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Players choose a role from an expanding cast of powerful champions and join forces in strategic, fast-paced gameplay to take control of the enemy’s end of the battlefield.

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  1. RHAAST gaming

    nobody when you play ww and your youmi gives 50000 kill to daruis

  2. M KING

    I more perf some kind of like game cg like worries

  3. Guhool

    birth of the biggest headache ever

  4. Gamingdelutan

    Ahri in this clip: so cute Ahri in the game: i gave you hearts come to me

  5. Midoriya Time


  6. Yandere mode Samantha

    I was hoping we could get a project Evelyn

  7. palolo proplayer

    Jhin está muerto xD :(

  8. palolo proplayer

    Riven esta muerta xD

  9. 한국이조아요

    좌파 친북 대통령!

  10. Dranreb Emmanuel Loraña

    The pattern of this song is layered patched to ML's song.. Disappointing 😔

  11. Alex

    0:24 his smile is like ricardo

  12. Darshna Kurdia

    Nope. I liked the original version more. Instead of 1m one

  13. Trayzard


  14. Darshna Kurdia


  15. Shark Lover

    god diss broken thing does not needed to exist ever.

  16. OfficialDevious

    my girl keke killed it

  17. The N

    Đánh nhà cho anh

  18. felix orellana

    stop legue of legends game shut down ad

  19. Shu kurenai

    Best song ever I have seen

  20. Nikola Zabunov

    This is so good song,i like it very much

  21. Son Sob

    So Reply but we can,t see SKT T1 anymore (

  22. Mr. Jashon

    Sweet Home season 1 😍😈

  23. 샌ajs

    나 쟤 싫어 세라핀

  24. lo lo

    soyeon queen 👑👑

  25. 紅猫




  27. SpaceGoo!

    Very gooooood

  28. SpaceGoo!

    The Best

  29. Aguerinho

    Quem ta escutando em 2021 deixa o like e arrasta pra cima

  30. Miguel Sanchez

    Muy buen trabajo ligue of lejens

  31. txchuq


  32. Matheus Carvalho

    It's amazing brow so good

  33. User Viewer

    juegazo el lol

  34. soccer nut


  35. Kemalcan Özbalat

    Lanet olsun çok güzell

  36. •Dark angel•


  37. Damian Aguilera


  38. 고상현

    Made in china

  39. Dalilah Kirkum

    why the frack people complaing and saying she ruined it like shes a real person with feelings i love how she tried really hard but it looks so chill her dance moves and fit is fire and she killed it

  40. Joey (Lucky Boy) Nato

    EPIC AF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Srinivas Aligeti

    1:09 is best then all in the world

  42. Эмилия

    We need MORE Kaisa

  43. Quartz last

    Imagine playing league for the first time and this login screen appear.

  44. ZubaidahAlias Fz

    My heart 😢😢😢😢

  45. Urwish Godara

    Legend never die my favourite song i everyday play this song at morning

  46. M K

    This music slaps 1000 better than Baron his wife from Witcher 3

  47. H.K Production

    When new Pentakill albüm -_- its been 7 years and Im still waiting

  48. The Overthinker

    My mom : Games are stupid. They are for children. The game :

  49. 정상준

    모데스킨이나 빨리 내놔라 라이엇

  50. Lucas 777


  51. Sensei


  52. ayush patel

    for searching this I searched gamexpro back ground music 🤣😂

  53. Kaveyos Gaming


  54. M. Muradbasic

    You guys literally made her useless until lvl 6 and only truly viable until lvl 16...

  55. Loli Lover

    ML copied this yuck.

  56. DIEther KILLian

    Almost 6 years Still gives me chills

  57. Dani 333EwE

    *Quien Más Viene Por Ares?* 😎🔥❤️

    1. Las Narco Babys

      *Yo* 😎🔥

  58. Nobody

    seraphine ruined it totally

  59. Chad Thunder

    okay so im still waking up when typing this but was that last animation a project garen teaser?

  60. Miguel_Thunder


  61. Dalilah Kirkum

    I love this song it's a bop

  62. Ace Vadergames

    I commented

  63. Gerild Christian

    why is it 24/30 fps :")

  64. 강민우

    내가 가렌으로 저기 나오는 카밀 쳐 바른다 ㅋㅋㄹㅃㅍ

  65. ImagineKB

    Hi 14 jährige Wichtiger fans

  66. AlittleMad

    when a music video is better than the game itself 💀

  67. IRATE

    Never played game but I heartily THANKS A LOT for this masterpiece 🙏

  68. IRATE

    This is the only song helps me trying harder n harder to become tougher than being duffer

  69. Ritik Roshan

    This song is my favourite song 🤩🤩 Whenever I listened it. It becomes more new🔥🔥.

  70. Hoàng Trương Huy

    Viego teaser since 2019? Well play riot

  71. Velmrok

    I wonder why i feel like i have known this since 2010/or sth. Its weird xD

  72. penisman42

    A'm der godess with der blede

  73. Juan flaco Gomez

    Yes Wow

  74. Богдан Ранковић

    3:13 THAT SOLO

  75. Xura

    Wait so this girl's friend had a bike accident and she just dodged the whole thing no question? Not even checking if he went to the hospital?

  76. KayenVee

    I'm here because of the Genshin Impact Edit 😌🤌

    1. Howl

      I prefer the genshin edit lmao

  77. Brambeo

    Why have the Spaniards invaded lol

  78. Brian Otida

    I don't get who's who anymore in this timeline. There's the ones on PROJECT's side along with the PROGRAMs. Then there's the resistance who want to shut down PROJECT for the good of everyone. There's vigilantes who want to end PROJECT but also use their technology for personal gain. Then there's another group of vigilantes that also want to end PROJECT and kill everyone else who'se involved or against with PROJECT, just blind revenge. Who is on which side exactly?

  79. Renato Costa

    U can complain about lag , about match making , about unbalanced champions , but u cant complain about riot's events songs.

  80. Dani Tanchay

    took me a while to notice all the background dancers were akalis