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  1. mr. გეიმერ

    Wtf Brooklyn?

  2. Shawn Liu

    Russell Westbrook is so good in recent games.

  3. Throw Congress Overboard

    Better be on the all Star team

  4. Muhamad Egi Fadillah

    Lillard vs 5 maverick

  5. Anxiety 101


  6. Vitalii Honcharenko

    20 очок відіграли, 20 очок,КАРЛ

  7. •Anɑlice•

    a lov


    Best player on the Rockets right now

  9. Erwin Gabriel

    Pistons needs a legit star player to get the crowd. So many empty seats. They should market Drose more, he's the closest thing they got.

  10. Mario Cindrić

    Suns from play off team to a tanking team in just 15 games. Turning point, Ayton got back from suspension. Nice. That's worth No.1 pick. When you need PG the best thing to do at draft is draft a Centar, that's very logical and makes sence. Who needs white skin boy from some small country in Europe or small brother who can pass and knock down 3pts from lockerroom in 3pts leauge, when you have big dumb tree who looked so strong and athletic against highschool kids, but can't get basics of defence and pick'n' roll game. You take advice from Stephen A. and pick a tree.

  11. Mulangira Top


  12. Erriton Fuller


  13. Emira Rachmawati

    Reggie Jackson effect

  14. Bruno Fawks

    Fuck T.Ross

  15. CiCLoDoL

    Kings keep stacking dem Ls. Because LuKa WouLDN'T Be a gReAt FiT wItH FoX

  16. Campo San

    Give me one like

  17. Griff HD

    Lol the magic are so shit

  18. DarkNate Lo

    CP3 a problem he literally bringing a potential tank team to 7th seed in the west 😳

  19. Andrew Zeuis

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  20. Marcel sudrajat

    My 🌹

  21. MrMahazestar

    This has literally been an up and down year for the Suns. They win one then they lose one smh

  22. For the Sake of the Nationalist

    100 million dollar scrub and mr triple single, anybody?

  23. agustin gorostiague


    1. chros


  24. Mousi Zai


  25. Andrew Vong


  26. juniper garcia

    This 2020 is year for d rose for sure

  27. tree9980 sol

    D Rose goat!!



  29. Amy Ernst

    0:35, 0:48, 1:08, 1:23, 1:41, 1:52 (whispering!), 2:05, 2:12, 2:23, 2:34, 2:44, 2:55, 3:06, 3:11, 3:29, 3:41, 3:56, 3:58 (oompf!)

  30. Blake Mounsey


  31. Slavko

    * No one: * Absolutely no one: * Not even smallest particles of Earth: * Clippers fans: heart attack every couple of days

  32. Painful death to all NBA refs


  33. Luiz Costa

    John Collins and Brandon Goodwin played amazingly. #truetoatlanta

  34. Caleb

    They were up by like 20 at the half

  35. Ron Williams

    This the hawks season beat the Clippers then get blown out by the Hornets back to back games

  36. J Divino

    🐐 All star

  37. 박민광

    조아조앙 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 가즈아 오클라호마시티

  38. NBA Highlights


  39. Dawit Belay

    Delonte, Delonte... Man you got some soul searching to do if you make it out of this one that will be your greatest accomplishment in life. best of luck

  40. 0308121505


  41. Kryptyde

    The emoji in the end was perfect timing. I thought for a split second that you edited that in lmao

  42. ray aye

    with zo maybe finding his rhythm and the return of zion im feeling excitement for that group "okc fan". Is the number 10 a roided up version of Melo?

  43. xander cage

    Combination of lonzo ball and porzingis plays

  44. Mikey

    When Kawhi said - enjoy the process, he means dropping 30+ points per game.

  45. Vishaal Venugopal

    The Knicks could have had him and porzingis on the Same team.....

  46. hinbasketball

    LBJ: Who fxxking care~

  47. Rafi Yatucam


  48. Osibamowo Moyo

    My God hes good

  49. Football&Hoops

    the world ain't ready for MPJ!

  50. Adrian Navarro

    Alguien podria traducir lo que dice al español?

  51. Gary Gsk

    MVP 16 jame Jackson

  52. Daniel Gitau

    So happy that JJ is finally getting the respect and minutes he deserves, he's a big big asset offensively and defensively

  53. whokoo

    This is so sad.

  54. J M


  55. Pedro Sánchez Martínez

    Lástima el tiro libre fallado por Ricky.

    1. Leopoldo Rex

      San Antonio Nomaaaaa

  56. Patricia the Lonely bear

    Pelicans suck lets go Mavericks

  57. zhongming wen

    You don't like that you don't like NBA basketball

  58. Alessandro Passera

    9:00 did he say Jaylen Green?

  59. kinned hemingwey


  60. 데임달라

    Where is Lillard???

