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Players choose a role from an expanding cast of powerful champions and join forces in strategic, fast-paced gameplay to take control of the enemy’s end of the battlefield.
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  1. 한방에내곁으로

    한국인 댓글을 찾고 있던 당신 ㅎㅇ?

  2. Fire Shadow


  3. lautaro solis

    que buen video loco se pasaron de increible

  4. Your Name

    'i have not felt a emotion in years" Help This Man!

  5. lovely obis

    cant wait for the mv💖💖💖

  6. loster nnyam

    S U P E R M A C H I S T A O P R E S S O R

  7. Ana Rita Coelho


  8. Tuấn Anh

    burn it on the stage girls 😎

  9. Keked White Male

    song is trash

  10. Palace P

    This is bad acually.

  11. Elivell

    C'mon Riot just make an anime already

  12. Joyce A.

    Soyeon never fails to amaze me with her rap. And more when she performs live

  13. DarkyLad

    The song that made me fall in love with League of Legends.

  14. Nathaniel Dickson

    1:40 dog: help my please

  15. jh lee

    그저 메-멘

  16. Kevin Kozlowski

    El protagonista del video parece un argentino de barrio promedio hmm hasta la cejita cortada y la remera jajaja

  17. DIEGO Salazar

    When you want this song to be playing forever wherever you go: This song is stuck in my head and it always will be.

  18. Hasret Konak

    Hic mi Türk yokkk

  19. John Salonga

    If ekko was against morg he would not be able to press his ult xD

  20. Kaio Dantas

    Um hit é um hit né meu amor!!!

  21. Adriel Brito

    E o client na fome

  22. JoyDy Tv

    Beaaa millerrrr!

  23. 24. Zhafira Muthia A.

    K/DA is the best video 💗💗😎😎😘😘😍😍🤗🤗😇😇😇

  24. vG xFlames

    Me: just starts playing league 3 months ago Also Me: can not stop playing

  25. Milo Ngo

    Geez, I knew League was really popular. But this is something else.

  26. Xxdelta16

    Brings back great memories😪

  27. WildShadow

    He made the Golden Spatula. Now it's time to give it to a sponge.

  28. Blaze it Skrub 420

    Can i get a ton of likes to make riot stop adding trash champs?

  29. Joee

    Me encantó y si la maldita cuota de genero

  30. Ronicus R

    Honestly clash is a great idea best time I had playing with friends. Solo Q and flex has too much limitations. League is a team game and i enjoy playing with my friends.

  31. omar pand


  32. Ivy Payne

    this video is dog poopy

  33. Milo Ngo


  34. -transforonlinemice -


  35. Faraon Onanhutep

    Jhin was controlling the battle since movie started

  36. Tortoiseshell

    God I wanna play the game but my computer broke rip.

  37. Jean

    Cadê os BR bronze?!

  38. Corbin Schafer

    The day they stop putting Faker in these is the day LCS music videos die.

  39. Enemyzidfalcon HD

    this is the type of song that will sound better everytime you listen to it again

  40. Arley

    I'm conflicted on how attractive xPeke looks in this animation style.

  41. Guava Berry

    Did anyone else see that MHA reference at 2:05?

  42. Corine Phillips

    Yang milih allah like 40000 ya

  43. Norbert Nagy

    All the freakin Lol Worlds videos always Faker The "MC.-God" Why? :D

  44. MrThi630

    pelo menos a musica é boa

  45. Gabriel Taler

    2:25 "Devil... i mean INFERNO trigger" *DMC intensifies*

  46. Magiczny Sznurek

    Samira? Pffft... Draven is the ultimate champion of killing everyone with STYLE

  47. Rodrigo Jesus Llano Salcedo

    So Qiyana is latina, Akali is asian, Senna and Ekko are black and Yasuo is white/asian (dunno lol). This band alone has representation from every major ethnic group. And people complain about League not having diversity lol.

  48. Reese Ochoa

    200 YEARS!!!


    unpopulaur opnion but this is better than warriors

  50. NewFxArtZ

    I'd like to see riot releasing Faker as a Champ. Just giving him abilitiers from the champs that already exist like in the cinematic. Like this so riot can see it

  51. Jens Curtius

    the final fight .... so epic and then this ending... he grabs him in the air - they fall down <--- sooooo there is this big explosion which explodes 2x <3 cause2x 50kg kiddos fall into water. Did i miss something? -Ah yeah then he won. logic always wins <3 2x50kg kiddos drop on water = the end of everything.

  52. Proyect ducker

    buena cancion, mal himno de worlds

  53. Bartlomiej Weceklicki

    who is this girl?

  54. Subarashi

    Trash company

  55. Orlando

    Karthus is the best kpok vocalist

  56. Docta Dajman

    You know what league really needs? More dashes.

  57. Nathaniel Dickson


  58. Blue Jc

    i lova you KDA

  59. Aryen Gökdemir

    I want to see sett in other animation pls

  60. Benz PHATU

    love (G)I-DLE

  61. Not_Someone

    Imagine if lol was 3rd person shooter game..

  62. Scarlet Gaffney

    I used to love this song when it came out

  63. Luka Ivkovic

    "Everybody would just skip over the login screens and log in" Then put them onto TRsel ffs. You clearly had something unique going.

  64. Pyke

    Only Fnatic fans can like, we gonna take worlds

  65. gustborg gamer

    Rise>Warriors>>> all

  66. Gurme

    0:13 look at the licance plate of cars. Rengar,Braum and LeBlanc

  67. miza zamora

    Wuau powerfull

  68. Jason Robinson

    So this was cool...

  69. Brendo Gamer 11.0

    Eu sou um cachorrinho do faker fdc

  70. Bugra Hatikler

    faker abi beeee

  71. Auugene

    1:20 ANIKI? HandsUp

  72. Adrian Resendis

    This song made it feel like everyone could go pro

  73. yO

    If you wondering who the girl is that's sneaky

  74. April Moises

    There video make me tear up. That's how good it is

  75. Rodrigo Lillo

    Ese es faker o otro? Xd

  76. hono50

    Who else can't stop comparing this to Alec Steele's?

  77. Laggy Plays

    I remember when that happened

  78. Ahmed Boru

    legends never die

  79. Nathaniel Dickson

    ఆ ఆi love u girl

  80. ももじMOMOJI