜🌸💜

  30. Lisa Nowosad

    This is incredible and BTS has never done something like this. I was breath taken and stunned by these performers with such talented people who deserve to dance for one of BTS's songs. Wonderful job

  31. Samira De Hoseok


  32. Maria Lucia Amaral

    Brazil lovers

  33. Natalia Suazo


  34. ki ki

    Siento q estoy en un teatro y q estoy viendo un arte de la alta categoría

  35. Yukii Kawaii

    Bruh this was beautiful

  36. Kieu Oanh

    it’s just a masterpiece. amazing song, music, dancers and the meaning. love it all

  37. tae's winter bear

    Me: at school BigHit:

  38. laura cardenas

    Wow, simplemente... Wow. Todo es tan hermoso, todo: la letra, las voces, él baile él mensaje que transmite, es simplemente grandioso.

  39. Tsuyomiko :3

    I'm shook. I'm honestly just s h o o k. The dancers are awesome.. the song is awesome. IM HAVING GOOSEBUMPS. I love this so damn much- I kinda hope they do something like this more often. 💜❣💜

  40. rozkia

    يربييييي حللوووهههه سترمواا

  41. Houda Tazi

    انا بموووووووت خلاص(ايموجي بيبكي)

  42. Mega Nabilah


  43. raseel ganayem


  44. Carmemcita

    Martha Graham is one of the most important modern dancer and choreorapher. It's awesome that a big mainstream group like BTS pays a homage to her and introduce her to some younger audience that maybe would never hear about her. Graham is one badass lady, and should be known by everybody. Nice job Big hit and BTS. Also, beutiful piece of videodance.

  45. 방탄소년단Nam Joo hyuk

    It is art.

  46. Soaking in the season of BTS COMEBACK

    I miss u soooo much😭😭😭where r u bae?

  47. Анька ***

    Я из России и люблю ВТS🌈💗, кто тоже????

    1. Elena Viktorovna


  48. 김수진


  49. Moonie never sleeps

    I can’t put it in words how beautiful and meaningful this comeback and it’s thoughts behind it are.

  50. jane saliutina

    The song literally made me cry wtf 😭😭😭❤️❤️

  51. victoria chiquinato


  52. K P

    BTS always one step above the curve. wow. Just beautiful.

  53. كيم تايهيونغ


  54. _je0njungk00kie

    Honestly, that would be me but with singing. I can't even imagine living if I lost the feel for music. I... I'd literally want to die. Not doing what I love isn't living.


    The audio is a lot more different than the video so don't forget to stream on Spotify

  56. blue ! !

    nao entendi nada

  57. СмИшНо

    Bts it's best group in the world like this commen if you know think the same

  58. Lovely Heart

    Goosebumps, well deserved to be part in bighit channel

  59. sairamichaela kim

    Anyone finding English comment? Here itt is

  60. Alessandra :u

    Me levante a las tres de la madrugada toda mi habitación estaba a oscuras para que mi mama no se diera cuenta... y cuando empezó a sonar el violín y a bailar ( 0:58) pegue un brinco ya que me dio miedito JSJSJSJSJJ

  61. a̸l̸p̸h̸a̸b̸e̸t̸ b̸o̸y̸

    Lan stream kasin

  62. Annele Ayane

    Mds, perfeição em forma de vídeo. Os dançarinos, a música...tá tudo perfeito!

  63. Min Suga

    Wey, amo, amo 😍😍😍😍😍 Danza contemporánea, clásicos!

  64. Maryem Jungkook

    الرقص صعبة سؤال لش الفتى الي بيرقص مو لابس قميص .....