  61. soager009 69


  62. Phila藝

    76ers No.1

  63. Dragica Andrejevic

    With a slow game like this, Denver will always be giving fans horror .He wins with little difference or defeat .In the beginning, the opponent leads and constantly chases the difference .The coach holds the team in a tight position and does not allow them to tear themselves apart to play fast-The attack must be played in 10 seconds to play young and faster

  64. greg rose

    Crazy game. Let's go heat

  65. ToxicFirebird 04

    We needed that Dub💚😍

  66. StarFox85

    we need the allstar break to re calibrate go 🔥 *HE4T* 🔥 if bam not an allstar..will not watch the game

    1. Mathias Bjarno

      Jimmy and Bam both going to be all-stars. Jones will be in the dunk contest, Nunn and Herro should be in the rookie game, Spo might be coaching. Could be a Heat heavy all-star break.

  67. I am Groot!

    34/12/12 5 steals. 2 blks. Ben Simmons put in a week's worth of Lonzo games tonight!

    1. I am Groot!

      @Kaloha Gee good basketball is worth a mention.

    2. Kaloha Gee

      Did anyone ask?

    3. Yusuf Sanad

      I am Groot! First of all lonzo isn’t healthy he needs a knee surgery Second of all it’s easier to shut down ben Simmons than lonzo because lonzo doesn’t need to fill the states in order to be effective in a game . He defend better he has far more assists arsenal than ben He got infinitive range so the whole tempo is lot faster when lonzo wants to . His tour overs is less than ben usually Ben has a dominant center with him which is ideal for any pg to play with . When lonzo had the same kind of dominant Center back in high school he averaged triple double easily. Give him embiid or any strong center and watch him in full take over mode

    4. Blackout51888

      ok. thanks for the input

    5. christo wallace

      @fuck off

  68. Edoardo Fusco Femiano

    Defensively they struggle but this squad has balls

  69. 陳陳

    Duncan Robinson is rising up to be the next klay

    1. StarFox85

      with that air-ball?

  70. Yun-Suk Oh

    This kid is special

  71. Brian Serrano

    Omg epic Celtics!

  72. Israel Medina

    No pánico at crunch time that's what i was talking about habits are Made of mistake and keep it up 🔥🔥🔥

  73. Jake Alejandro

    no you ain't gonna beat us at home.. Lets Go Heat

  74. Kaloha Gee

    Pelicans are making the playoffs .

    1. AlexandreG

      If Harden wouldn't have shot 1/17 3PT OKC would've been closer now. I still dream of the 7th spot to dodge Lakers and Clippers. And the worst part is you know D'Antoni is perfectly ok with Harden doing that. How can these bums ever want to win a championship if their ability to win games relies on wether one specific guy is effective or not? I can't understand that franchise but ok...

    2. ariwumark ariwu

      The question is who will surrender their position in the current top 8? It will not be a walk in the park

  75. edith Ancheta

    Ingram is the man...

  76. Mikey

    Jrue Holiday just came back from holiday to shoot 7/10 3s!!

  77. Thomas Goicoechea

    Give te ball to zo, and everithing Is gonna be alrait jajajajajaj

  78. Karlo Magno Guadalupe

    Yo I'm so happy that Heat kept their faith in James Johnson. My 2nd favorite forward in the league after Lebron. Just waiting for D Wait to get his mind right and get back into the rotation.

    1. Harris 05

      And winslow

  79. Pond. Filler-


  80. Alvin Darmawan

    Bam Adebayo's insane

    1. Joshua Koopman

      and people still ain't voting for him, people rather want to see tacko fall which has done absolutely nothing in the league

  81. Mike Jones Sr

    bigman getting triple doubles is way more impressive then 20 yr old statpads getting triple doubles

  82. Lantaw TV

    1st...hope miami will get another star player.

  83. 나우슬

    good okc

  84. Chrisanity

    so they traded Clarkson because he's a black hole and a chucker. Now moving forward , Sexton and Garland did bricks all the way, combined FG of (10/40). And they say Exum is an upgrade and steal from the trade with 3pts in 25mins. The future is bright for the Cavs

  85. Chrisanity

    And the winning Tanking team is the ... Cavs.. leads by their Tank Commander Sexton (6/20) and Tank Sub-commander Garland (4/20)

  86. el amine redouan

    Hello, friend, could iIdownload your NBAvideos?

  87. Andres Galindo

    Derrick is a role model

  88. adrian francis

    Lmao Timberwolves messed up 💀

  89. Oshea Kara

    Let’s go d-rooooose

  90. TheDesta82

    DRose ..Eastern Allstar Starter 👍👍👍

  91. Wingz Wang

    He could have scored more if he was given more time.

  92. Wingz Wang

    He could have scored more if he was given more time.

  93. dave jentapa

    1:03 that move is so smooth.

  94. Be Pavadinimo


  95. Prayash Koirala

    low key underrated ALL STAR

  96. Marcello Rodrigues

    Zach 💥

  97. sogay bill


  98. Chandler Jay

    All of that in just 26 mins. DROSE = ALL STAR!!

  99. Aleksandar Vukovic

    Selfish Kings!

  100. Primzz

    This team would be horseshit without Zach!