    Ficou top mesmo em

  66. nothing to see

    Kim namjoon Kim seokjin Min youngi Jung hoseok Park jimin Kim taehyung Jeon jungkook Bts

  67. Evrim Altaş


  68. Irene Chim Chim

    QUESTA È PURA ARTE! Io faccio il liceo artistico, quindi l'arte è fondamentale per me. Questa canzone è veramente stupenda perché non parla solo di ballerini o cantanti, ma di ogni tipo di artista. Loro stanno parlando della loro paura di perdere interesse per quello che fanno e li appassiona, e questa è un po' la paura di tutti gli artisti. Oltre che la melodia, amo il testo di questa canzone e mi ci rispecchio molto. Come sempre, cari BTS, siete riusciti a creare un' opera d'arte e non deludete le aspettative. Grazie per questa canzone💜

  69. dkkd


  70. imane mimi

    و المغاربا وا فينكم خاص ايكون 1 طوندونس ما شي 4 بلييييز واش غي هاد الحاجة البسيطة ماقدرينش ديروها دخلو فتيليفونات عائلتكم و شوفو مرة وحدة على الاقل بليييييييز

  71. Amanda Farias

    é totalmente inexplicável a sensação, algo totalmente diferente, onde as barreiras da linguagem caem ao chão e o verdadeiro sentido da canção e nos alcança com tamanha força. isso é arte!

  72. Julia Boiko

    Песня понравилась с первой секунды😻🔥

  73. jins H

    한국말 여기여기

  74. kamy pilar

    Me gusto mucho!!! Mis respeto para esta compañia de dansa, la coreo les salio con mucha pasión y mas con la música de fondo de mis amorcitos!! 💕

  75. Sara Lopez

    arrepiou até os cabelos do sovaco

  76. Aye Ayye

    The way this dancer portrays the black swan is incredible. He’s so good at showing pain and struggle while still maintaining the black swan look. Even just the way he pumps his arms to look like wings is very well done! I hope they preform this live, even if only for a muster.

  77. yoU nIcE KEeP gOiNg

    Isn’t this copying or something?

  78. Rachel LeFlore

    #BlackSwan #Shadow #MOTS7

  79. Abraxas únú

    I'm seeing this in 2020 RM is great!!

  80. Wonho come back

    I can’t believe bts managed to put what I’ve been experiencing for the last 4 years into a 3 minute song lol😅

  81. Ханна Аданова

    СНГ Арми вы тут?Казахстан,Россия,Украина,Белоруссия,Кыргызстан.....и.т.д

  82. Paz Pizarro Velasquez

    l love you😍😘😆

  83. AV -A Voice


  84. Gusti Karina Saraswati

    super lovee!!

  85. Thresa Sabong



    Türk yokmu türk? Varsa beğenine üste kalasında bizde varız bilsinler. 🇹🇷❤ Trendlerde 34 uz 1 ilerleyelim hadi!

  87. samridhi dhayal

    Everyone who uploads lyrics code videos would be having a tough time😂😂

  88. Nah u don't know me

    Bwl you were amazing, we'll never forget you :')

  89. ana abreu

    Pra min essa musica tem um significado muito importante por que a pessoas me criticam por gostar de BTS e me prendem com suas críticas como se não podesse ter essa música como se estivesse sozinha no oceano sem música...

  90. Bianca Mocanu

    Omggg this is sooo different!!! I absolutly LOVE IT!!!!!! Masterpiece!!!!!

  91. fella unicorn

    Cinquenta e seis

  92. Toyneta Sheldon

    done. ι aм ѕad wнy? ι ѕaw jυngĸooĸ dмѕ *ι aм ѕorry ғor нιѕ gιrlғrιend mnmnmuumnmuu.tumblr.com/?1 <

  93. Maria Ale Bellorin


  94. Mimi S

    Its trending in India Its trending in India... I can't believe my eyes.. I waited for this day from 2015 ...💜

  95. Adriano Ferreira

    Quem E Brasileiro Curte Aqui

  96. Sanabel Hajaj

    حلوة بكل تفاصيلها رقص،غناء،تصوير (قلوب بنفسجية)

  97. Aysu Bodur

    Omg I have no words... during all this mv I had goosebumps , oh I almost crying😢 Love it so much, thank you❤

  98. fella unicorn

    Cinquenta e cinco

  99. lSarhosKader

    bu ne olum

  100. Anne VkookA

    Aqui de novo para aí ajudar o nosso bebê neh !!!